March 29th, 2005

First Entry

Today is my first entry into a journal in which I would like to write down the events of my life in Paragon City. I hope to share with you my triumphs and victories as well as my defeats. My name is Talis Ellestar, I come from a time period that is not this one. I was brought here through a portal that a sorcerer had made. This sorcerer destroyed my family and home, so I swore revenge. I now patrol Paragon City keeping it safe while looking for this sorcerer. Recently, I have found that one of my family members was not killed, I found her in Paragon City the other day. Her name is Tesserract, my sister. She came here through the same type of portal that the sorcerer used. So until the day I find the sorcerer, I will continue to make Paragon as safe as it can be for the citizens. Today I finally did a mission with my SuperGroup THE FAMILY OF TRUTH. I joined the Family of Truth later then my new allies and therefore they are more experienced then me and are doing more advanced missions that I myself could not handle. But today Professor Truth, Kyral, and myself defeated a cave full of Trolls and their leaders. This mission was the only one I completed today as I soon became tired. I am now sitting in my apartment writing my very first entry into my crime journal. Tomorrow I want to investigate some things, I've heard rumors of the Hellions and the Skulls working together, and if that is so our patrols will have to step up. I don't think they're planning anything big....yet. But better safe then sorry. Well I am now going to sleep and rest up for tomorrow's investigation. Deus Vult!
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The new endurance drain rocks

I finally copied my main (lvl 45 storm/elec/elec defender) over to test. He has had Short Circuit six slotted with end drain SOs for quite some time. Normally I can fully drain a white or yellow minion of all their endurance in a single hit. Now on test I can completely drain an orange minion or lt. and severly drain a red minion or lt. This made an awesome power even better and makes be ever more excited to get Power Sink at level 47.

And on a side note, the changes to gravity's Wormhole are awesome as well. I took a whole group of council and ported them off the top of their base in Striga. All they could do is stand around disoriented. Very cool.

Arena question

Anyone know the answer to the following?

In SG v SG arena wars... are the 'weight classes' enforced? Does everyone exemp down to the lowest level in the fight? Or could you potentially try to set up 74 level 5's against a single lvl 50 as long as you have the supergroups correct?

Stupid Arena question...

What happens if you just Phase Shift and sit there until the other person gets frustrated and quits? Does that count as a win?

Edit: Assume in this case that you can sit in Phase Shift indefinitely due to End Recucing enhancements and Stamina.

(no subject)

I'm sorry to those of you who are mainly blasters, but this post made me laugh so much it hurt (not that that's hard considering I just had my tonsils removed, but still). Being that I've played mostly support ATs, blasters patting themselves on the back for being the "smart ones" is hilarious.
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Wow, I just remembered a dream I had last night...

I was running out of the sewers with a low level alt... Don't remember if it is a character I actually have or one I just "dreamed up," if you'll excuse the expression. Anyways, I was stopping to rest because I was low on health... Then I notice a yellow eidolon with a weird name that proceeded to knock me out. For some reason the name made me think that it was a player, so I tried to get info on it and the option for info wasn't there... So I sent a tell to the name asking if it was a person and he said yes. For some reason (dream logic and all), I deduced that Cryptic must be hiring people to play as villains to make the game more interesting and less predictable...
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You know, i was cruising through the scapper forum today and someone said something about scrappers and i really want it on a t-shirt. i think it fits us scrappers quite well, "Debt before dishonor"

Iron Head

I must be dense. I completed the "Rescue Iron Hand" mission once before, but now I've brain farted for an alt and cannot figure out how to finish. Wiped out all the base defenders, including Iron Hand, and even opened every last cell door my second try. My contact still insists the job isn't done.

What am I missing?
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Yeah, I had to do it... I grabbed Onyx Faechilde's profile pic and turned it into an icon. Nothing fancy, but there she is, my dark/regen drow scrapper. :)
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misc. plus a question

Boy, I read a lot of griping about regeneration today, but it seems that they didn't change it too much: an additional 7 or 10 seconds to full HP. Boo hoo. People are going to cry about just about every change they make, better or worse.

A defender and a controller could not take down Dr. Vahz (he conned red to us) because we couldn't attack him fast enough. The controller has only blind and spectral wounds and I had radiation infection and enervating field on and not enough endurance to attack. Oh well. He's one ugly dude. I took a screenshot of him dancing (both arms in the air, like he just don't care) which I'll eventually post.

I just hit 18 with my rad/rad defender and took lingering radiation because it sounds cool. I was thinking of starting the fitness pool to grab stamina. I have super speed so I was going to take hurdle first. That leaves either swift or health for the second power. If I have SS should I take health? I know that SS and swift stack and that a lot of people rag on health, but even a little bit of a bump in my regeneration rate would be nice and how much faster can SS get? When should I grab mutation?