April 8th, 2005

J'ohn loves his oreos.

More Doug The Troll than you can shake a troll at!

Doug am back!!

You am miss Doug? Doug am miss you! Doug am awesome! Doug am STRONG! Doug am good with smashy smash!

Oh. You am no remember Doug? Okeey. See, Doug am good troll! Doug am fight for JUSTICE!!! See? Doug am serve JUSTICE!! That am no subtle? Justice? Doug am no GUARDIAN. Doug am no PINNACLE of heroism. Doug not have VIRTUE. Doug totally for JUSTICE and only JUSTICE! Yeah!


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PvP event

I forgot to check the time on the test server event that's happening today. And of course boards are down for maintenance, so I can't look there. Did any of you catch the time? I want to say it's at 1, but I'm not positive, and definitely don't want to be late.
Lieutenant Dan

Oh Hami.....You big Pink round glob of shi*

Ok lvl UP 49... After lvling pretty fast, being a lvl a day(its nice being off work). I succumb to the, "Come do Hamidon", from a lvl 50 Sger', after I was secure in waiting till 50 and not worry about the debt. So I go.. It was run well, and things probably went pretty close to textbook as possible. I died of course .. um a coup... no a few.. shit abunch of times. So, after 500k in debt, an alltime high for me. I kind of enjoyed the experience, but monotony comes to mind, and we wait as the controllers try to hold Hami.. Then to my joy, half the raid gets booted.(sarcasm). The only good part was the reduction in lag... so we wait longer.. and he is finally held and we kill him..... The HO hits my enhancement bag.. the name unfamiliar to me... I go to click my enh button with anticipation, and excitement....


So, I get a travel power and endurance reduction for travel power HO........*

How totally dissapointing. Of course not one trade offer. I think I'll wait till 50 to get dissapointed again. That way I can actually GET to lvl 50.

Lieutenant Dan

Update 4 Wormhole

Ok I'll admit I haven't played with Wormhole that much on test. I did try it for a little while when I first got the power, but that was before I really used it on live. Since I have had it for a while now on live, I have found that I really like the way it currently is. It is a great power for precision placement and if used intelligently a very valuable power. It can be used to move a stragler back to the rest of the group for AE attacks or my favorite move those pesky Trees of life out of harms way so that the DE no longer get it benefits. Both of these tactics will no longer be useful once update 4 goes live. Am I the only one that feels this way? The is no question that Gravity could use an AE disorient power, but I would rather that they change that stupid AE phase power into the disorient power. Maybe its just me.

(no subject)

So.. The Storm/Rad defender is now 15 and about to enter the 16 - 18 - 20 arc..

Stamina is required at 20.
Health is not yet purchased.

Do we go with Proton Volley - Health - Stamina?
Or do we go with Health - Thunder Clap - Stamina?

Primarily played as a team, not solo.
I only have 2 attacks, bought the X-ray beam eyeballs early.
Do not have Hurricane.

I mostly throw up Steamy Mist and Snow Storm and either use O2 Boost when needed or zap people with my rad blasts till I run out of endurance. Occasionally I'll drop a Freezing Rain when appropriate.

Raven Darkstar

Hey! I just found this commmunity. I play Raven DarkStar on Liberty. I have a couple other characters as well, but she's my main one.

Anyways, I had a question. I don't have a PC right now, and I've been playign COH whenever I get a chance, but I was wondering....if I cancelled my subscription or whatever, how long would I have to reactivate it before they delete my characters. Or do they delete them right away. I really don't want to start over.

- Cody

Doug get little buddy!

Earlier, Doug the Troll was talking about himself. I piped up. I ::heart:: the DtT posts. I ran to my CoH, jumped on JUSTICE! and lo and behold, DOCTOR TROLL (emp/dark def) was created.

Doug and Doc ran around for a li'l while. It was awesome. Come be trolls. TROLLS RULE!
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I jumped on the ugly green bandwagon. Presenting Frosty Troll

He's an Ice/Ice Blaster on Justice. Only level 3 for now. Hopefully higher soon, but I doubt i'll be able to stray from my main for long.

Introducing...the Matrons of Mercy

I would like to introduce the new exclusive female healer Supergroup, The Matrons of Mercy on Pinnacle server. We love to run through zones, healing heroes (we have a strict rule about stealing kills, it is not allowed), rezzing, TPing, and helping out on mishes where healers are needed. If you would like to be part of this group, please send an e-mail to Ix Chel or Gula Ninurta and we will be happy to add you. I repeat, this SG is for females that can heal others (any kind of healing is game) please keep that in mind.
Thank you.
~Sugar Grrl aka Ix Chel~
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Justice Trolls


I work for an internation company that takes on the responsibility for Troll rehabilitation and relocation. From what we've been hearing, there's a demand building for Trolls to fight for Justice (previously we had been placing them in Nike factories). However, before we place a Troll, we like to make sure they feel welcome, as it is part of their rehabilitation. So, before we have our first Troll fight for Justice, I'd like to know if there is a SUPERhero GROUP we can place him in.

Thank you very much.
Cowboy Hat

PVU Event!

It's kinda short notice, but in case you didn't see this post on the COH forum, here's some fun stuff for Saturday April 9!

The People's Vanguard Unlimited (PVU) alliance of SuperGroups is pleased to present to the Virtue server the Second Non-Annual "Where in Paragon is that PVU Hero" Contest!!! We're giving out 14.0 million influence in prizes!!!
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