April 15th, 2005

mind control

It seems like mind control is getting no love in Issue 4, unlike gravity, dark and kinetics. I've got a level 12 mind/FF controller and it's pretty slow going, which is not unusual for controllers. However, I have no pets to look forward to at level 32. There are some decent powers in this set, but can someone explain the rationale behind not getting XP for foes defeated under confuse? How does that make sense when my girlfriend is leveling like crazy because her phantom army kicks ass? She also gets a spectral terror pet and a phantasm later on as well.

Unslotted, force bolt does less damage than brawl. That's pretty sad and I once "damaged" a white minion for 1. I'm sure if I checked the combat tab it was probably 0.89 and they were kind enough to round up for me. I use this power solely for keeping bad guys out of melee range.

Fire Imps

I got my fire/kinetics controller Shinobu to 32 on Sunday. Go little fire monkeys go!

Not long after that, while soloing missions of my own that I would have had trouble soloing before 32, I picked up a nemesis staff. Woot! Mass carnage for the next five days!

The funny thing was, I didn't really make use of it in the way that I should have. I found that one of my old 25-30 contacts would give me a mission that led to a whole story arc, and so I was fighting mostly level 29 and 30 and sometimes 31 mobs for the first part of the week... and when I finished that story arc, a different level 25-30 contact gave me another mission that led to a long story arc of mostly level 29-31 mobs. These were story arcs that I hadn't previously started (no clues of any kind before I picked them up), and I was a little surprised that I could start them when I was already 32. But I decided to do both of them since I wouldn't get the chance again.

So I spent the whole week with my nemesis staff levelling pretty slowly because of lower level mobs, but I had fun finishing both arcs.

I wasn't sure how to slot my fire imps, but for the initial slot damage seemed like a good idea. During the week, I learned a few things about fire imps:

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