April 6th, 2005



As promised, they've been resized for use as LJ icons without pixelation. Anyone is free to use them - all I ask is that you give credit where it's due. Livejournal provides a "comment" section for each icon, please just put "by kwsapphire" in there. I appreciate it! :)

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It's been a while since I posted any pictures x-posted

First off, I'd like to announce one of the newest SuperGroups on Triumph :The Fantastic Fruits!
Every hero is a fruit!(obviously) Name and color scheme are quite obvious, as you will see in the picture of Orange- below. We promote smoothies and not eating your vegetables. Fruit tastes much better anyway. In fact, Veggies are our enemies and look forward to the day when we battle a Veggie SG in the arena!
Here are some pictures of The Fantastic fruits and some of my other characters. If you don't have a good connection i wouldn't suggest clicking on the link. Pics may be too big.
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1. I read on warcry about this thread where someone asked the devs about giant monsters (Godzilla, Rodan) attacking Paragon City.

2. I heard an NPC in the train station last night say something like "Did you feel that tremor?"
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Question about Radiation

I have a question about Radiation secondary power pool for controllers. Does this secondary every become worthwhile? So far I'm pretty disappointed with it but I'm only lvl 9. I'd like input on it and other secondary power pools too. What's the best set up for a controller in your opinion. Especially for a soloer.

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Exemping question

I have a question about exemping. My husband's main (SL 28) just took on a few tens of debt and wants to exemp it off. The highest level I have on his server is ~12; the lowest level is 2. Does it matter which one exemps him? Or will the SL 2 reduce his debt faster than the SL 12? We're just curious about this.

Addendum to my Teaming with Defs Rant

Apoligies for neglecting to mention Storm defenders. Quite frankly I have not teamed with them enough to form what I consider a valid opinion of them. Not that I would mind teaming with one. I think I managed to get the point across that (to me at least) any type of a defender is welcome to team with me anytime.

So to all you stormies out there, drop me a tell. :) @EthanGilchrist
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Serial Killers?

Last week I was catching the train and ran into Andrew Cunanan. I asked him about the name, and he said it was his last name. I replied ok, so it's not based on the serial killer, and then he said omg, you're the first person to recognize it! I told him I live in Minneapolis so it's local news to me, and my husband in fact knew the first victim. Evidently he's a member of a supergroup comprised of serial killers, including Zodiac and Son of Sam.

The chat was pleasant enough and I kept the conversation light, but the whole time I was trying to decide just how offended I was and whether I should bring it to someone's attention. Even in City of Villains I would find it objectionable. Is basing a superhero on a serial killer out of line, or just tacky?

I want to, but...

Last night I'm in Steel Canyon @ Blyde Square, and I hook up with this controller - Stiletto. He's a level below me. We end up hunting together: he's shielding, buffing and debuffing; I'm burning and axe-swinging. We made a pretty good team, and after a bit he levelled to 15. I, being in so much debt from the disasterous Positron run, was still a bit away from 16. But not only did he stick with me, he called in a L24 friend to help out! It was so cool. After friendly goodbyes, we went our separate ways.

A little later I came across a L14 Defender who was alone in The Hollows. She had a few missions that were appropriate for her level. But a solo Defender isn't a great idea in a hazard zone. So - thinking about what Stilleto had done for me - I teamed with her and we ran three of her missions together. Of course I didn't get much XP out of it, but she got really close to levelling to 15. She thanked me and offered me a reward. I told her that I was just passing on a good deed done to me. Then she told me what the reward was.

It turns out that the player running the L14 defender ALSO has a L50 character used for POWER LEVELLING. I was offered the boon of a quick trip to L24. I graciously declined, but the offer was left on the table.

Now, I'm no fan of shortcuts to accomplishment. But L24 does sound nice... especially since it would take me MONTHS to get there at this rate! So, with this ethics conundrum, I called my girlfriend, who is into the game in a cursory way... and is also a psych major headed for law school. This problem would be right up her alley. I explained the situation and my feelings about it. We discussed it for quite a while. Her final verdict: the game is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable; no harm in skipping the unimportant, grind levels to get to the parts you bought the game for if THAT is what you know you'll enjoy. Plus, by not PAYING for it or subverting my character's natural progress, it seems more like an in-game reward.

So I'm thinking of emailling that Defender, and see if I can't take advantage of the offer, if, in fact, it's still open.

What do you think?
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I logged into test and selected a charcter I had copied over to choose my level 26 power with. She just so happened to be in IP where Sis Psyche and Malaise usually are. Except I notice, Malaise is gone. The Sister Psyche in the white costume has become Aurora, and Sis Psyche is now sporting a new look.

I'm curious if this means the Calvin Scott TF will be going away now (I don't recall see him in his spot, but I was too busy trying to figure out why the change). I guess I've been so caught up in the Arena that I've forgotten there are many other parts to this update.

Does this really work?

Has anyone in this community ever asked for influence or power leveling on the broadcast channel? Does it work? Under what circumstances would you do that?

I did something bad today. It involved a level 17 named SubZero0o and not being able to get into Firebase Zulu. To be fair, he was going to quit the team since he couldn't get in and then asked for influence. Then, I left him there. I feel really bad. Kind of. I was actually going to kill some stuff for him, since I was going there anyway - I was almost feeling sorry for him. But then he asked for influence. In netspeak.

He must get people to help him. He's level 17 and his only missions were "defeat Hellions" and something in the Hollows.
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Empathy Defender Blues

A very frustrating night tonight. I started out in Striga Island, where I'd logged last night. The sun was just going down, so I resumed my vampire killing arresting in pursuit of the badge. I had to confine my activities mostly to the ones who conned green, because even the blues were pulling me out of the sky and sucking half my health away.

A team invite popped up from a group I'd seen hunting wolves, so I accepted it. We exchanged hellos and then the next time I looked up, the team of four was down to me and one other guy. And since all he wanted to do was sit on his butt at the ferry and soak up XP from my hunting... I quit team and continued about my business. But of course, wouldn't you know it... I'm one vampire away from the badge when the sun comes up.

Bored with hunting, I start checking with the names on my friends list to see if I can get onto a team. I only had a third of a bubble left to Level 28, so I figured one mission would be more than enough. But alas, it was apparently not to be tonight. Everyone I approached came back with some version of "Sorry, we already have a healer."

So apparently there's a limit of one defender per team now. That must have been in the TPS memo that I didn't get. After all, we're only good for healing, so why would anyone want more than one of us around collecting some of the XP that should rightfully go to the "damage dealers"?

That's the point of the evening where Lady Foxx logged off, and Jezebella signed on. I took her to the Hollows to hunt for Outcast and Troll leaders, but there didn't seem to be many to be found. The Jutals and Garvards that I did mange to find didn't even appear to be counting toward the badge, either. So back to Steel Canyon I went. I spotted someone's forgotten ambush - a gang of Level 30 Freakshow - lurking about near the Yellow Line, so I cleaned them up before calling it a night. So that pretty much ended up being the highlight of my evening's crime-fighting.

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