March 31st, 2005

Working on a kat/invul scrapper..

Here is the build idea that I have. What would you do or change? Would 6 slotting health be worth it? Also keep in mind I don't want a cookie cutter build and refuse to perma Unstoppable or get the fighting pool. Oh and I like to kill so yes .. I 6 slot all my attacks.. I even did that on my regen.

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My girlfriend's illusion controller just picked up phantom army the other day. I have to say that it's pretty entertaining to watch 2 to 4 decoys throw rocks, shoot lightning bolts, etc. It's also funny to watch the Tsoo ink men and the Lost bosses try to put them to sleep.

Is it possible to use 6-slotted hasten and 6-slotted (recharge rate) phantom army to get a couple groups of them up at the same time? That would be pretty cool.

Ask Statesman i5

If this was posted, I apologize..otherwise...We don't even have i4 and I'm already crying for CoV!!!

What do you think are the most important lessons you've learned from City of Heroes, and how are you applying them to City of Villains?

  • First, make every zone dynamic. In other words, make them come alive. We accomplished this quite well with Striga; that zone provides a new standard for us. Secondly, communicate the story better. We’ll have some new technology in City of Villains that will allow players to see the plotlines in a cool new way. Thirdly, give players what they want. We have a much better understanding of what makes Archetypes and powers cool. Lastly, make missions feel unique. One of the earliest criticisms was that our missions were repetitive. Now we've got over a year’s worth of new tech and art to use as we write the City of Villains missions from scratch.

  • Check out the full "Ask Statesman" Issue 5
    Mist Movie Shadow

    updater woes

    Ok.. so still can't log in as normal. I can if I bypass the updater.
    My wife's been on my ass about it cause she's worried about an update going through that will hinder our ability to play. So figuring that it has to be something on our machines I uninstalled COH from her computer.
    Reinstalled...and....can't get updates from the updater.
    So back to where I was before and now she can't play at all cause her files are out of date. At least she gets an error now "Unknown message from patchserver: 10" I get the same problem as always on my rig, it just keeps recycling to connecting.
    I called my isp to complain and after it was all said an done it looks like there are problems outside of my isp. They gave me a link to a site that you can run trace routes from other locations to verify some site is or isn't connect right.

    I updated all this into my ticket on the coh support site and hope they can figure it out. My system is adware/spyware/viri free and everything else works fine, is the only thing I can test though.

    So.. does anyone out there know how to update a coh client without having to go through the updater?