March 24th, 2005

head tilt, aeryniana

I've been a bad . . . big girl

I made an Aeryn Sun clone on the test server.

[nerd alert]
original here.
in game

I can't help it, it's so close now. The Fro-zone clone standing near the Brawler complimented me on the match. I did later change it so it's a pony tail, the hair is her real colour, and the shirt doesn't go all the way down.
I would never play it on the live servers.
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fallout 3

Two questions...

1. When someone asks you to be a bridge, what the heck are they talking about? My two mains get asked this all the bleepin' time. I always refuse, 'cause I'm busy, but I do wonder what it is.
just for kicks, in the last 30 minutes...

[Tell]ultranerd: we need a bridge
[Tell]ultranerd: free xp for you
[Tell]Cpt. Control: wana b a bridge? u will get loads of xp
[Tell]Dr. Mind Force: wanna bridge?

2. If I put someone on ignore, and they try to /tell me, what do they see, if anything? Do they know they're on the ignore list, or does it just look like I'm not responding? I've always wondered...
head tilt, aeryniana

The Whine Server, cheese sold separately.

There's a level 50 Peacebringer on test server that has in their search comments, "I Want Influence Now." So at what point did you lose the millions you had? Must be the hidden slot machines in the Colosseum.

Versatile the physique sliders are.
I'm trying to decide how much more meat Peachy should have on her bones. I tire of her being a bit of a stick person.
Currently Peachy looks like this on the live servers
Eat more food woman
Big girl Peachy
I know people out there will say the last one is "fat" but honestly that isn't fat that's average. To me fat would have to have a gut. I wish they'd have an option for beer belly so I could make heroes even more doofy. I know this is a super hero game, but not all super heroes should be perfection.

Not quite as bean pole as I'd like to make it.
Teen Ager Peachy, here's where I want it to be more cartoon like.

If she were a scout. Now where are the sashes?
Girl Scout Peachy

Peachy Kiddo aka Peachy Lee
Speak loudly and don't be a wussy blond who can't defend yourself.

Goth Peachy.
You can't have a perky goth without a stupid stuffed animal around.

Other pictures that aren't Just Peachy.
Master Chess Nerd Core Hero
Quick Star Your friendly neighborhood fallen demon from the planet Persey VI Sven
Clubberella Your daughter appears to have a pointed club of some sort. I don't want her playing with my child!
Cheer Factor Cherice Cheer. Oh, I just made myself sick with this one. Of course she's only a hero at night, there's the homework and school in the daytime. Plus the whole sandenergy blasting grafitti off the gym to help the school save money.
Those of you begging for jet packs, you get your wish for a mere 10, 000 influence. They come in hummingbird(hover) and raptor(fly) form. They are identical in appearance.

By the way, that "Kill Skuls" badge is real. I've seen many people with it wandering around the Colosseum. And boy howdy are people stupid about the Arena. They whine so much the devs have Valdermic TELLING them in red to look at Cuppajo's posts about it on the boards.

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Okay, so I played around in Icon on test, inspired by eryntzun's post about Just Peachy, and here's what I came up with...

This is Taxibot Alpha's slot one costume as it is now. Personally, I hate it. I've been enticed by some of the new options, though, especially the robes, so I whipped up something for TBA that looks something like thiiiis. I'm not entirely happy with it, but it's a thought for what i'm going to change slot one into.

This is what every 14-year-old boy is going to be playing as. Get ready to see this quite a bit. The cat on the shoulder was just for looks.

Finally, just to see if i could do it, I put together a costume that matches one of the characters from my webcomic *plugplug*. Tell me if it works. Here's the picture of Dana from the comic, and Dana from the character generator. I think it's a pretty good likeness, but that's just me.
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44+ Respec mission

So that I am really ready to start testing the Arena, I need to get a respec available before I transfer my character again. So anyone on Gaurdian who is 44+ that wants to do the respec mission, we're getting it together now. Send tell to iDoctor or Enchantera. Hope to see you there!

Mission starting, wish me luck!

Mission successful...see you in the arena