April 7th, 2005

Hmmm / Got a plan

Greetings and a ponderance

I was directed to this community a couple months ago, and tend to check in time to time to see what discussions are happening, but this is my first time to post.

I've searched many of the guides on the official forum boards, and Google'd info from web pages as well, but posters only mention the SS power itself as a means of running fast (not counting powers like Siphon Speed or Speed Boost). No one seems to even mention slotting swift or sprint to increase run speed, successful, worthwhile or no.

My scrapper (MA/SR) has Quick, and I've been playing with respec powers/slotting options on the test server very recently. For the most part, I've gotten all my powers/slots figured out, save the run speed option. I was going to test slotted Quick today but didn't have time before the server went down.

I've got SS on him now, and can't say I'm that fond of it. Getting A to B, flat terrain, it's great; it gets him there fast. But my vertical movement is so limited (I did not take Hurdle initially), and for me, it's too fast to use in combat, confined areas, or those effin' caves/underground temples the CoT likes.

Will slotting things like swift or sprint dramatically increase run speed? I'm not thinking anywhere near Super Speed fast; more like something closer to (or slightly below) the increase you get on Speed Boost. I swear I've seen other players zip around the cities without SS or some extra run power to boost them. Maybe I was on crack.

I may decide in the end it's not worth it to increase run speed with slots (many would argue my slots would be more useful elsewhere), even substantially, but I think it's useful knowledge to have, regardless; Especially for any new characters I may create.