March 19th, 2005

Knight of Swords

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After having pretty much retired him four or so months ago, I blew the dust and cobwebs off of Balmung today and gave him a run. He really seemed to come into his own, especially during the Manticore Task Force.

Had a really great group going on that as well. I got picked up randomly at about 10 this morning, as we played until 5 this afternoon. Kinda' nuts. I was the highest level in the group (35), most everyone else was 30-32. We lost a controller pretty early, and a blaster whose connection kept failing him, but everyone else stuck it out and play really well together. Definitely people I'd look for again.

After that, and a failed attempt to get out of the house (derailed by a sick child and a bad windshield wiper), I came back to the game and played with my Supergroup, now as the lowbie. Everyone else was in their 40's-50. I was sk'd the whole time to 42, I believe. Still, some major deaths happening from Infernal. That's one painfull mission.

It was nice, though, because now I've seen portals, and a whole bunch of villains I'd never laid eyes on before. And the debt mostly cleared itself out before we split for the night.

Aside from the obvious benefit of sidekicking, I wanted to thank you guys for helping me get Bal "in shape," as it were. I respec'd him after a post here, and his Super Reflexes build pretty much makes him untouchable most of the time. The only issue I have is Endurance, even with Stamina six-slotted. I have some reducers in my attacks, but they, with all those toggles, still take a lot out of me. Seems worth it, though, considering how I can survive even when surrounded by an angry mob of Purples.

Guess I know what I'll be taking when I hit the Epic pools then.

let's do this!

Alright, i am certainly not known by most of you seeing i never made a post so far, and am pretty discreet, but well, it's about time i do this.

First, introducing the characters (all on Virtue):

Uruz, ice/storm controller lvl42, member of Aurorae
Midget of DOOM, energy/energy blaster lvl24
Nice Clown, radiation/psychic defender lvl12
Eihwaz, stone/energy melee tanker lvl11

Second, could someone remind me what the globalchat channel is for LJ? :)

And third, a lot of screenshots. Really anything that amused me, tickled my fancy, or the like. You're warned, there's a lot!

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There we are. Still got a few, but i forgot to upload them and all. Hope i haven't bored you to death :)


I soloed my first AV last night with my DM/Reg scrapper. Now I know people solo AVs all the time, but after playing a blaster to level 50, it was stupidly gratifying for me. Here are some screenshots.

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PARAPPA (connieleeee)

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I was a captain of my supergroup. Today I was kicked out for some really crazy reason by another captain none the less as one of the leaders just sat there. But i guess since it was the leader who is leader only by title and does nothing i can see it...

But anyways, there has been major tension amongst the officers of my sg the past 3 weeks but thats a long story. I have been thinking of quitting it because it was just not the same sg i joined a few months back so today me getting booted didnt matter..

But anyways, there is a new member who is 21 and him and another member who is 38 (he is a captain too) was talking about their penis in sg chat and being horny and etc. I simply said can we cut this kind of talk from the sg channel because we have minors in the group. And I got verbally attacked by them both, as the leader sat back and did nothing. I even had a 16 yr old girl message me and asked me to stop the 21 yr old from messaging her and talking about sex and such. So I message the leader and tell him this and he says nothing. So i ask again for them to quit, And the other age 38 captain booted me. And the elader did nothing.

We have a rule about all offensive things must be kept off sg chat because we have minors and even the non minors may not want to hear it. I didnt want to hear about this stuff today either but i was talking more for the minors who were messaging me and telling me to get them to stop.

Was I wrong in doing this?? How would your sg's handle this?
Puck (silly)

Screencap Fun

Jezebella is slowly clawing her way toward Level 28 (pun intended). She's still got about a bubble and a half to go, but she spent most of her time this afternoon exemplaring to earn some much-needed spending money. She also found plenty to keep her amused between missions. Naturally, I took a couple of screencaps.

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