March 22nd, 2005

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30 more illusionist decoys and 100 more bp masks till archmage

a bazillion more monkeys till vanguard.

But last night i took out my last praetorian, and snagged portal jockey. I am feeling fat and sassy.

Hot Chicks vs. Crime (on Virtue)

Sadly, I am the last of my supergroup. The last Hot Chick logged on over 150 days ago, and now I am the head honcho. There's a forum out there for HCvC that is rarely used. This makes me sad.

So now I am my own supergroup. My colors are red and pink. In its heyday, us "girls" enjoyed teasing those poor trogs who mistook the hotness of our toons as an indicator of our true selves and kicking butt. I learned a lot from my SG mentor, Gitane.

If anyone on Virtue has a totally hot chick toon that's looking for an SG, drop me an email in the game. I've been on several times a week trying to get my Barbie to level. It's also kinda fun to have "Hot Chicks vs Crime" as your SG affiliation, even if you don't group with anyone. Prerequisites are your toon be female and drool-inducing super hot (which is relative, but I still have to look at ya).

That's about it. My name is Brawler Barbie, and I am a Hot Chick vs. Crime.
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An All Cat party at the Paragon Dance Party... more info

I am still in the process of trying to set up the party. Details so far:

We have a DJ that has volenteered. DJ Larke of the Cape.

I have been told but a number of people that April 2nd (Saturday) would be bad.
So I am shooting for the last Saturday in April. That would be April 30th.
(More time to pass word around as well)
It is set to be in the evening for me, and I am closer to west coast.
So time for it will be 7pm Pacific time.

The Party will be on the Virtue server only. It will be in the Paragon Dance Party zone.
Entrances to this area is in Steel Canyon, Independence Port, and Talos.

Any one that has a Cat Character is invites, and the character I will play as the host is Kimura Hanasaki.

I have set up a Global Chat Channel for this party for temporary use if you have a channel slot available.
Channel name is: CatParty

Spreading the word is Difficult, and I hoping that it can go out by word of mouth. So tell people about it. If you know that they play a cat themed character, then let them know. Have them in-game email me, and I will try to keep tabs on it all. Point them here for information, and I will try to tell people in other places as well.

This same post will get cross posted to other places... So don't be surprised if you see it again.
Thank you for your help, and I hope I can see all you cool cats at the party!

x Kimura Hanasaki
Global Handle: @JeremyM
Temporary public Global Chat channel: CatParty
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Well, it was fun. But despite the joy several of you expressed over the stuff I put in my store, no one (except me) bought anything. I duno if you're all broke, or just don't want stuff as much as you thought you did. So, before I waste money on paying to keep the store open, Raptor Crossing is being shut down. If you still want any of the products, let me know, and I will upload that individual product to a new store. But I'm betting that wont happen.

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Okay! So now that I4 has hit test, shall we meet up and check this baby out? I will be on tonight starting at about 1230am eastern. I will be on either as White Sapphire or BubbleYumm (probably both over the course of the night). I cant wait to check out the new costume options and the arena!

So who all's gonna be there?

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For those that aren't aware of it or haven't gotten a chance to get to the character generator/icon, here are pictures of the shoulder kitty and panda. My favorite is the fact that the panda has gritted teeth. hee hee ^_^