March 18th, 2005


Level 50

Earlier today (or, well, yesterday, if you want to be technical about it), I finally got my main, Servo, up to 50. It's been a long time coming, as I started playing Servo a few days after the game launched, and just now got up to 50.

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How tough is Dr. Vahzilok?

My level 16 ill/rad controller got the last mission from the Vahzilok Plague story arc last night. The description says that I could just destroy the four bodies, but I could fight Dr. Vahzilok if I want to. I think it might be interesting to fight Dr. Vahzilok, so my question is, how tough is he? Would I be able to duo him with another level 16 rad/rad defender? I'm starting to think that it's not a good idea since he's probably purple to both of us.

Hate is Stamina is Love

I was gona post this long thing about why I don't think BubbleYumm should have to take stamina. I think I can get away without taking it. I want to take teleport instead. Really bad. But I'm just going to leave the pool open for now, and take other powers that I think are more important, until I actually see a need for Stamina. So instead I'm just going to say:

I hate that you have to waste three powers just to get stamina. We start the game with 100 end points, why the hell don't we get more as we level up? Even one point per level! We'd have 150 end points by level 50.. is that so much to ask? Why? Why I say?!

as to what's been said so far:

I'm a bubble defender. I don't need health. I also just picked up Aid Self, since I wanted Aid Other and Resuscitate anyway. Which really means I don't need health. If I really get in trouble I can pop on my personal force field.

As far as swift, I already have SupahJump, my favorite travel power ever. I don't need more speed. In missions? I need only move as fast as the slowest teammate, as a good team will wait for everyone to be grouped together for the pre-fight buff.

And finally, I have SJ, I don't need hurdle too.

Namely, I did 13 levels without a travel power by choice. I dont need mini-not-so-good travel powers, nor do I need health, just to get to stamina.