April 5th, 2005


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I thought somebody might get a kick out of this. My girlfriend's 25th birthday was today (or yesterday by now, I guess), and I made her a CoH themed cake. I drew her toon on it. Adais, a lvl 16 blaster on the Infinity server.

Leadership pool

My Empathy/Dark Defender hit 28 last night and I'm not sure what power to select. Was thinking about the Leadership pool. Now, I've heard that Assault isn't worth it -- only a 12 percent +dam buff and bad endurance drain on the toggle. However, Maneuvers is only a 6.25 % acc debuff on foes, and that seems almost negligable. As a dark defender my secondaries are slotted for -acc anyhow.

Thoughts? Maneuvers worth it? Assault?

Respec TF farming for XP

Last night I was called upon to join my SG, The Order of the Jade Dragon on Liberty, in the level 34+ respec TF. We had a group of 5 including Lady Absinthe (me = Emp/Dark Defender 34), Video Girl (Illusion/Emp Controller 34), V2 (Kinetics/Rad Defender 35), Lyghtspeed (Energy/Energy Blaster 35), and Casual-T (Inv/Energy Melee Tanker 38) and we owned the TF. Everything conned purple to me. All the enemies were level 40. We sped through the first few missions and blew through the reactor. We had a total of three deaths throughout the TF and those were from the blaster being held by the CoT in Founder Falls outside of a mission and the Controller being one shotted twice. One of the great tactics used in this TF was Spectral Terror on the reactor. We had someone say "How many waves left" as we saw mission complete flash across our screens and badge earned pop up. We did the whole thing in about 1.5 - 2 hours. After we left some people wanted to rush it again. Heh. A good way to spend Monday night after work.
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violet volt

How did I live without binds?

So I just set up my first teleport (Turg lvl 14 rad def perma teamed with the Gainfully Employed -- Teen Titan Addition). After accidentally dropping into a group of magmites in Grendel's Gulch I thought I'd give that old lctrl+lbutton bind a try.... it's AWESOME! One click and I'm 100 yds in that direction. So useful.

I liked it so much I went back and did the three file bind for fly/hover on Violet Volt. It's a little tricky remembering you can only hit one key at a time, but it's SO much more cost efficient!

How did I live without binds?

Next up -- chase and aim binds for my scrapper :)

One other thing-- I seem to recall at one time if you didn't teleport in time, you would be doomed to keep falling throughout the subsequent teleport, but I didn't find this to be the case last night. Has this changed?

Player farming

The fact that so many players have no clue what defenders actually do is firmly chiseled in stone, and I don't need to rant about it. But last night was rather funny.. I teamed with a tanker and a scrapper with my dark defender. From that moment on they started to freak out - "We can take em all! We are kicking ASS! Man, we are fucking shit up". It was a veritable holocaust for almost two hours. On two occasions, these guys picked a fight while I was resting or hadn't arrived yet. Both times resulted in their deaths, and confusion "What happened? WTF was that?"

Not once did they realize that it was the slow and debuffing that was keeping them alive, I barely healed them. I didn't bother to explain anything to them (they kept talking in gangster speak, and drinking beer) I just did my thing and collected XP till bed time, then left.

All in all, a clean use of brutes for a healthy return (two levels) and no frustration. I just accepted the fact that I'd be misunderstood, unappreciated, and that they would fail in sparing my anchors if they knew about them. So I targeted as wisely as I could (anchor the guy in back or a mid level foe they were unlikely to go for first) and rode the wave. It worked great, I felt like I was farming players LOL.
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A question about arenas and the raping of low level controllers

Being a participent in quite a few arena battles, I have found that my Illusion controller is the most effective, however, the toon is only level 6 and fairly limited. Yesterday I was on a pretty spectacular team the barely won our round, so they suggested another match (same team) to go in again against another team. WE all agreed and started another battle, except the split second before we entered the arena all my teammates joined the other team..........so here I was alone, level 6 against seven ranging in level from 10-32.I wish I could say this was the first time it has happened, so heres the question...
Is it a sadistic plan to capture and fight solo controllers just for the shear sport of it? Why break the rules of engagement to kill over and over a low level toon?
Answer to these questions or theories as to the nature would be greatly appreciated.
violet volt

RE: Last second team swapping

I second the complaint about team swapping in the previous post.

I had my first battle last night and a similar situation occurred. Characters were evenly distributed across levels between both teams. At the last second all of the high level characters swapper to the Red team... which happened to have a level 50 blaster. We didn't have a chance.

Has last minute swapping been addressed in the official forums yet? If not, maybe it's time to wander over there.

Otherwise I'm gonna have to limit myself to PVP with friends and SG-mates.

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hellgeist mentioned in his post about moronic meatshields that one of the guys on his team was drinking beer. This got me to thinking about all the times I've heard someone either say they were drunk, or that they were drinking... More often than one would expect...

It reminded me of something that happened this weekend, in fact. My level 27 (now 28) empathy/dark ran over to Sister Psyche to go afk for a minute when I was in IP. Immediately a group standing there invited me.

Me: What are we doing? (nothing appears in nav/mission area)
Player1: Exemp.
(offers exemplar)
Me: (ignores exemplar request) What are we doing?
Player2: good a healer
Player1: Exemp.
Player2: ill need him, Im drinking shots tonight
Me: (leaves)

WTF? Why would anyone want to play the game while drunk? Or do a four hour task force while drinking?
Bob Signal

Where Have All The Heroes Gone?

Hey, you might remember me as that guy that posted in here and he had that super hero called Ben Franklin of Liberty server. I cancelled my subscription a couple months ago because I'm short on money and having a tough time getting a job. I now play World of Warcraft (still on a free subscription basis there) and I have to tell you it's a really good game, but with a lot of problems. It seems like every piece of hardware I have is incompatible with their game.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know I was thinking of you. I remember having dreams of one day hitting 50 with Ben Franklin, I wasn't too far either. I was up to level 43 in fact. I imagine one day someone will hire me (especially now since I cut my hair, too bad people judge you on the length of your hair) and then I'll be able to come back to my first love, City of Heroes. Remember that time when there were no badges? I do.