April 10th, 2005


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(Translation: Greetings once again. it is I, Frosty Troll. I am pleased to announce that I have achieved the first of many milestone security levels, level 6. With my near constant practice and training I have taught myself to freeze the air around me to an exact level of density so that I can travel through it, as if I were flying. Of course I still require some practice before I am able to do so at any substantial speed, but still, a noteworth feat nontheless. I am, though, unhappy to say that I have still yet to see any of my reformed Troll bretheren. This shall be hopefully remedied soon. And finally, I am making great strides in completely seperating myself from my prior Trollish lifestyle. I've only eaten seven kittens this week. I hope to be completely removed from my once crippling addiction to delicious... bloody... kitten-flesh... so good... want some... um... what was I saying? Ha ha, nevermind. That is it for now. Good day.)

For those with the updater not connecting...

I have had this issue on and off since the last maintenance. However I could careless to flush my dns, reboot, repair my working connection. So here is what you can do to bypass that little pain.

Create a new shortcut / copy the current CoH shortcut somewhere. Change the target to exactly this:

"C:\Program Files\City of Heroes\CityOfHeroes.exe" -project "coh"

The updater is no longer run and you go straight to the login screen. Though you will need to still run your old shortcut to get updates whenever they are released.
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Our first Troll

The Rehabilitation and Relocation of Ogres and Trolls (RROT) is proud to announce the success of its first Troll sent to fight for Justice. Neil the Troll has accomplished security level 11 on his day. While he hasn't been able to establish communication with other Trolls fight for Justice, he has seen a few around (Haymaker and something like Troll'er, anyone here?). So, if any of you other Trolls out there see Neil the Troll fighting for Justice, please contact him so that he can be integrated into Troll Supergroup.

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So what websites do you check regularly for your CoH news? After checking city_of_heroes, I look at WarCry, which I've been hip to since day one. I also like Coldfront for the collection of player guides. What other websites do check regularly? I'm not interested in badge lists and the like, so much as commentary, guides and the odd rumor.</a>
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Oh wow! Neat combo - A happy accident!

So my hubby and I started another couple of toons last night, and I wanted to try something different while still playing a scrapper. My favorite thus far has been dark/regen. (Onyx Faechilde being now a Level 34 as of last night), but I have a few of those, and I have my tanker Passionata that I like. And we decided to switch and he'd make a girl and I'd make a guy. And I went Tech in stead of Magic for a change. So...

I created Feral Man, gave him the cat face make up tattoo and a lion emblem tattoo on his chest only to discover once I created him that instead of picking claws, I picked Dark Melee. So he's a Dark Melee/Super Reflexes scrapper. I thought at first that's stupid, Feral Man without claws. Then figured I'd at least have fun with him for a bit and remake him with claws.

Wouldn't you know, it's a cool combo! Got the high damage of the Dark Melee and isn't the endurance hog (so far) of Regen.

So it looks like Feral Man is a keeper, and I worked that into his bio. He got his name and his tattoos on his face and chest from his former career as as a wrestler. When he refused to take a fall, The Family took him down. He awoke several weeks later with a plate in his head and bioelectronic implants in his brain to stimulate the damaged nerves, only it gave him superhuman reflexes.

So his friend Grumble Butt* encouraged him to become a superhero like him and fight crime, and introduced him to Rick Davies. He was outfitted with several gadgets including gloves which sucked the life from the victim in addition to any damage caused by his punches. At first he was disappointed they weren't claws, since he was named Feral Man, but he soon learned that his friends Grumble and Onyx  were right, this was a mighty powerful weapon.

*Grumble Butt is my husband's main, a Tech Emp/Dark Defender, who is partnered with my main, Onyx Faechilde.

So, any hints or tips on slots and powers? I've not done much with SR before, though I know DM like the back of my hand.
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Get a clue...

Here is a little bit of common sense for all you people out there who do this.

1) If you and your friend invites people to join a supper team, they expect you to be part of that team. That means..help.

2) They do not expect you to three minutes into the mission stand in the corner and do nothing. Meanwhile the entire party, minus your lazzy ass, is getting their butts whupped and barely staying alive.

3) Your buddy, who invited us, telling us that you busy with the girlfriend does not , DOES NOT, exclude you from being part of the team. You are doing nothing but taking a portion of our XP that WE are earning.

4) Either tell the girlfriend to leave you alone till you finish this our leave said team.

5) It is odd that you are not with your girlfriend the momement that the mission is over because , who comes running out of the cave? You. She apparently wasn't taking that much of your precious attention for you too notice we did all the work, you got XP and then leave the mission.

Next person who does that. I will TP foe all the bad guys I can next to your character while you are off wacking off to Back Street Boy pictures...that's a promise.
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I have to ask...

I've been wondering this since beta and now I'm asking. I know there are a ton of little - mostly film-related - in-jokes and lines and stuff, and this one has been bugging me forever. Is there a Danzig fan on the dev staff or is the similarity between the contact Tristain Caine and the Danzig song "Twist of Caine" purely coincidental? I can't go to that contact without having flashbacks to high school...
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So I had my first taste of Kraken farming tonight, and hoo-boy, did it ever taste sweet. Our team consisted of 6 blasters, 1 tank to pull and hold, and 1 defender. We were managing to kill between 16-20 Hatched Krakens in 90 minutes. After the first hour and a half, a couple people had to leave, so we looked for others. We had this toon named Spiral Scratch come in. Well, one look at the team and he says, "This team is gonna get demolished" (or something along those lines). So we say screw you and we grab a couple of more blasters.

In the next hour and a half, we had one death, and that was because one of the blasters was too close to a kraken when it did it's foot stomp.

My question is this: Who the hell are you to judge a team before you even PLAY WITH THEM? It kind of ticked me off that he was like that, but you know what? We got the xp, and we got the influence, and we met some pretty damn cool people to play. Meh. Nuts to that guy.
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Awesome Respec TF

Jezebella hooked up tonight with some friends to run the Terra Volta task force. We've been rumbling in Brickstown all week, and last night we got the idea that if we could handle the purple Creys, maybe we could handle the respec trial.

We had a team of six: two tankers, a defender, a controller, a blaster, and a scrapper (me). We were all level 29s and 30s, except for the controller who was 26 and sidekicked. We got started just after 9 pm, we finished up just after 11 pm, and we owned the thing the entire way. Lots of good bubbling, recovery auras, and healing. Lots of good tanking by the tanks, holding the agro while the rest of us sliced and blasted. Lots of fun and wisecracking chatter and not a single death. Now that's the way to do a respec TF.

And now that I've seen the whole layout of the two door missions... I'll be that much better prepared to help my SG mates run it, too.
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