March 25th, 2005

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Anyone else have a problem logging in?
The boards are down so I can't hit that yet.

Both my machine and my wife's machine just sit at checking updater. I know that the log in is tied into IE so I scanned for adware using spybot and adaware and got nada. Did full scan for virus using my anti virus as well as mcafee's stinger and nada.

ran netstat and there isn't anything spooky going on there.

I thought firewall for a sec so I unplugged my router and just had one machine connected and nada.

????whisky tango foxtrot!
Puck (silly)


I understand the logic behind needing to wait 30 seconds to exit the game so you can't cheat imminent death by logging off, but does anyone know why there's a 30 second wait time required between changing costumes? And why it applies only to costume slots, not SG colors?
Hidden Justice

Too much playtime

I've been playing City of Heroes way too much apparently. I've been avoiding the test server since my main is a /Regen scrapper and I am therefore annoyed. But it's all good, a huge amount of levelling has happened on Live.

Kung Ru has hit SL40 on Pinnacle. New Costume, New Contacts, Dead Hydra. Hopefully soon to be Dead Terra, but I so can't solo her and I've not yet found a team to help me out. :-p

Hidden Justice flew through two levels in one day and is now SL20 on Virtue. Cape: CHECK! Costume 2: CHECK! Nice gift of influence from the Signficant Other so that all of my red level 15 enhancements could be brought up to level 20: CHECK! x_x She levelled too fast. Very little debt. Bad bad bad enhancements. Luckily, the main two Kinetic powers (Transfustion and Siphon Power) and her Leadership powers stayed white as I managed to buy enhancements for them before they went red.

I've tossed some new screenshots up on ScrapBook to show off the goodies.

Kung Ru is on Pinnacle and pretty much always LFT now when I play her. AV missions appear to be the norm, and I already hate the Carnival of Shadows with a burning passion. She's got the Terra mission (level 40 AV, got mission at 39) and she's finishing a two-part Carnie mission. I can nab the Psychic Clockwork King mission in the blink of an eye. Okay, in a Super Jump or three, but still.

Hidden Justice is on Virtue and is currently wanting to do the Synapse Task Force. I would also not be opposed to Exemplaring to do the Positron Task Force, but I understand that that Task Force blows chunks, but, hey, I want to actually do them for once. The only TF I've ever done is Numina with Kung Ru. My Global Chat handle is, surprise surprise, @jdotmi

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So Barbie hit 15 this week, and can no longer stay in Steel Canyon if she wants missions. I have a mess of contacts that I have to actually go to to talk to, which is kinda irritating, but necessary. I wish I had written down what these people specialize in back when they were first added to my list, because now I am stuck with two missions that I can't complete without someone by my side holding my hand.

I can't help it, I @#!! hatehateHATE the Vahzilok (Faultline) and the Circle of Thorns (somewhere in PP, where I ALWAYS get lost in the woods) now have these floaty legless corpses that scare the shite outta me.

Did I mention I'm a wuss? Well, I am. Turning down the sound helps a little. Can I help it if I also don't wanna die?

I have at least one other toon to team with on occasion, so I'm not lonely or anything. I just like soloing, and now it's just gotten harder. Gripe gripe gripe.

"We girls can do ANYthing" my arse.
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Hello All

Hey there everyone. I am a relative newcomer to City of Heroes, and found this community on a friends user info page, so I thought I would join. I have known about COH for a while now, but have only recently bought a copy of the game (thanks to jdotmi and satyr_mi getting me addicted to it). I have been playing for a while and I am interested in talking to fellow players, as well as getting people to team with (plus this seemed like a good place to geek out about my characters). Let me start off with a brief description of the characters I regularly play. I am mainly on the Virtue and Pinnacle servers (also a member of each respective LJ Community):

Corcra Dragan - Lvl 8 Magic Scrapper (Martial Arts/Regeneration) - Virtue

Twilight Nova - Lvl 5 Mutation Blaster (Energy/Energy) - Virtue

Mindzeye - Lvl 6 Mutation Controller (Illusion/Empathy) - Virtue

Shining Freon - Lvl 10 Science Blaster (Ice/Ice) - Virtue

AC Breaker - Lvl 8 Defender (Kinetics/Electrical) - Virtue

Fallout Femme - Lvl 7 Science Defender (Radiation/Radiation) - Virtue

Mercury Shadow - Lvl 3 Defender (Dark/Dark) - Pinnacle

Kinetic Phoenix - Lvl 4 Controller (Fire/Kinetic) - Pinnacle

If you ever see me on, feel free to say hi or list me if you ever want to team ^_^.