April 9th, 2005

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Double Level-up!

Lady Foxx dinged Level 28 earlier tonight, and Jezebella just made Level 30. Now comes the hard part... selecting a new power for each of them.

For Jezebella, this also means new contacts in new zones where there are orange, red, and purple things milling about. I've made my first forays with her into Brickstown, and she also bagged her very first Rikti Monkey tonight while helping a friend with a mission.

So now that I've tangled a bit with the Crey, I am curious. Is there a synopsis posted online somewhere that explains why the Crey guards, patrol officers, agents, and "protectors" are considered bad guys? As a superhero, I feel somewhat iffy about beating up on men and women dressed like cops or extras from MiB.

Well... that was... awkward

Logged on as one of my alts, Johnny Diablo, a level 9 fire/rad controller. For once I actually got an invite pretty quickly. Everything seemed alright. Doing a frostfire mission.

So we go inside... and there are people near the beginning. Running at us. WITH BLUE NAMES.

There was another group inside the mission, making a beeline for the exit and dragging a nice big group for reds and grapes along with them.

We managed to mop them up... but it was a little bit awkward, as I'm sure you can imagine. The only thing I can think of is that the person whose mission it was (who was not the leader, incidentally) must have had another group doing that mission and abandoned them.

I left the team shortly after that because I really didn't feel like dealing with it. lol.

On the flip side, it IS an interesting way to get a lot of heroes into a mission... Say to fight an AV or something. Have the person with the mission form a group, all go in, then that person drops and forms a new group and so on...

On a different note, the global chat server was up when I logged in, was down when I tried to send a message a few minutes later, and when I asked if anyone else was having troubles someone said no and then I realized it had come back up. wtf?
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Featured Hero

What the heck is up with the featured hero?

Well, I've been asking myself that a lot lately. The answer is, its a real pain to maintain. Even after I revamped it to make it easier. So, that can only mean one thing. I'm revamping it again. This time, it'll be self maintained. Meaning, if you want it, you sign up on my site (coming soon) and manage your own heroes (starting off I'm asking to keep it under 3). What will change is that all the info for the featured hero will be in a graphic (created with php when you update your info). So there will be a little bit more load time when you go to this communities page. Also, another change will be, I'm going to limit the hero descriptions to 255 characters - to help keep the filesize down (we dont want a graphic 2000 pixels high full of someone's story). I think its a good trade, a bit of filesize for a current, maintainable featured hero. If you disagree, let me know.
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Character Sheets?

This may be a silly question but does anyone know where I can find some cool character sheets or blank templates for stats? What do you guys use to keep track of all your characters? My husband and I are still having a hard time picking "mains" and enjoy playing all of our two-person teams from time to time, but I thought it would be nice to be able to flip through a notebook and see character stats and missions at a glance, in case we only want to play for a little while or are looking for a more complicated mission. It is such a pain to log in and check each character individually! I have done several searches since we started playing CoH, and can't find just what I am looking for. Thank you!

And yes, I freely confess it is hard to give up the table top RPG habits sometimes. :-)
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Choosing a new power for Level 30

Now the hard part of leveling up. I'm puzzling over what power to choose for Jezebella (scrapper, claws / super reflexes). So far she has the following from her primary set:

Swipe, Slash, Spin, Confront, and Eviscerate

And these powers from her secondary set:

Focused Fighting, Focused Senses, Agile, Practiced Brawler.

And she has tapped three of her four power pools:

Teleportation - Recall Friend, Teleport
Speed - Hasten, Super Speed
Fitness - Hurdle, Health, Stamina

She doesn't really need another claw attack from her primary set. Dodge, Quickness, and Lucky are available in her secondary set. I'm already fast enough for my taste, so Quickness doesn't really appeal, but I see that Dodge and Lucky both give defense bonuses. I'm just not sure which would be better.

And then there's the whole can of worms of starting on a fourth power pool. Is that something most people have done by Level 30? Or do I still have plenty of time?

Advice is welcome. I need to make up my mind and train up soon, so the gal in Icon will talk to me. ;)

Throw me a bone here...

When does Dark Armor actually live up to the "Armor" part?

I have a lvl 17 with Dark Embrace 3 slotted with DO's who gets his butt handed to him, I've got a level 5 with it 5 slotted (my DA experiment) and she does too. I have an SG-mate with it 4 slotted who's become so frustrated going up against even equal con Cadavers that he's made a bind with the frustrated emote and the exclaimation "TRMA!!" ("Toxic Resistant My Ass!"). So, help a Scrapper out here. What am I doing wrong?

UPDATE: 4 even con minions just put my lvl 17 DA'er into the flashing red.