March 17th, 2005


Dark/dark scrapper question

My DD scrapper just hit level 18 last night and took Dark Comsumption. This has got me thinking about what to take at level 20. I was originally thinking on taking Team Teleport because it fit his concept and it sounded kinda cool. But last night I spent a good portion of the Clock and Tsoo missions stunned or caged. I'm now thinking that Obsidian armor might be a better choice. I current have both Dark armor and Murky Cloud, but don't run Murky Cloud all the time. Is Obsidian armor worth getting so early? Does it really help a lot against stuns and holds? I was thinking of getting it for the stun and hold protection but not really slotting it until the mid 30s since thats when psionic damage becomes more common. Am I wrong in my assupmtions?
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A good day.

Well my main is a level 26 energy/energy blaster, and though I am having lots of fun with this build, I had it on hiatus for about two weeks, while I messed around with some other builds, mostly tanks.

The other day I dusted my main off and threw it back into action, and what a beneficial time it was too! The first mish I tackled was an Easy-Bake Vamp mission where I was to destroy 8 generators and arrest all foes. Previously I had died 3 times attempting this mish a couple weeks ago, exclusively to some trouble with my graphics card, where ugly starbursts of color would take over half the screen.This time it went swimmingly, and the best part was that during the final showdown with the mish boss.( I always leave the boss until last), not only did his dea- arrest grant me the slayer badge, but it also got me the collector badge! As I returned to IP to unload some enhancements, a broadcast goes out that Lusca has been sighted! I had never seen this thing live before, so I slowly (..ahem..flight) made my way to the brickstown entrance where the Octopus was wading around, minding it's own business. No one had engaged it yet. Soon though, it was time for some action, and a collection of players, myself included, took Lusca to task for being, ummm too fishy? Anyways, after the glorious display of particle effects was over, Lusca sank to the briny depths and I now sport my shiny new Devil Fish badge. To get three badges in less then an hour of very fun play was amazing, and has me back to playing my main almost exclusively.

There was no reason to this post other than to share a great time I had in CoH. I love this game!
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Checking in

First, wanted to say hello and how glad I am that I found this community. I bought the pre-order edition about a year ago, then bought the full version last July, and only now have a computer good enough to play, so here I am - finally! :)

And to kick things off, a rant: Has anyone else been experiencing SERIOUS hiccupping over the last couple of days? I swear about every 30 seconds I suddenly appear 10 yards behind where I just was. It's SO FRUSTRATING! AAAAAAAAAARGH!


So, yeah, anybody else irked at this? Is this usual? Are they doing something to the servers? Can I do anything about it? ARGH! :)
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