March 20th, 2005


Tanker Build Help

Ok. So, on a whim, I made an Invul/War Mace tanker to play with a friend. Up until now I have only played a blaster and a defender, so I don't know how to slot powers at all. I was hoping some of you would be willing to give me some insight into how you slot things out for you tanks.

Also, I have never seen a war mace wielding tank before... ever. Is there some fatal flaw to it? I have heard about other sets, but never anything about this one. Am I wasting my time with it?

Help is MUCh appreciated. :D

Lack Of Players

Is it just me? The Pinnacle server used to be chock full of players in the 20s - 40s range. Where did they all go? I've been stuck at the same level for a week now (29 and halfway to 30) and it's killing me. I want to 'ding' so badly, I just can't find anyone who wants to team and the maps seem to be - well, deserted!

Is it me? Is it just Pinnacle? How are the other servers thriving? Sorry for the borderline rant.

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Moonfire's TF is the biggest waste of time I have ever encountered in my CoH career. The only redeeming part of it was the fact that it's easy as hell to get the Atlas Medalion, other than that, stay far far far away from it.
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Binding Question

The most recent Global Chat post on here got me to playing around with binding a tell to a Global Chatroom. The bind I currently use is:

/bind (key) "beginchat /send (channel), "

The ( ) is not needed at all in the bind, they are their just to show that you need a key and a channel name. So my question is this...

The bind does not work when there are spaces in the Global Chats name (IE: COH Virtue Chat, instead of COHVIRTUECHAT). The spaces in the name break the code. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could get around this? Thanks!!!!!

EDIT: There is no underscores in the name either, just spaces! =)

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All cat party at the Paragon Dance Party

I am trying to put together an all server (virtue of course) party with the theme of cats. If you have a cat themed character, then you are invited! If you belong to a super-group with a cat theme, then they are all invited! If you happen to have a friend who may be interested in this, and has a cat character, then they are invited!!!

I don't have a specific date yet listed, but I am trying to gather info on interest on this. Please send me a PM, or leave a comment to this thread to express interest. Also please feel free to reach me in game to, or send in-game email to me. If I am not on as my usual self (in another character), then also feel free to send me a Global Chat Tell.

This is serious, and I would like to know if people would be willing to show up for such a themed party? So far the only idea I have for a date may be April 2nd. The target is in the evening, and may be kinda late. (especially for Eastern time)

If there is an interested DJ who would like to take part in this then let me know. I will keep tabs on this thread to find out more info. Thank you for reading, and I hope I can see you at the party when more details are formed!

x Kimura Hanasaki (Leader of Kitties of the Prowl SG)
Global Handle: @JeremyM
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Happy Cat!!

Quick question...

I know that you can check the stats at those computers that they have in the game, but I was wondering if you could check online or anywhere about your own personal stats. It is pretty cool seeing your name up there, but it's not that often for me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Sg on Virtue

That's Heavy-Mental, lvl 13 MC/RAD controller, and founder of Shadow Cell.

I'm looking to start a dark hero/ military unit Sg called Shadow Cell. Not particularly RP heavy, or inclined, more than anything I'm looking for smart players that are willing to help get this team off the group.

The basic backstory is this: Dark times call for dark measures. Bright costumes and high profile heroes can't get the job done in the same way as a covert team that operates in the shadow of the those big names, using whatever tactics will get the job done. The unit recruits anywhere from the pits of hell, to the mean streets, to heroes that are ready to turn in their capes.

I figure I'd come here first since I've had experiance with some of you as far as conversing on Lj, rather than broadcasting in game for founding members.

Anyone interested, my global handle is 'Doc Dynamo', and my toon for the Shadow Cell is 'Heavy-Mental'. You can respond here or in game if you like.

Puck (silly)

TP self keybind?

Are there any keybinds I could set up for Teleport Self that will allow me to just hit one key and move forward from my current position in the direction I'm facing? That is, my target destination would automatically be straight ahead, rather than having to aim with the mouse every time?

Something like that would make a certain claws scrapper who's Super Speed hurdled face first into way too many walls a very happy superhero.