April 2nd, 2005

Kung Ru

Someone needs a spanking!

Wanted: Group of low to mid 40s heroes to take out Countess Crey.
When: Sunday, April 3rd 2005 starting at around 7pm Eastern Time.
Where: Pinnacle Server, Perez Park, in a cave by the boat house

Mission holder is Kung Ru, a Security Level 41 Martial Arts/Regeneration scrapper. Mission difficulty is Invincible. The Countess is a level 43 Arch Villain. I can hit her and do a respectable amount of damage, she just does way too much damage herself and, being psychic, cannot be PermaMOG'd into oblivion. Well, at least not reliably.

Anything that is resistant to Psy is a major plus. She was hitting me for 500+ damage per shot.

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