March 30th, 2005


regen hell.

after FINALY logging on to the test server i was in the pvp zone...

logged into a 2 on 2 lvl 42 dark reflex scrapper and a blaster against 2 lv 38ish regen blaster neevr showed. and as i popped into pp i took em both on.

i never had a chance.

their integration stopped any damage i gave cold. i just sat there and hit em...and they sat there..and took it..then popped me wheever my elude wore off and my toggles un..toggled.

it was amazxing how useless i felt. i barely got em down past 90percent and they would heal problemo.

still it was interesting tos ee pvp ina ction...guess..thats what this is alla see what works and what doesnt.

What's in a name?

I'm sure all of you have encountered someone like this. This encounter left me scratching my head.

I created a new toon last night for the heck of it. In the tutorial I was out there bustin' heads for my Isolator badge when someone broadcasts "send me a tell if you're looking for a badge team." I sent a tell and got a reply, but she didn't want to add me to her team. It took a little digging, but basically she didn't bother me directly because she thought I was illiterate due to the lack of a space in my toon's name.

Um, what?

I don't know WHY I bit, but it turned into (paraphrasing):
"why did you not put a space?"
"because I didn't want one"
"but it's prettier with a space"
"typing spaces and punctuation in a name is a pain. I didn't want one"
"there's no time like now to go back and change it"
Suddenly, I realize this person is NOT playing for the same reasons I am. This is verified by their next tell..
"it looks nicer, and that's all that counts."

Yeah. Coming from a toon named after a tasty Starbucks beverage, them words is GOSPEL.

I had a blast anyway. Scrappers with claws are fun!
downton abbey bells

Respec advice

I play a Fire/Ice blaster.  I haven't found many useful guides for them.  (I just hit 32 and got Inferno... that's an addicting attack btw.)

Are there any decent/good ice secondaries?  I was thinking ice patch and shiver (I talked to an Ice/Ice blaster who said it was a good power to have.)  I only have chillblain and build up right now.

Rain of fire?  Good? Bad? Respec it out? I have used it a few times and that's only for amusement factor.  The problem is that it scatters enemies and it makes defenders/controllers/tanks mad when they have aggro that keeps enemies clumped together.  I don't even use it on solo missions.

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Best City of Heroes Fansite!

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