March 26th, 2005

Puck (silly)

Another day older and deeper in debt...

Some nights the XP flows like cheap wine, and some nights you just get royally pwn'd.

I was on a full team last night. We ripped through a mish full of Banished Pantheon like they were made of paper. The closest calls we had were when the Totems at the end started conning purple to me. But we had two defenders so all was well.

After that mish, we lost one of the defenders and picked up another blaster. And then we preceded to take a timed mish from my contact in Talos that involved defusing some bombs and rescuing some woman from the Devouring Earth. The baddies didn't con any worse than the ones in the first mish, but they stomped us good, several times. Our lone defender could give the rest of us buffs of "Clear Mind," but no one else was around to buff him, so he kept getting held and slept, while the rest of us got beat on by the Herders and Lesser Devoureds.

Three or four deaths in less than half an hour... and as if to add insult to injury, after my final death some weed monster literally planted a Tree of Life in my butt. Add in an earlier death in the cave with the Banished Pantheon before my sidekick and I got smart and found some more teammates... I finished the night about 20k in debt. Oh yeah... the enhancement drops in that mish sucked, too. I think when I return to that contact, I'm gonna flip her off. :P

The moral of the story: You really need TWO defenders with "Clear Mind" to fight effectively against the Devouring Earth
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Well.. the updater still does not work.

posted in the tech forums and don't seem to be getting anywhere. It was suggested I look at the firewall set up but I do not have it set up on my machines, the router, or the voip telephone adaptor.

no viri or spyware on the machines.

I know this is not a computer issue since it "suddenly" started affecting two different machines. Maybe it's the router after all but I have never had any problems with my dlink.

Luckily someone posted a way to bypass the updater but that's only a short term fix.


On a good note my sg took down Tyrant last night. Talk about a cakewalk! I was under the impression he was harder...

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Let me ask ya'll a question.

Its not really CoH related but curious none the less. I know that when i see a copied character, i don't really bash them, i just ignore them, and when they start causing problems, then yeah, i'll speak up, but regardless. I think copied characters are low, but shamefully i like to see how close i can get to them, and i run around as a copied character, but only costume wise. Name wise, i'll usually use my own.

I know how some people just HATE these copied characters, but say in real life. You are just sitting at home one morning, and you switch on the news and you hear.

"A group of young men between 18 and 20 were arrested today after being accused of a convenient store robery. They were seen fleeing the scene of the crime down the alley ways. When police went into persuit, the men were found dazed and tied together. There were reports of a strange sighting resembiling something of a bat, and findings of an object that resembled that of a bat"

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Then they would have some local boobs.

"I done saw it with my own eyes. It was a 12 foot monster, with wings. He took down one in one motion, then threw something at the other. One fired a gun, but apparently he can dodged them, and took him down."

Little girl

"I saw him myself, he had a cape, and a mask, and he looked at me and my mommy as he flew away"

Then they would interview the Store Clerk

"I saw exactly who it was, and i couldn't belive it. At first i thought i was shot and was dying cause i couldn't belive it. But it was him. I just know it."

Back to the anchor

"Is the Batman among us? The police hold no comment"

I guess my question is, how would ya'll feel if someone in real life dressed as a hero and started saving people under the alias of Batman? Would ya'll bash them for being uncreative, or would you commend them for at least doing something? I don't know, it was just a conversation my friend and i were having about the legality of Batman. lol