April 16th, 2005


How many people here pick up stamina later in the game say past lvl 30? How many people here don't pick it up at all?

I ask this since I came across a dark/dark defender that wasn't setup with the fitness pool at all. She had a ton of the primary and secondaries but no fitness. My first main was a regen so getting stamina wasn't a high priority. However my new main a kat/invul needed it... still needs it fully slotted. I know you can get by with candy or just waiting, but how many people do this?


Just got Deedlit. to level 37 last night.  It feels like the thirties decade is slower leveling than before. There are also other factors though.  I close more often at work, so once I get home my SG has all gone to bed. They are mostly east coast, and I'm in California.  So that's no fun.  Lately pick up groups tend to suck. I did meet one player however that really surprised me.  I got asked to do the Numina TF in Founders, with two level 50s that had to exemplar down and another level 36 named Demon of pain.  So there were three tanks and me the def, and we were off.  Well within the first two missions, both of the exemplars disconnected.  So it was just me and Demon.  We finished the Task Force with like a hundred missions with just the two of us.  LOL if you've ever done Numina's TF it feels like a hundred missions with all the touring of paragon city etc.  He took down Jurassik by himself.  I'm not a melee player so to me that was a great feat.  Needless to say I stuck him on my friend's list.  I am used to people bailing out if there's only two left.  Especially on a Task Force.  So, that was definitely cool.  


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The Hollows

Everytime I think "Hey, with this character, I'm going to actually give The Hollows missions a shot," I'm quite quickly reminded of why I hate that zone so much...

Fire Tank Help

Hi, everyone. I'm making myself a fire tank because my invul/axe one was just began to annoy me. I was curious what the general opinions were on definate powers to get from your primary set. I know burn is a must, along with plasma and fire shield, but what about the others?
CoH Lord Remo

The HARD-OF-HEARING Superhero!

I have this little problem that has been hampering my team-up abilities. When I join a team, and I AM on the team chat channel... No team chat appears in my chat window. The only chat I can see is the words above a talking member... if I'm close enough. I hear the beep that chat was sent, but I don't get it, even if a specific TELL is sent to me.

Can anyone help me correct this?

It's hard to find the team if they can't communicate to me. Especially if they are in another zone or inside a mission.

Ohh, I finally made an icon of my main... YAY! Pics to follow... eventually.