April 11th, 2005

Lieutenant Dan


After thinking it would take forever.. but it felt like it did.. LVL 50!!
Thanks Deserted for the noticing, Fellow LJ'er and Virtue attendee.. Hami popped right after too how convenient.
Liuetenant Dan

how to know you play City of Crack too much...

...i dreamed that i was in a shopping mall fighting clockwork. to go from one part of the mall to another, i had to zone out.

that's just WRONG! *rolling eyes*

inspired, i'm sure, by my failed attempt to get my main, Eladrei (lvl34 energyblaster on Infinity) to ding 35 this weekend. fell one bubble short when i ran out of steam late sunday night... would have made it if it weren't for the 5 deaths and 60K debt. i'm sooooooo squishy!

ah well... the final push will be tonight, then, and oooh i get a new power. muahahahahahahhaha *cough* i'd ALMOST rather have slots so i could fill up nova. i'm a nova addict!
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unicorn tree

Statesman Speaks

Statesman must have had some time on his hands, because in the last few hours he's banged out quite a few posts, some of them rather long. A couple of the more important posts include...

Debt is to become less of a threat.
Couple of changes we're making in I5:

1) Instead of the first five levels being debt free, the first TEN levels will be debt free.

2) XP debt will be halved on mission maps (that includes outdoor mission maps, too).
Statesman also wrote a long post clarifying what he means by "balance." A hero is supposed to "equal" three to four even-colored minions. In a later post clarifying this, he explained that he didn't mean that three to four even-colored minions were supposed to be the most such a hero could defeat, but that three to four heroes were supposed to be the most fun—neither too hard (for beginning players) nor too easy.
The system holds up pretty well up until the mid to late twenties, but once players can purchase S.O.’s in the stores, their abilities rapidly outstrip the curve. Enhancements ended up being priced too cheaply (something that we’ll change sometime soon). In order to find something fun to do (i.e. something that had an element of risk), players needed to hunt in zones; missions became boring.

We had a choice a while back – the easy way to fix the issue was to increase the difficulty of mobs. But this impacted EVERY Archetype. Some builds, we found, fit into the paradigm quite nicely. Others did not. Increasing the difficulty for them would have had a drastic impact. Instead, we added a difficulty slider. Those Archetypes and builds that could handle tougher foes now could ratchet up their Reputation. Admittedly, this meant that some builds could gain more XP/hr. than others, but we thought this would be the best solution. We wanted to make sure that the fun/risk in a mission could match what a person could find out in the zones.

Why? Because we feel that missions are a great part of the game. If a player eschews missions to street sweep, he isn’t seeing all of the great City of Heroes content.
See complete post (and further messages in the Dev Digest) for more details.

Fire/Fire tank

Any fire tankers out there?

I made one this weekend... Brimstone Golem, now a level10. Sadly, I think I may have to delete him and start over. :( I didn't plan out my powers well enough and I'm completely unfamiliar with playing a tank (this being my first) and so made some poor choices. At level 10, I cannot solo a mob of even con minions without dying, or running out of endurance, or both. (Fire Shield alone isn't enough protection.) Plus, I took Air Superiority from the Flight pool when in retrospect I should have gone with Combat Jumping so later on, Acrobatics.

Anyhow, here is my question for fire/fire tankers:

What do you think about this fire/fire build ("Mephe's"), what would you change, and why:

Ok Now I REALLY feel like a tanker.

Was just on an incredible team a few minutes ago. We did the Nemesis Staff mission a couple times since more than one of us had it. The group was huge and actually I'm so excited I forgot just how many people we had. lol Anyway the level ranges of the team were 29-31. The mobs however ranged from 33-34! At one point I was tanking 5-6 level 34 Freakshow bosses!!!!! Yeah I nearly died quite a few times but thank goodness the def rocked to an insane degree and we ALL stayed standing. There was one death the first time through when a blaster got swiped outta nowhere but any debt incurred was gone by the time we finished. 3 or 4 people leveled including myself (32 baby!) and massive amounts of fun was had by all.
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(no subject)

My codename is Nexus Delta. I've been assigned to assist the authorities of Paragon City with any situations which may arise. I've been trained in a very specific, and very neccessary, task. I'm the best there is at what I do. That's all you need to know.

(Natural Katana/Reflexes Scrapper, Virtue. Light roleplay)