March 23rd, 2005

Puck (silly)

Priceless broadcast / weird server blip

Heard in Atlas Park on Guardian server earlier tonight:

"Anyone want to powerlevel me for 2000 influence?"

How much does he expect to get for that? One bubble? At Level 28, I can just about go into IP or Talos, pop Hasten, and earn 2k before it wears off.

On a totally unrelated note... I had something really bizarre happen tonight after coming out of a mission. My teammate's name in the team window remained black, as if she were caught in a lag, but the location next to her name said "The Hollows," which was where I was standing. And then on the team channel she asked "Are you still there?" and I said "Yes, where are you," and she replied "I'm standing right next to you." So she could see me... but I could not see her.

I logged off, logged back on, and everything was okay again. But that was just weird. Has that ever happened to anyone else before?