April 4th, 2005

Cute Puppy

Dr V.

My friend and I were playing yesterday (I'm a lvl 20 dark/martial arts scrap, she's a lvl 20 invuln/axe tank) and we were in a hella long Vaslock (zombie) mission (find and burn the four bodies). We found three of the bodies and just had to find one more, but we saw that Dr. V (the mega ugly Arch-villian) was there and we totally wanted to kill him before we looked for the last body. After using up all of my inspiriations, going to the hospital more than 5 times, going to my contact to get more inspirations, using all of those, and going to the hospital three more times, we decided to look for the last body (I think my tanker friend only died once or twice, and she had awakens). She eventually found it and the marquee read "Mission Completed" but Dr. V was still alive. We tried in vain to kill him again, but it was no use. (We got him reeeeeal close to dead the last time we tried through.) My question is two-fold. One, was it a futile attempt for a scrapper and a tank to go against a lvl 20 arch-villian? Two, why was the "Mission Completed" when we didn't even kill Dr. V?
Any advice would be much appreciated.
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the X-Man, Nate Grey

I see women everywhere!

And this is not a bad thing! :)

Seriously, I see a huge number of female players in COH, as well as regulars posting to this LJ community. I have the feeling that COH has more female players than most of the fantasy MMO's, although I feel that women are better represented in MMO's than in traditional table top role playing. Does the community have any idea why this is? I'm glad of it, simply due to the greater range of diversity it brings to things.

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Puck (silly)

Addicted to Badges

I did some hunting with Lady Foxx this past weekend to pick up what was needed to finish off the Hellspawned, Bonecrusher, Weatherman, and Gravedigger badges. I also got really close for the Finder badge before my eyes started crossing and it was time to log off. But having rained death from the sky on the baddies of the Hollows and Perez Park, I present them now with a few unofficial awards.

Hardest to Spot Award: Damned (Hellions). They dress just like the Fallen Gunners.

Easiest to Spot Award: Bone Daddy (Skulls). When all their buddies are wearing white, they're wearing a black leather jacket, making targetting them in a mob from 300 feet in the air a cinch.

Congeniality Award: Embalmed (Vahzilok). My last five kills before the badge appeared were all on the same one, because one of his buddies kept reviving him. Bravo, I say. Encore, encore.

Honorable Mention: Lead Brick / Lead Shocker (Outcasts). Remember me? I used to run briskly through the Hollows and be afraid of you guys. What was that you just hit me with, static electricity? Stop it, that tickles.

And finally, an award for a fellow superhero...

Most Aptly Named: Herding Tank, the Level 20-something mutation tanker who I watched from the sky as he lead a mass migration of Hellions, Skulls, and Vahz across the river in Perez Park. There must have been over a hundred of them... it looked like something from the Discovery Channel, actually.

End moment of pointless lunacy and exit stage left. ;)
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Martial Arts Scrapper Question

OK, I have a level 22 (nearly 23) martial arts/super reflexes scrapper, with quite a lot of SOs in her slots now (although not EVERY enhancement is SO) & I have Hasten & am on my way to Stamina, with Practiced Brawler in there too.

Is it just me, or did I used to do more damage than this? I went off to a lovely little holiday destination off Talos to practice on the CoT on the test server. It took me so long to take down a white minion (a good four or five attacks)that I wrote down how much damage my attacks did, quit, went to the live servers & swum out to the same spot. Nope. I did just as little damage to the CoT there.

So, is it me? Am I gimped in some way? Have I been SK'd to a higher level friend too much & got used to it? Am I too used to the advantages I get fighting with my defender pal? Or did I really used to be able to take out white minions in one or two hits?


If anyone is interested, my highest damage attack (without crits or inspirations) is Crane Kick for 70 points.
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On my teammates and being a healer

A mixed bag of a CoH weekend.

I finally levelled my main, a defender (healer), to 17. Yay! A cape is in sight!

However, a few annoyances along the way, and I know I can gripe here and be understood.

Collapse )

So, end my little rant, allow me to share with you The Green Starburst's Healer Rules:

  1. Stick together - if you're not in my healing aura field, you're not going to get healed.
  2. If you don't stick together, you will die, and I won't have much sympathy.
  3. If you die, I will rez you, but probably not in the middle of a battle, so just be patient.
  4. If you awaken yourself in the middle of a battle, don't be surprised if you die again.
  5. If you die, don't blame me - it's not like I habitually let my teammates die on purpose. (After all, I just stand there and heal you - you do all the dirty work and get me XP. It's very symbiotic, if not downright co-dependent.)
  6. If I did let you die on purpose, it's because you're ignoring these rules, your teammates, or you're just being a pain in the ass. Change or quit.
Thank you for letting me vent. :D

(Oh, and I REALLY need a CoH icon!)
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Math question...

Anyone know what the actual (math) accuracy debuff for the Blaster Ancillary Pool power Personal Force Field is? I've heard that there is one, and as I'm getting closer to that level I want to know how many slots I'll have to dedicate to accuracy enhancements versus damage for Strobe. (My NRG/NRG blaster for those that don't know...)

EDIT: Apparently the info I received was incorrect. When the Epic pools were in Testing/Beta you could fire through it with an extreem Accuracy De-buff, but when the live powers launched it reverted to the regular PFF where you can't affect anyone else while it's active. However Warcry states that the Epic version does allow attacks, again with a accuracy de-buff, but doesn't specify the actual de-buff amount. So no clue if this was just bad/outdated info or a bug at launch. Anyone that reads both the boards and here have an idea which it is?
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What would you do?

I have a Kat/Invul scrapper. Currently at lvl 15. By 20 I want/have to have stamina.

Here is the current plan:

16: Health
18: Unyeilding
20: Stamina

I think I should do this:

16: Unyeilding
18: Health
20: Stamina

So would you go for Unyeilding right when it comes up or wait? Also this toon has 3 attacks so far, which chain together nicely. (It's good to have played a kat to lvl 50 before) As far as I can tell Unyeilding is almost the same thing Intragration is to regens minus the healing part.

One last thing as well.. how would you slot health?


Character Name: Alaskan Aurora
Server: Champion
Level as of today: 21
Archetype: Tanker
Origin: Natural
Primary Power Set: Ice
Secondary Power Set: Lots of Ice
Power Pool Set(s): Super Speed
Favorite Zone: I was hanging out in hollows but now that i am a higher
lvl must find a new place :-)
Least Favorite Zone: Boomtown and Faultline
Favorite Mob: Vahz
Least Favorite Mob: Circle of Thorns
Best time/day to find you in game?: Morning while the kids are at school and
the husband is at work... I live in Alaska :-)
Hubby is a Mutant/scrapper on the justice server, 2 bubbles from 50 :-)
I also have 4 other charictors, i get bored playing the same one... Ok not if you
are in the right supergroup... I just made this one and have found a wonderful supergroup
who plays together alot!