April 14th, 2005


Hooray for Level 10!

Tonight I got Chaotic Shadow, my Kinetics/Dark Blast Natural Defender (on the Virtue Server), up to Security Level 10, thanks to a lot of Hallows missions and going through the Frostfire mission twice. Here are her current specs:

Chaotic Shadow

Natural Defender - Security Level 10

Kinetics: Tranfusion, Siphon Power, Siphon Speed, Increase Density

Dark Blast: Dark Blast, Gloom

Leadership: Manuvers

For those of you who are curious, here is a picture (full shot) of her:

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I was also really happy with the teams I was with. It was so nice to team with people who knew what they were doing, so if anyone I was treaming with last night are reading this, THANK YOU!! ^_^

Well thats all for now. Hope to see you guys in game!

Babbage not Spawning?!

Ok, so I did the Synapse TF tonight, and well, was rather disappointed (as was the rest of my team) that Babbage decided not to show up. Now, I have heard rumors that babbage doesn't spawn, but I didn't think that was true, as I have done the tf many times before, and everytime, like clockwork (no pun intended :P) Babbage was there waiting for us, right after the Clockwork Lord. But this time, nope. Has this happened to anyone else before? Does he not spawn under certain circumastances? I dunno.. it's just odd I guess.
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Puck (silly)

Zoning gone wild!

I was having some major issues with zoning last night on Guardian, and I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced any of these strange occurences:

Enter Talos Island via a gate and suddenly find yourself floating way the heck off in the ocean somewhere. Start to move and snap back to where you were supposed to be.

Enter a mission and be unable to see your teammates. Exit and reenter and everything is fine again.

Enter a mission and find it strangely empty. Wander around a bit. See red numbers appear as you start taking mystery damage. Wonder what the heck is going on as your toon makes dodging gestures when nothing is there. Exit and reenter to discover the apparently invisible enemies are now visable (and able to be targeted).

Enter a zone to find yourself over the rainbow in some strange cloud-like landscape. Start to move and the correct scenery appears.

All of this happened to me during last night's two hours of gaming. I was also getting tons of lag and a lot of rubber-banding while traveling. I hope these are all server issues and not issues with my PC.

Tanker damage resistance

My fire/fire tanker is now level 27 and I have both Fire Shield and Tough. I think Fire shield is 5 slotted (1 end red and 4 dam res) and Tough is 2 slotted (1 end red and 1 dam res). My understanding is that the damage cap for tankers is 95%. So assuming that Fire Sgield and Tough are both a base 30% (I don't know if this is true), am I already well over the cap for smathing and lethal(I calculate around 118%)? Even if I am, do people go over the cap by a certain amount so that you have some extra to be debuffed? Any input would be helpful.


Level 50

Well, I hit 50 with my regen scrapper.

A few days ago, actually. I meant to post sooner...but I was praying I could find the levelling screenshot. Sadly. It is gone.

For anyone playing Katana/Regen, here is my final build. It served me well.

For some funny screenshots with horridly done captions...visit http://continuums.spodzone.com/coh

I have to warn though, some of the stuff may be offensive due to language and a couple lewd references my buddies made me put in. And some are incredibly lame and unfunny.

Anyway, here is what I like to call "Da Build of Doom"

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Hope this helps out anyone thinking of running a regen. This build still runs pretty well on test with Issue 4's current regen changes.

My squiddy has been fun, got him to level 12 so far. With those DO's...dang does squid form nail baddies.

Game on!
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Had An Excellent Night =)

I had an excellent night on CoH last night. At 37 my main Revenent ran all of her contacts out of missions. So... my Super Group The Dark Brotherhood (Infinity) PLed me to 39. Then they found out that I already had Recieved the Atlas Medallion, and was missing only the Unveiler Badge (Fake Nemesis) for my Freedom Phalanx Accolaide and only the Infiltrator (Paragon Protectors) for the Conspiracy Theorist ( Crey Gun) Accolaide (Had some of the PP done but had not finished yet.) So they got me those. In one night I got 2 levels and now my main is lvl 39 with 3 accolaides! I am ungodly happy =)

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(no subject)

Does this happen often to anybody?

Somebody over the broadcast channel said that they were looking for people for the Manticore TF. Since I had several hours to spare, I offered.

Dumbass:What AT are you?
Me: Scrapper. Lvl 32.
Dumbass:No thanks. We need a blaster.

Dot. Dot. Dot.

Me: What, do you already have seven other people? Are ALL of them scrappers?
Dumbass: We're gonna just do it with seven.

Dot. Dot. Dot.

So what do i do? I haul my ass over to where Manticore is and see where the team is, and apparently HAS been waiting for nearly thirty minutes. A warshade, two tankers, a defender, a controller, and a scrapper. ONE scrapper. Because really, why would anybody even consider bringing along two scrappers on a TF. And here's what worse. There's some guy named Pluto Mars standing around who ALSO got rejected by the same team. And HE'S a empthy defender!

"Sorry, healer! We don't need your 'keeping us alive' powers!"

So yeah. Every single time i've joined a TF about to start, they've all always been extremely happy to find somebody wlling to go. But not tonight.

This ever happened to anybody else?
This is me Not Giving a Shit.


Is there a site out there somewhere that has like the Ultimate Builds for different ATs?

Free Lad (my Emp/Rad Def on Infinity) is 41 now and I was starting to feel bad... you know... like how when yer about to finish a REally good book but you don't want it to end?

Well, I decided that all these alts I wasn't playing just weren't keweping my interest so why not just keep Laddy going?

I mean according to the story I gave him, the spirits of all unavenged murdered gay men gave him the power to make his dreams reality and that's how he got his Empathy Powers...

Well who's to say it ever stopped?

So I deleted three of my alts and made Flaming FreeLad, Fire/Ice Tank, ElectricFreeLad, Electricity/Devices Blaster, and Frozen Free Lad, Ice/Storm Controller...

But I'm all nervous... I wanna take the best powers so I don't have to do the respec and be all worried I'm still not picking the best powers...

So yeah, if anyone has any suggestions or knows of a website that gives a list or something of "ultimate builds" please lemme know! ::grin::
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last night on Infinity, Talos Island was down.

I mean like if you tried to go there or logged on as a toon who had logged off there, you were stuck.

You could log out (I think... not sure I never tried) or shut down CoH but when you logged back in you were still Logged In as that toon and they were still in Talos. So like there were people who had like 6 toons all logged in at the same time!

This happen on any other servers?
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Issue 4 Out In Europe

Issue 4 was released on the European test Server last night, and I was obviously one of the first to play ;) Thing is.. I created a Defender to try the new costume options, so she's only level 2 and now NOONE will fight with me. I logged on as my level 14 and still noone will fight with me.

The only people who seem to be on are high-levels (35+) who are too elitist (member of Defiants 'Elite' supergroup, the contingency, who seem to think their better than everyone) to exemplar down and play lower levels.

This is a real shame because I really wanted to play the arena, and because of them - I can't.
heat lightning 2

Dark Astoria question

I don't feel like testing this one, so I thought I'd ask here. When your alt takes a dirt nap while in Dark Astoria, do you go to the hospital there, or back to Talos? I'm curious since DA's population is a bit on the thin side...

Radiation Arena tests

After the PCC event a friend graciously offered to let me test some things on him.

He's a level 50 BS/Regen versus my level 50 rad/rad def.

Did a test on EF, 3 slotted with end red SOs:
Without EF he hit B/U and hit me for 702.
Applied EF hit hit B/U and hit me for 652.

To those who know the numbers, does a 50 point reduction sound as though EF is debuffing properly?

Test RI, 6 slotted with Enzyme HOs, versus Focused Accuracy, 2 slotted with end red no to-hit enhancements of any kind.

He was totally unable to hit me. So the base on FA is not enough to overcome a HO'd RI.

Lingering radiation is still speeding recharge time on foe powers. It does however effectively negate Instant healing.

Got into a battle with an ill/storm controller. Decided that the status resistance from AM is either not applying, or needs boosted for PvP. When a controller lands a hold/diso/stun etc you are effectively immune to all status for 15 seconds (save for confusion which has it's own timer). Holds last longer than 15 seconds, so all the controller has to do is apply another hold after the 15 seconds expire and you're still chain held until you're defeated. With AM on I was never able to break free of the holds. I think that AM should drop the status after 5-10 seconds, so that it doesn't lose it's status resistance effect. Without that, AM is nothing but a fairly crumby end recovery that makes you run and recharge faster and do slightly more damage. Yes that's all fine and good but the status resistance should still be a factor.
PARAPPA (connieleeee)

(no subject)

so i got my new pc it is sweet! got a good deal too.. so i am sitting here waiting for all the updates to intall.. and i was thinking of my heroes and what alts i may want to make in the future.

and i really love defenders and have a few of them and know alot about them and want to try some controllers but this is kinda new ground for me....

so tell me what is your favorite type of controller you have played or have played on a team with and what makes them so great.
Aeon Flux - WTF?

Well SHIT!

Memo to me...

If you are not on the final mission map of a TF long enough to recieve the mission reward (because the team is too impatient to wait five minutes for you to level up), you get screwed out of the badge and SO enhancement.
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Uriel's Chosen - CoH

Manticore Task Force

I just wanted to post this now that we've finished Manticore tonight. I very rarely get into pick up groups and after my horrendous time with Positron, I definitely hadn't done it for a Task Force. I opted tonight while playing my L33 BS/DA Scrapper (Uriel's Chosen), when I saw a broadcast looking for team members, to give Manticore a try given that it was, at most, a four hour TF and my girlfriend was out for the evening.

I have to say this was one of the best teams I've been on while playing City of Heroes. It worked well together, flew through the TF (2.5 hours total, I believe), and the only deaths were mine from making stupid mistakes due to not being used to teaming.

So a definite thank you to the follow heroes on Victory:
Darke Meat (34 Dark/Inv Scrapper)
Nether Child (32 Dark/Inv Scrapper)
Mr Beard (L34 Elec/Elect Blaster)
neado (L33 Ice/Ice Blaster)
Mynd Gamer (L33 Mind/FF Controller)
Zedd (L36 Emp/Elec Defender [ex])

I've added them all to my friends list and definitely wouldn't say no to another group with them.