April 12th, 2005


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Ok. Is it bad karma to want to watch people just die when you've already told them NOT to hit the anchor of your radiation powers? Is it bad karma to actually let them die a couple of times because they are dumb enough to aggro many groups?

I just stood with the mission cause we were almost done, and I wanted the bonus, but man... when I tell you NOT to hit the bloody anchor... DON'T. Also, telling me that all you do is "blow shit up" doesn't excuse you from anything. My main is a blaster, and besides using nova, I don't go around acting like a moron. :D

It was times like this I was in control of the team so I could have booted his behind.
Adri prime

Mama Troll am new in town

Philip da Troll and Frosty Troll did Mama proud tonight. Mama had much fun wit' da boys.
((I don't know for sure about them, but I had a blast! Thanks, guys!))
((And no, the icon isn't Mama Troll. I didn't screenshot her yet.))
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City of Heroes, Onyx, CoH

I4 Costume pieces

I'm curious, if anyone else who has played around with character generation on Test has been disappointed in some of the costume additions they put in?

To me the jacket choices, especially the oriental looking ones, make even a skinny character look bulky.

And what's with the bloomers? (Shorts 4)

Is it me, or are they trying to un-sexify the costumes some?

Now some of the new hair styles and the new bracers under Gloves I like. But the jackets and those skirts and shorts??? I'm still not sure about them.
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Jeremy Icon

I am weird...

Newer addition:
May begin to rename some things. As long as we stay away from Trademarked names I think it is still good to go... I am still deciding SG name, but I think I am close. As long as we don't use any of the characters names either.... should be good. Thanks for the advice guys! :)


Additonal edit prior to reading how weird I may be or not:
Some people made some very good points about how this is EULA violation because the carebear trademark is an established one. Even thou we have not been making direct characters named from the carebears, and it is technically not possible to really make a bear... it could be deemed not appropriate by the GMs because of the name CareBears being used. Since that name in particular was a major bent of my silliness... I am going to erase the character, and drop the idea. I don't want to start down the road to getting my acct banned per EULA breaches. No matter how slight...

However... this is what I had written previously:


Something about reading about PVP, and some bitching about "CareBears" or people who dislike PVP. I saw the back and forth fight about it, and had to laugh... and laugh... and laugh some more!

I thought it was funny. I like both sides of the argument. I like PVP... I like PVE only... I can kinda see it both ways.

Yet then I got a weird notion in my head.

..... CareBears .....

Yes... I can see this!!!

So I go to the Protector server and proceed to make... a carebear. Leader Bear to be exact. I am so weird about this... I have planned to go on and make a SuperGroup called... Carebears.

I even have requirements. Costume has to stick to one color primarily and white. You need to try to make yourself look as much like a bear as possible... or a panda. Signature power of the Supergroup is healing... because we care (have to have healing or healing power pool). Strongly suggested additional pool power if you can get it is Leadership... because we care enough to help everyone. Battle cry has to be "STARE!!!". Have to dislike PVP, or at least not participate in it with your CareBear. :P :) Your name has to end in "Bear". Yes... you can be demented. I already have a friend who has made Kickass Bear. *laughs* (thou you may wanna avoid any profanity in the name for yourself)

If anyone else wants to be zany with me, then make a CareBear on Protector. :) I haven't formed the SG yet with Leader Bear, but I intend to as soon as possible. Everyone is welcome to join! (above requirements being considered)

email me if you have questions about my craziness.

x Jeremy M.
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My account is officially closed for awhile. Having this community on my friends page makes me miss it even more. I wish I was higher level. I was only 11 or so. It's been so long since I played, I don't even remember.

Anyways...About City of Villians. Do you think thay'll make you pay for two seperate subscriptions? Or will they let you just pay for one and be able to play COV by just buying it, or what? I'm really excited about it.

PS. Me and my boss are COH nerds. It's all we talk about at work. LOL. 'm still a newbie though. T_T
violet volt

Gainfully Employed -- Teen Titan Edition

So our little sub-SG of three have been slowly slogging our way through the Hollows Story Arcs. It's been slow going -- mainly because we were insisting on doing each story three times through the Flux arc.  If I never have to fight Frostfire again...

Things have been going much faster since we chose a point person, but I must confess I'm a little sad that only the mission owner gets to see the clues.  Why exactly am I holding this burning shoe, again?

Anywho, we just finished up with the trolls (after spending nearly all of level 14 wandering through Atta's lair), but it seems the plot is about to get a bit deeper...

Gainfully Employed -- Teen Titan Addition
  • Transducer - Cyborg Mind Controller
  • Turg - Mutant Radiation Defender
  • Solar Max - Mutant Fire Blaster

RIGHT: Meeting Turg's contact, his teammates finally begin to understand where he gets his fashion sense
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Roleplay SG on Virtue

A member of my mostly non-roleplaying SG created "The Order of Twilight" that is a heavy role-play, magic-origin Supergroup on Virtue. I thought I'd give them a plug as I remember a few posts looking for RP groups. The group is small but friendly and fun to roleplay with. If anyone is interested, please respond to this post or drop me a line on the LiveJournal global chat. (@karina)

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Well, I was talking to a good friend of mine last night who was pretty depressed (girlfriend trouble, bout to get kicked outta his apartment, and on and on). I was going through my CoH screenshots folder at the time and started cropping a few pictures and adding silly captions to them to cheer him up.

Amazingly, it worked.

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New Hero

Hello all. I just wanted to let everyone know that I have a new character on Virtue who is becoming my second mostly played character (next to Corcra Dragan, also on Virtue). Here are her specs:

Chaotic Shadow

Level 5 Natural Defender

Kinetics: Transfusion, Siphon Power
Dark Blast: Dark Blast, Gloom

The Power Pools I am going to have her take (starting at level 8) are Leadership, Fitness, and Speed. For my last one I am debating between Stealth and Teleportation, but it isn't going to be for a while.

I will post pictures of her (and others) as soon as I pay to get a paid account on here so I can store photos. And if anyone wants to team or anything, feel free to hit me up in game or on here. Later all!
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Thanks to robotech_master and everyone else for their helpful comments and suggestions concerning my fire/fire tank! I got him from sl one to seven last night in a couple of hours. Had a blast hunting 5's and 6's in AP with some other freshly-minted lowbies.

Tonight I'll be hunting with Brimstone Bill again, probably in The Hollows or PP. If anyone on Triumph has a lowbie or wants to make a new character, jump on and send me a tell.

EDIT: The toon's name is Brimstone Bill

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Ok. Here I am again.

I have a rad/dark defender, and I was curious at to what the general opinion was on Fallout. My boyfriend says it's shit, and to not get it. Looking at my future options for both power pools... I don't see very many powers that I will be wanting in the future. He's at level 22 right now and just got Stamina.

Any help would be appreciated. :D
Black Mage (pic from vgcats.com)


My main character ( nrg/nrg blaster on virtue) just dinged 30 last night! I'm glad to be getting to some new areas like brickstown, founder's, and crey's folly. I went and got both my aura and 3rd costume unlocked. I have to say, I thought those two missions were supposed to be difficult, from what I have read on the forums and been told by friends. However I did both in a very short time without breaking a sweat, and did it solo! Oh well, I'm not complaining though.

I then proceeded to get Penny Preston unlocked for SO store. This was a little tougher, as it was my first time taking on DE in an enclosed place. I didn't die but once came really close in that warehouse. Luckily, I managed to connect with a power push just before the last DE I was fighting got to within melee range, and took him out with a snipe.

Now that I have store unlocked, I have spent over a million in upgrading to SO's. It almost cleared me out, as I had bought auras for my first two costumes. Don't have enough for the third now, but I will wait until I4 just to see what it offers, by then I should have the cash.

In closing I would like to say how much I love this game. Even at level 30 I still feel as anxious to play it as when my blaster had to slide everywhere and run away from Vahz Zombies. Huzzah!


Preview of the new COH comic, written by Mark Waid.

Apparently, heroes dying in the COH mythos is "revolutionary." If that's true, then why the frack did I have to run all over Paragon City, meeting people who knew Hero-1, to get my cape?
Pizza Dog

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Hi kids. I suppose I should introduce myself, since I read what you write, and use your nifty chat channel. My name is Steve, but I go by many names. Some call me Munk. Some call me Doc, as in Dr Diabolical, my main CoH character. He's an accomplished dark melee/invulnerable scrapper on the Guardian server. Doc likes to punch the crap out of things, and I like to watch him do it. Unfortunately, in the grand scheme of things, (and if you look at character profiles) Doc got a little overzealous and took on a herd of CoT by himself one day, as he is wont to do, and it ended up with his body being manifested by a demon named New Messiah, who I play as my main alt. New Messiah, or Messy as I like to call him, is a mid-level fire/fire tanker, and is a damned good one at that. Messy's currently on the backburner (ha!) though, as I try to level Doc up to 50. I'm currently at 47 and a half. This morning before work I snagged my Fake Nemesis badge, which, as an added bonus, got me a Freedom Phalanx Reserve Member and a +10% in hp. Not a bad way to start the day.

Which brings up a point. What's the status of your mind if you're snagging an extra 15 minutes of CoH before work instead... oh... say.... brushing your teeth? On a day that you know you have a dentist's appointment, even. And even more than that, what's the status of your mind if, while you're having a painful dental procedure, you're thinking about how great it is to punch out a great big hulking Malta robot, or smash the shit out of a particularly annoying CoT mage?

How many males here use thoughts of CoH to delay orgasm? Hmmm?! HMMMM?!?!


Maybe it works different for girls. I dunno. I'm a goddamn comic dork. What do I know about chicks?

Anyway. This is me. Now I don't feel guilty about being a troll. Oh, wait, that's something to be proud of 'round these parts...
PARAPPA (connieleeee)

Triumph's Supergroup Fair

Sat April 30th, 3 to 5 pm est
Two Locations to fit everyones needs

Galaxy City (levels 1 to 20) Freedom Court outside near big gold medalion
Dance Party (levels 20 to 50)

This is a chance for people who are looking to find a sg to find out about all the sg's triumph has to offer. SG's will have representatives in both areas to answer any questions, to promote their sg, or to meet other sg's and possible find alliances.

So if you are in a SG or a leader of one and want to be apart of this just show up then or tell your leaders about this and have them show up 30 mins prior to starting time to setup. Also if your sg would like to sponsor a contest and/or activity please let me know in advance by middle of enxt week if possible. Or if you would just like to contribute influence as prizes that would be great too! There are atleast 3 contests already planned a costume contest, a bio contest and a Paragon's finest hero contest contest by Global Heriocs Collapse )

Here is the link off the main boards for the dicussion

So if you are free that day stop by and say hey, and spread the word!

If you are a sg leader or your sg leader would like more information please feel free to contact me.


I figured I would post a few pics of Yours Truly from the latest issue of City of Heroes, for those who don't get the subscription. Man, it's been 6 months, and I almost forgot about this part of the contest. It was quite a thrill :)
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