April 13th, 2005


Two-fold question

I started a healer on Virtue today, Medi-Girl. She's an Empathic/Electric Defender who now stands at level 4. Her chosen powers so far are Healing Aura, Heal Other, and the first two Electric powers (Bolt and Strike, I think). When she hits five, I'm going to slot Heal Other just like Healing Aura is slotted: Time reduce, Endurance reduce, and Health -- right now it's just Health.

This is my first all-out healer; though, I've had several Taxibots, which kind of split the differene between ferry, healer, buffer, etc. Here are my two questions:

First, where should I go from here? I planned on adding new powers from Eletric and Empathic until I hit 10, then use 12 and 14 for a travel power, probably Teleport. Does this sound reasonable? After Teleport, should I use Medicine from the Powerpool to give me extra healing options, should I choose fitness so I'll have a shot and Endurance recharging, or is there another path?

Second, are there any Super Groups themed for healers? I'm not sure how to go about joining or even finding a Healer-themed group, so I thought I'd just ask. :)

Any and all suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!
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(no subject)

Is it possible to buy level 45 SO's? My contact in Brickstown only sells up to 40, and I can see my powers getting weaker (i.e. not being able to take down a yellow minion with one blast anymore). I heard something about Peregrine Island, but I haven't really had much of a chance to explore out there. Any help would be much appreciated!!

Introducing myself

I tthought I would just introduce myself around these here parts.

I play on the Euro server Union (my main ch level 21 Tanker-Selavy Suprise)

Being a veteran of MMORPG's (Everquest, SWG etc) I was expecting to like this game but I didn't realise how much fun it would actually be.

so far, I haven't found anything I dislike about the game Lag is practically non existent, kids (and by that I mean immature people not children) are thin on the ground and above all there's no grind.

to top it all off the people are the friendliest bunch I've ever met in an MMORPG.

obviously I can't play on the US servers so I don't know what they're like but I assume they are probably similar.

so, here's hoping for many more hours lost out of my real life to the wonders of Paragon city.
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A bad night of teaming turned good

First off, let me note how much being stuck at level 29 with no missions except "three people needed to defuse the bomb" timed missions until you ding 30 and can get stuff from the new contacts blows. It might not blow so much if my supergroup hadn't disappeared. (Seriously, anyone know what happened to Corona on Freedom? I liked that group!) So I've been stuck with pick-up teams if I want to progress at a decent rate. Last night, I set my status to "search for team" and after a while got an invite to do an instanced outdoor mission. Collapse )
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I wont go in to details because it makes me angry. But I will be in need of a graphics card possibly and it needs to be a PCI Express not AGP because the pc's im looking at dont have agp slots..I also don;t want to spend more than $150 because at this time I can't afford it.

I also may have a ATI Radeon 9200 AGP card to sell if anyone might be interested depending on the final pc i buy.

so any suggestions
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Dysfunctional Cearu Ursas (or care bears)

I have finally made the messed up SG on the Protector Server. I have a couple of people that have joined it as well. If there are others that wish to join, then let me know on that server... or send me a g-tell at @JeremyM.

Yes... I know... people shudder at this, but it is part of the fun for me. :P :)

x Jeremy M. (aka Leader Bear in this case)
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Team Up

Hey all, I'm looking for a few people to team up with on a semi regular basis on the Guardian Server. I'm currently a level 18 Energy/Fire Blaster. My avatars name is Rhuun. I play on Sunday and Monday evenings the most sometimes on tuesday evening or saturday or sunday morning to afternoon. between 2 jobs (60+ hours of work) and full time school I don't get to play all that often. So when I do I want to make the most of it and on occasion I've gotten lucky and found a fun and efficient group with a good leader or group that communicates well. I admit I am new to the game so I really try to listen alot to strategies and techniques. I think I'd be an asset to any team. my global chat handle is Isawa Tadaka. So anyone drop me a line I like to have fun with people that like to communicate and have fun.
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Spectral Terror

Hi, I'm thinking of getting Spectral Terror for my ill/rad controller when she hits level 26. What exactly does it do though? From what I understand, it casts AoE magnitude 1 fear every few seconds so that the mobs sort of cower instead of running away? Is it worth getting? It certainly looks cool though.
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My Warshade is now 21.

I am so waiting for my first respec. Orbiting Death blows at these levels so that one is going, and I slotted some things that didn't need slotting due to the suck factor of the Human Warshade form.

Also found that in order to match the damage output of my brother's Peacebringer squid direct attacks I had to slot mine with 1 acc and 2 damage. He only has acc in his!

The Dwarf form rocks for damage resist but I really only have 2 attacks. The heal power doesn't do much damage and the mire doesn't either, but the damage boost from the mire does rock! However if I use that mire power in dwarf form I switch to human and use it's mire and then go squid to kill everything. Nuttin nice than a cone attack that does 145 to each followed by an aoe that also does about 145 damage.

The two attacks aren't a whole lot to talk about. I average about 35/14 a hit on the smite and it slows enemy recharge+spd. The recharge of the attacks ain't the hottest either.

So.. I am a form junky for now.

My brother and my tactic rocks to. one tanks the other squids. We trade off from time to time just to have a break. The other two people on my perma team are a Grav/FF controller and a Dark/psychic defender.

Super holds, super shields, super nice.

(no subject)

Hi everyone, just though I would introduce myself real quick. My name is Kristen and I've been playing CoH since Christmas. I originally bought the game as a present for my boyfriend (and he only wanted it for the PVP comic) but I ended up buying my own copy a week later. I have characters on most of the servers, I have a hard time focusing on any one character for very long. I spend most of my time soloing, I must admit that I am extremely shy and while most introverts blossom in the online games I generally don't. But I am trying to be friendlier! See, I'm even posting instead of my general show of lurkdom. Heck, I'll even throw up a couple of screenshots. :)

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Is it worth spending the influence?

Jezebella hit Level 31 tonight. Hasten and Stamina are now both 6-slotted. Of course, leveling up also means all her Level 30 SOs that were so shiny and new just a week or two ago have turned yellow. Which brings me to the conundrum... is it worth buying a bunch more Level 30 SOs to merge with my old ones to bump them up to 30+? Or should I simply do a few selective upgrades, wait for drops, and hang tight until Level 32, when I can start using Level 35 SOs?
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Using Hasten to reduce RA downtime

I copied my defender to the test server to try out a respec idea, and I must have done something wrong because I'm not seeing the same effects I have seen while teaming with other empathy defenders who use the Speed pool. How do I slot Hasten and Recovery Aura, and in what sequence to I use them to minimize the recharge time of Recovery Aura? My scrapper has teamed with defenders who have only about fifteen seconds of downtime between the point where the RA wears off and it's recharged and ready to be used again.

In my experiment, I tried slotting hasten with 5 SO's for recharge reduction and filled Recovery Aura with recovery SO's. Hasten recharged before RA was even halfway, and the recharge status of RA dropped when Hasten wore off. I popped Hasten again and kept counting the seconds, and by the time RA was ready again it didn't seem like it'd come back any faster than it does for me now, without having Hasten at all.
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