March 21st, 2005

violet volt

Queston about Striga Island Arc

Hey folks,

So Violet Volt has bene doing the Striga Island story arc... or was until she met the Maestro. When I realized it was going to take a serious team, I pretty much ignored the arc for a while.

Well last night, I *finally* got an awesome team together (some friends and some fantastic pickups) and took the Maestro down.

However, in the meantime Violet Volt successfully foiled the Freaklympics, assisted a team in taking out Clamor for Sister Psyche, and was nearly ambushed in her quest to find a rumored map of Oranbega.

Long story short, she went from 24 to 27. When I went back to talk to Jack on Striga, I got a definite impression I missed a misison or two since he immediately gave me a new contact.

Is there any place online I can read up on the arc to see what I may have missed?

A few questions on etiquette and such

Please forgive me if any of this has been discussed before, but I'm new to this community and relatively new to CoH in general.

I'm really enjoying City of Heroes, and a lot of that is because of the cooperative teamplay atmosphere. There have been, however, some times where etiquette matters have come up, so I figured I'd throw out some questions to the community here and see what your thoughts are:

Collapse )OK, this got a little long, but I'm hoping to hear back on some of these topics from folks, particularly about etiquette, as I don't want to seem like some clueless n00b. :D
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Ok so I did the level 50 thing and started some kheldians.
I made a Peacebringer and a warshade. I only play the warshade when the people I normally play with are on.
So far I have noticed that, at level 11 each, squid form is amazing but way different for each.

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Puck (silly)

When a Lady says no, she means no!

I logged on real quick a minute ago to see if any of my friends or SG mates were online, and to make a run around Talos to sell off the excess enhancements from yesterday's slogging on Striga Island. As I'm flying back to the train station from the tech store, I have this conversation...

Random Tell Guy: Up for TF?
Me: Not tonight.
Random Tell Guy: Why not? You're only the 16th defender I've asked.
Me: I'm not online for long. About to log off.
Random Tell Guy: Yeah, right (expletive).
Me: (adding him to ignore and logging off as promised)

He gets points for being able to spell better than most people who send me random tells... but I really don't appreciate the obnoxiousness. In ten seconds, I learned all I needed to know that this wasn't someone I'd want to game with.
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I understand that when you do a respecification you get to choose your powers and slots from the beginning. What happens to the enhancements you already have? Do you still get them or do you lose them? It would stink to lose a bunch of SO enhancements just to move a slot or two around.