April 1st, 2005

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Arena's back up, and I got my ass handed to me in 2 consecutive matches with 2 different characters.

first match was a 24 ice/ice tank and I (26 emp/rad defender built for teaming) against a 27 warshade and a 27 ill/emp controller. the match was a stalemate as far as the tank/warshade battle, as neither of them could really damage the other, but the controller made things hell for me by flashing and blinding me repeatedly so that I couldn't heal the tank. the warshade kept taunting so that we couldn't take out the squishy controller, but I kept the tank healed as best i could. the warshade decided to change up strategy and took me out several times. i still kept the tank healed. the final kill count was 6 for the warshade and 4 for the controller, all killing me. my team didn't get a single kill, but no one killed the tank, which i'm rather proud of. the warshade was a total jerk, though. he kept saying "we own yuo! fuckin fags" and "your my bitch! eat it bicth!" so I reported the moron.

second match was with my 17 energy/elec blaster, whom i haven't played in AGES, and an 18 rad/rad defender against two 21s, one ma/regen scrapper and one ff/ energy defender. I actually got a kill in this one while we got slaughtered. the defender would immobilize me and the scrapper would go to town. my defender didn't stand a chance, either. unfortunately, i got disconnected from the mapserver and couldn't re-connect.

i just copied over my ill/ff controller, so i should have a bit of fun with that. if it's still up, that is.

amended 1:23am

I got Spin Mason (18 ill/ff controller) up and running after a bit of login trouble, and got into a 4-on-4 team battle in the outbreak zone. honestly, I couldn't tell you the builds of my teammates if you put a gun to my head. but, my opponents, i could describe in detail. there was a cowardly fire/fire blaster that ran away and came in every so often to use rain of fire and fireball. I saw him hiding behind a set of stairs and promptly took him out with blind and spectral wounds at one point. there was a invul/ss tanker that was the weakling of the group. I was able to mezmerize and blind him so that my teammates could take him out repeatedly. there was an elec/elec blaster that was just horrible to fight against. he knew how to use his powers and used them well. he had the most kills on the blue team and with good reason. I couldn't blind of mez him at all, so I just called up phantom army and tried to stay away from him. lastly there was another blaster, but I can't remember her build. I believe she was fire/something. but she was only a minor inconvenience, as i was able to confuse her most of the time. it was an amazingly fun fight, and we ended up with about twice as many kills as the blue team.

Ice/Ice vs. Elec/Elec in the Arena

I just finished doing my first match on the Arena. The battle was between one of my alts that I copied over to the test server and respeced for Arena combat last weekend -- Negative Winter, a level 26 ice/ice blaster. My opponent was a level 26 elec/elec blaster. The battle was 10 minutes long, as many kills as you can get. It took place inside of a generic futuristic model with several large rooms attached with hallways, good for a deathmatch.

As soon as the match started, I fired up Combat Jumping and Acrobatics. (both are one-slotted right now). Then I opened up with Freeze Ray followed by Bitter Freeze Ray. I locked him down about 75 percent of the time. After he was held, I unloaded Bitter Ice Blast/Ice Bolt/Ice blast, Freeze Ray/repeat. It was awesome -- he was locked. One and a half to two cycles of my main offensive powers he was eating dirt.

I took him down three times before he got me -- endurance was completely drained after taking him down three times in a row with no rests. My toggles came off, he hit me with a Tesla cage, and I sat there taking damage and getting my ass handed to me. I ate dirt in no time. His travel power was fly, and mine super jump, so neither of us could really run around or escape to catch some end back..

All said and done, I took him down 7 times and he took me down 4 times. It was fun. Gotta try this some more tomorrow.

Having fun in the Arena

I was going to wait until they fixed the stamina bug... but decided what the hell.

When I got into my first battle (4v4) I was so unsure of what was going on. The other team was blasters and defenders. My team was scrappers and a tank and my lvl 47 rad/rad def. Needless to say we tore them a new one. I died right at the end and mine was the only death for us.

Other miscellaneous battles...

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In Game Theft Leads to Real Life Fatal Attack

Wow my friend GammeraSpinning turned me on to this story regarding the MMORPG Mir3


Shanghai gamer Qiu Chengwei killed player Zhu Caoyuan when he discovered he had sold a "dragon sabre" he had been loaned, said the china Daily.

Mr Chengwei only got the powerful virtual weapon shortly before it was sold for 7,200 yuan (£460).

Before the attack Mr Chengwei told police about the theft who said the weapon was not real property.

CHECK THIS PART OUT - Korea's Police Force Investigates IN GAME CRIME!

The row is thought to have blown up partly because China has no laws that cover the theft of virtual in-game items.

This is in contrast to places like South Korea which has a section of its police force that investigates in-game crime.

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some advice

My emp/psy defender (The King's Man on Infinity) is about to hit 20 and I'm trying to figure out what power I should pick up. I'm trying to decide between stealth (I have SJ as my travel power), resurrection, hasten or TK blast. I'm planning on doing a Synapse TF tomorrow so rez might be useful, but I try to solo as much as I can and I read that TK blast is pretty good. I would've gotten it sooner, but the description in the manual makes it sound like FF's force bolt and I hate that power.

Edited: Stamina is not an option for me and I don't really need it because of recovery aura.
Bug Lightning!

Team Invictus & The Unearthly Arcane (Pinnacle Server)

Pinnacle Server has two new supergroups, both built around a small core of friendly, mature players. If you're looking for an SG for one of your alts, we can most likely find a place for you.

Team Invictus is a traditional supergroup open to heroes of all stripes. The group features members with Security Levels ranging from the upper thirties to the pre-teens, allowing for a wide spread of mission types and SK/Exemplar opportunities. If you're interested drop an ingame tell or e-mail to Maj Invictus, Bug Lightning, or Hot Trigger (Global tells can be sent @Bug Lightning or @MsMinion).

The Unearthly Arcane is an SG based around characters with magical or eerie origins, although it has also been known to accept mundane members interested in loyally supporting their activities. Again, this group has a fairly wide set of levels and is closely affiliated with Team Invictus - so the opportunities for SK/Exemps are bountiful, as are the chances that there are members who are just the right level for your character to team with. If you're interested, drop a tell or in-game e-mail to Midnight Mystic or Phlogistron (Global tells can be sent @Bug Lightning or @MsMinion).

We'd really like to get these groups built into organizations that could help new and experienced players meet and assist one another in gaining experience, exploring Paragon City's mysteries, and generally having a good time!

Hope to hear from you soon!
Puck (silly)

Badges, badges, badges... accolade, accolade!

I was standing around in Striga not quite sure what I wanted to do tonight when a friend invited me to ride along on the "Find the missing fortune teller" mission. So I was able to score the Spelunker badge that I'd missed some time ago. After that, I hooked up with one of my supergroup mates to do missions. I'd gotten the Silver Bullet badge last weekend, and tonight the one mission was full of vampires, so I was able to meet my quota of them in short order, too. So thanks to some obsessive badge hunting and plaque reading last weekend, getting the Slayer badge led instantly to receiving the Atlas Medallion. And no more than a few minutes later, I earned the Celebrity badge, too.

A very enjoyable night in Paragon City, indeed. :)