April 17th, 2005

Opinions on Tanker Primaries?

After (what I think was at least) thorough examination of the tanker primaries I know my reasons for choosing to roll up a stone armor tanker. I was curious as to what others thought of them. Here are the questions I was asking myself as I did my research.

What provides the best defense?
What provides the best resistances?
What provides the most protection across the most damage types?
What uses the least end?
How does the ratio between end usage and defenses play out?
How much of a hit would your attacks take by concentrating on the primaries?

Anyway, those are some of the things I thought about. I've been pondering starting up another character once this one hits 50 (already 33). Possibly a tanker but right now I don't like any other armor set than stone.
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Talk to strangers whenever you get the chance!

You know they say not to talk to strangers, but I didn't listen. I just met an NPC named 0.00 mi and he told me I'd spent a total of 93 hours in Paragon City. Another NPC told me I had visitied Paragon City 42 times. See? Talking to strangers is informative. :)

Tonight was a hella great night.

First, I managed to actually be online at the same time as some very good friends, and we all teamed together for several missions with some other folks, and we all made a really great team.

Of course after playing I think 5 missions we all levelled, including me - to level 20 baby! And it was right at the end of our last mission before we all fell over asleep on our keyboards. I started the cape mission, but need to finish it tomorrow. I'm also looking forward to getting an alternate costume!

Also during the missions I managed to acquire 5 new badges:

  1. Keeper of Peace (trained up to level 20)
  2. Tough (took 100K of damage)
  3. Advisor (sidekicked someone for 8 hours)
  4. Gearsmasher (defeated 100 Gears)
  5. Regenerator (defeated 100 Ogres/Caliban)
That brings my total badges to 49, which means one more and I'll get the Explorer badge, too. :)

All in all, a good day of gaming that offset the fact that I had to break in the afternoon to go drop $575 on my car for repairs.
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(no subject)

First some humor and then a question. I saw a hero named "Phycic Sorcress." I think that was supposed to be Psychic Sorceress, but I'm not sure. Just this morning I get a tell from someone called "devilation":

devilation: can I ask u a question? [The "u" alerts me to some dumbassery.]
me: Fire away.
devilation: can u pl me to lvl 14 plz?
me: I'm a level 12 controller. Not on your life.

What's up with these powerleveling jerks? I've gotten more requests in the past week than the previous three months combined.

My question concerns maneuvers. I did a bit of snooping on the official forum and I can't find any information for the base defense for controllers. It's something like 12.5% for def. and 6.25% for tankers, scrappers and blasters, but unknown for controllers. How would people slot this power for a controller? I grabbed it mainly to get tactics, but I can use all of the defense that I can get. I was thinking of three slotting it: two def. buff and one end. red.
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For the PLers out there

Perhaps, when we get those "can u pl me plz" requests, we should route them to Progress Quest? It's very simple... you start your character and he/she automatically hunts things, kills them, goes back to town to sell, levels... no work from the player is required!
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Rubberbanding on Virtue...

Am I the only one who's experiencing this?

I was talking to my SG members tonight, and most of them said they're experiencing a lot of rubberbanding and that it's been pretty consistant for about a month. So, I decided that I'd bite the bullet and log a support ticket, explaining that situation. Note, I explained that this is a problem that multiple people are having and that their only common factor is the same server.

So, why did the support tech escalate it and ask for DxDiag information? I hate to sound like a bitchy whiner, but I've only logged about 4 of these tickets, but every one is obviously a copy/paste form letter, and the only way I've been able to get someone to think outside the box is to get sharp with them. I really don't like doing it, but it annoys the hell out of me to have everything that I spent time writing in a support request be utterly ignored by someone who's obviously just reading cue cards.

So, do me a favor. If you're experiencing this, log a ticket with support, so maybe they'll see that this isn't just one incident.
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