April 3rd, 2005

Lieutenant Dan

Finally some Action

Hit 47 tonight after just hitting 46 last night.. er this morning at 3am.. Im liking the movement of the post 45 lvls, after a dissapointing low 40's movement.. Maybe it's just me, but they seem real slow, no matter how I did it, solo, good team, bad team. Anyone else notice this.

Anyways 3 to go ... Onward and upward.

Lieutenant Dan Lvl. 47 Fire/Stone Tanker Virtue server
Puck (silly)

Repec TF stupidity

The story begins with some innocent badge and plaque hunting in Independence Port. As Lady Foxx nears the plaque at the north end of Valor Bridge, she is perma-held and pwned by some Tsoo that were hiding behind a dumpster. WTF is up with the new ability of Tsoo bosses that are only +1 your level to chain their holds so tight you have no hope of escaping before the minion with the katana kills you is another rant. This simply explains how I ended up dead near the spot where a respec TF was forming, and how I got invited to join.

Now I'd done the respec TF before, and I still have yet to use the respec. I had brand new debt, however, and about three hours until dinner, so I figured what the hell. At the very least it would be some nice XP.

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(no subject)

Ok. I'm trying to figure out how much hasten perma, and a power that takes 300 seconds to recharge six slotted with recharge reduction SOs will take for the power to recharge.
As in hasten reduces recharge by .58%, and each SO reduces it by .33%, but are we talking about .33% of the .58%? ugh .... Can someone hook me up with a quick run down of how this works?

(no subject)

I just got my Natural Scrapper up to Level 14, and got Health from the Fitness branch. How many slots should I put under this, for Healing, to get maximum effectiveness? Four seems to be the cap on other powers, but I have heard they can hold up to six.

Any suggestions?
Puck (silly)

Slept to death

Because I already promised to rant on this...

Just what is the deal with enemies that are able to fire off the same sleep or hold power so fast that you are permanently held for easy killing? How come I can't have powers that regenerate instantly, even with six-slotted hasten with SOs? If you're solo, is there anything you can do to escape when this happens to you, or is it a guaranteed death?

I've been taken down twice in the past two days like this by enemies I didn't even spot until it was too late, and it's getting really annoying. I can't even activate inspirations while I'm being held. All I can do is pound the keyboard futilely and watch myself die. These deaths are not occuring at the hands of reds and purples that I had no business being around, either. This afternoon the Tsoo who got my defender only conned yellow.

At least my scrapper is still getting respect from the Tsoo and the CoT mages.