April 18th, 2005

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Random musings

Some random comments and observations from my defender's weekend-long journey from Level 28 to Level 29.

1) The secret to the Council's success: building all underground lairs to the same blueprint saves big bucks on architechtural fees and map printing costs.

2) Are missions supposed to reset if everyone takes a dirt nap and has to go to the hospital? Or was it bringing in someone to help us fight the CoT (like my sidekick and I should have done before two dozen Behemoth Lords came out of the portal) that caused us to have to find all 16 books for Dr. Cheng all over again?

3) You may fancy yourself the best blaster in the world, but your defender still finds you annoying when you run into the mission ahead of everyone else, get yourself beaten down to half health, and then run back to the entrance as she zones and stand there yelling "HEAL PLZ."

4) Don't you love people +5 your level who lead their ambushes past you as you're talking to your contact?

5) Easily agro'd vampire incubation chamber: $2,500,000. Annoying auto-turret: $750,000. Supergroup leader who will come from Founder's Falls to Striga to rescue you and your sidekick when two dozen newly hatched vampires are standing near the only stairway: Priceless.

And finally, my scrapper also has a comment...

Murphy's Law of Running Solo: The probability of losing connection to the mapserver increases exponentially as a function of the percentage of completion of the mission times the length of time you have spent inside it.

Hidden Animation

I was roleplaying last night with my broadsword scrapper, and found an archery animation by accident. I had my weapon out, and did a Fancy Bow emote. Then I did a second one quickly, while my sword was still in my hand. Instead of doing another fancy bow, I held up the weapon like a bow, and drew back with my other hand, like drawing a bowstring, and then released as if to let an arrow fly. It was unmistakably an animation for shooting a bow.

If you have a character with a weapon powerset - BS, Katana, Mace, go ahead and try this and see if you can see it too. I reported it last night as a bug, but as far as I know, I can still do it.

I thought it was kinda neat-o
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Broadsword scrapper builds?

I'm looking for a guide for the Broadsword scrapper primary. I created a BS/Invulnerability scrapper, and I'm having fun with her, but I'm having a hard time finding any builds or guides for that set. Does anyone know of any good guides that are out there? It would be really appreciated. Thanks! :)
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problems activating powers

The past few days I've been having a problem activating my powers with the mouse. When you click on a power, it only activates about half the time and it's starting to really piss me off. I'll snipe a guy and then try to quickly apply radiation infection before I get jacked. It's been happening to my girlfriend as well on her computer so I don't think it's a problem with my computer. Has anyone else experienced this problem? The powers do activate with the number keys, but I'm too used to using the mouse, especially on the powers in the second tray.

In other news, Maestro is surprisingly easy to take out when you have: a FF defender, two sets of maneuvers, tactics and assault, two sets of radiation infection, enervating field and accelerate metabolism, group invisibility and phantom army.
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I am wanting to make a fire controller and I was going to go with Empathy as my 2nd but after reading the coh boards people say it is not the best combo. That if you want to solo at all you should go with radiation or kintetics, that the only thing you can be with fire/emph is support

Is this true? I have only played a Empathy/Rad defender so help is appreciated.

Which of the two kinetics/radiation is more effective and is the best if you want to solo some? And why is Fire/Emph not as useful?

How would a fire/stormie stack up?

'Ants in my pants,' as Mrs. Marcinak used to say.

Do we have a hard date for the I4 release?
I've heard LOTS of "late April" for a while as a target...

I have not run on the test server, I skip the 'spoiler' previews. I want a PURE experience. But I want it NOW. Forgive the petulant 8-year-old attitude, please. I just haven't been this amped about a game in a VERY long time. :-)

I'm inches away from L20 which means cape mish, new outfit, and respec @ L23; my son just got flight @ L14 and is DYING for the Arena. Even my girlfriend tooned up recently and is anxious about the new costume mods. My brother Beta'ed I1-I3, and assures that I4 is a work of art.

Can anyone put our minds at ease?!?!? :-)


On a different tack:
I'm starting an SG for religious/occult/mythological-style ATs... all origins, all levels (my main is Angelic). Looking for GOOD EASY-GOING PEOPLE, cool players, and COOL TOONS! Hopefully, over time, we'll have a great family... one of which Joseph Campbell, Dionysius the Aereopagite and Aleister Crowley would each be equally proud!

I'll be doing the heavy recruiting, on the GUARDIAN SERVER, in Atlas Park and in Skyway City this Saturday afternoon (starting @ 2pm West Coast). If you have a main or alt who might fit in, or know someone who does, please keep it in mind! If intereseted in the meantime, in-game email Themis Isidriel regarding "Guild Veritas."

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blaster power pool

I'm back in Paragon City after a few months wandering the wilds of EQ2.....

my new main is a 14 Energy/Energy Mutation blaster on Guardian. I have started on the Fitness and Flight pools (just took Fly at 14, planning on Health at 16).

Was wondering what other pools are good for blasters. Was thinking of using Fighting to get the defense buffs. Was considering TP, too.

I am familiar with Invisability from my (old main) DM/Reg Scrapper, but it doesn't really fit the concept for this character.

Any other blasters have suggestions for useful auxiliary pools?
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I4 Costumes

Anyone know where I can go to preview the new costume options due in I4? I have been looking and can't find many - am specifically interested in the new jackets.
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I made it!!!

After all the lvl grinding, I finally made it to 50 on triumph with my controller Snow Drift! The first thing I did was, of course go to Atlas Park and flex hehe, here are some pictures of the momentas occasion.
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