March 28th, 2005

Puck (silly)

Broadcast News

In and out of debt all weekend, but tonight I still managed to ding Level 29 with Jezebella, my claws scrapper. That puts her for the moment at the same level as her SG leader. And it puts me that much closer to my goal of getting to Level 30 and opening up a third costume slot in time for Issue 4.

So right as I was putting some shiny new SO enhancements in my new slots, I got invited by a friend to bring my Level 9 blaster out to play. We did a mish in the Hollows, then went to Atlas Park for a while, but that was lagging like crazy so we moved on to King's Row. And while we were running around doing the "Go, Hunt, Kill Skulz" thing, this guy starts spamming the broadcast channel:

"Creating SG with an 'adult' theme. Must be 18+ and have bio with 'adult' content. Send tell if interested."

Isn't that an express ticket to bannination? Or am I just crazy? And I thought the person in Talos Island earlier in the day who was complaining about there being no giant monster rabbits to hunt for Easter was going to be the weirdest thing I'd hear today.
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Whats with test? Every time I log on, no matter what time of day (and Ive tried every time of day) I get about one frame per second. I'm REALLY hoping it's due to load, and not because i4 is going to contain code that no longer lets my computer run the game. (The new character generation runs fine for me. Logging into the game with an existing character literally gives me less than one frame per second.)

Anyone else experiencing this?

COH - Lvl 46 Woot

My main character on Virtue, Brysk, hit Lvl 46 last night. WOOT!


Does anyone else out there get extreme lag on the transfer screens? Any suggestions at fixing that and over all game lag?

I know to shut down everything else that is running on my machine.
Puck (silly)

Talk of the town?

Would have remembered to post this last night if I hadn't been half asleep...

I'd just finished solo-ing one of those "board the train" type missions where I had to run around the zone, find, and rescue a Congressman and his staff from the Council. Afterwards, while I was selling enhancements in Talos, a member of my SG messaged me and said the NPCs in Independence Port were talking about me. Now I've "heard" the NPCs walking past me say things about me before... but this is the first time I've ever heard it reported back to me that chatter about my exploits was going on in another zone. So it made me wonder how they decide what news is NPC-chatworthy.

Some help

Can someone tell me who the contact is in Founders Falls and Brickstown that sell Muntant orign enhancements? I seem to have been working for the wrong person and find my self at level 32 with a bunch of yellow enhancements that I'd like to up grade and no one to buy them from.


Hollows 2?

So I was in Atlas tonight, got to the Hollows gate, and when I tapped my little blue hand on the security guard, he asked if I wanted to go to the Hollows or the Hollows 2? WTF?
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Bug Lightning!

Chaotician Badge

This badge is driving me nuts! I can find the general area that it's in using the Vidiotmaps, but I can't find the badge itself. I'd certainly welcome any hints on how to locate this pesky badge!


Puck (silly)

Advice wanted - empathy / energy defender

I have tapped three power pools so far with my empathy / energy defender, Lady Foxx. She has the Flight (Hover & Fly), Fitness (Leaping, Health & Stamina), and Teleportation (Recall Friend) pools. At Level 28, I'm thinking of starting my fourth and final power pool, but I'm not sure which one to take. A couple people have recommended I take the Speed pool for Hasten, while others have recommended the Leadership pool for the team buffs.

I've seen at least one empathy defender with Hasten in action, and it blew my mind how fast his recovery auras recharged. And since I know the more I can protect the team with auras and buffs, the less heal spamming I'll have to do during the fight... I'm kinda leaning toward it. On the other hand... there's a part of me that thinks it would be sort of a waste to have taken two power pools that are essentially for travel powers. So that's where I'm stuck.

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Dev Update: City of Heroes GOES TO THE AMERICANS!

  • In order to fight powerlevelling, Statesman proposes a new method of mob XP allocation which will enter testing at some point in the future.
    We changed the XP range from "Zone-wide, all the time" to the following:

    200' if you are simply on the team, and alive (or very recently dead). You do not have to have inflicted any damage on the villain in order to receive XP at this range.

    Zone-wide if you are on the team and dealt damage to the villain. You will always get your XP credit if you are in the zone and you did damage to the villain.
    In further posts in the thread Statesman notes that the 200' range is something they'll be looking at in testing, and explains his rationales for this idea.

    This seems to have opened a big can of worms; at the time of this posting there are over 400 articles in the thread, and a sizable majority of them seem to be against the change for a variety of reasons. In a separate thread, one poster complains that this has taught him the true meaning of "gone to the Americans."

  • In the same thread, Statesman happens to mention what to expect from I5:
    Skills - I5
    New Powers - I5
    Customizable Colors/Weapons - eventually

    "In the pipeline" does NOT mean planned "soon"; it means that a system has been designed and it'll be scheduled for priority.

    In the case of this XP change, those working on this aren't the people that either work or would work on those new features.
  • Elsewhere, Statesman muses over the idea of allowing L50s to earn additional respecs. He hints that it might involve a trial against Rularuu (the archvillain, not the faction).

  • Statesman finally posts in the Official Regen Changes Thread (and then posts again):
    I'm always at a quandary with these things - I haven't posted because I don't have anything new to say. I've been analyzinig some data and reading these posts; after some internal discussion, I'll post something more substantive (i.e. whether there will be any new changes or the changes will stand).

    Couple of people have said that we'd never change any power because of PvP. And that's true - I said that we'd never change a power because of PvP. Namely - PvP alone would never force us to change PvE experience. And that remains true. As Geko has said, it was NOT PvP alone which brought about the Regen changes. It was PvP and PvE. Had the Arena never come out, had City of Villains never been in development, this change still would have occured.
    He hasn't yet said anything about the other changes that seem to have been strictly PVP-justified, though, such as the Quantum Flight (and other phase shift powers) recharge rate nerf or the Ice Tanker Energy Absorption effectiveness nerf.

  • Positron notes that the mysterious absense of Disciplines from the stores over in the Training Room is not a mistake: Disciplines had been meant to be removed from the game entirely with I3, but were accidentally left in the stores; they will be replaced completely by the can-use-while-mezzed, 30-second-duration Break Frees in I4. No more 120-second mez protection. *sigh*

  • CuppaJo notes that Ladies' T-shirts are now available in the CoH store.
    And that's about it for the "big" notes. There's a few other things, like States talking about why they won't make jet packs permanent at this stage, but none of it really important enough to link.

    I'm going to bed. Or to the Americans, not sure which.
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