April 19th, 2005

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I've been thinking of making an offender defender with kinetics as his primary, but I can't decide what secondary set to take. Would radiation or psychic be better suited for a kinetics defender?
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Squishy tanker?

I thought the defining characteristic of a tanker was the ability to take lots of hits but suffer minimal damage. The tanker on the team of level 27-29s that I joined last night on Striga, however, was squishier than the blasters and scrappers. Even with Regeneration Aura bestowed upon him, I was still having to heal him every fifteen seconds or so.

The real entertainment, however, came about halfway into the mission when I got a phone call. We had just finished clearing a room of vampires and were standing near the tunnel leading to the next. "Phone, AFK / BRB" I say. And then I sat at my desk, taking the call and watching the chat continue on the team channel. "Let's keep going. Just be careful," says the team leader, a blaster. They disappear from sight down the tunnel. A few minutes later, health and stamina bars start fluctuating...

Leader: Sniping.
Leader: Don't run in there, dude. (He's talking to the tanker, I presume.)
Leader: I said don't!!!
Tanker: Heal plz.
Scrapper: Lady is AFK! (i.e., Lady Foxx, my defender)
Leader: Run!!!

(status bars all drop rapidly into orange, red, then black with skull and crossbones)

Tanker: GREAT! (string of profanities) 29K DEBT!!!
Leader: Idiot, you got us all killed!
Leader: I told you to wait!
Tanker: Where was (more profanities) healer?
Scrapper: I hope Lady has tele and rez.
Tanker: This (profanity) team sux.
Leader: You're just mad cuz you died.

(tanker quits team)

So the team brought in a gravity / empathy controller and a dark / psychic defender to replace the squishy / hard of hearing tanker, and when I returned to the game, we swept through the rest of the mission. But I'm still wondering how a tanker with damage resistance that poor made it all the way to Level 27.
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City of Heroes update

Ok, so here's my recent adventures on Virtue.

Oceanlord (Mutant Martial Arts/Super Reflexes scrapper with Super speed) just hit Security Level 14 yesterday, and I was kind of shocked at how smoothly it has been going lately. The secret of this seems to be smart team-play and hit the missions pretty hard. Having a movement power helps a lot. This is my 'serious' character. I also have a lot of alts that I like to play (I haven't figured out what the right class is for me yet). I've only been playing a couple of weeks.

The first part of Sec. Level 13 was very rough. I've accumulated a lot of XP debt over this level and 12th (just under 2000 now, but it was as high as 3000+ at one point), and I was having trouble taking down even single yellow guys or more than 2 whites at once without getting hurt bad. Soloing doesn't work very well for me. But somewhere along the line I started getting a lot of teams recruiting me. That is awesome.

After that- it's like someone turned on an XP faucet. With a decent defender at my back, I can fight again, and I seem to be very useful. I've also picked up a lot of tactics-- like using my Warrior's Challenge to peel a few bad guys off an overwhelming group and into an ambush zone. At one point we were fighting these trollkin in a cave-hideout on the south side of the Hollows. There must have been 40 or 50 in the group. Piece by piece we took them down with very well-targetted taunts.

This last week Oceanlord took part in two deep cave missions in the Hollows, and both turned out very well. I was with a group in Skyway City against Unlucky Pete and the Lost and it went ok. I got killed at one point along with the rest of the frontline fighters (Iron Spectre, some tank with a stupid name, and Frozen Death at that point), but I had a stack of revives. When the blasters and controller pulled back, the Lost gave chase, leaving our bodies on the floor. After the coast cleared, I was able to revive myself, pass out the other revives. We all did a quick kneel to catch our breaths and then led a rear flank against the bad guys to rescue the rest of the team. That was pretty cool.

My other Virtue alts are cool, but are all around 4th-7th. They are Dragon Grrl (an illusionist), Stranglevine (a healer), Inviktus (a troll brawler armed with a war mace), and Grav Girl (a gravity controller). If you see me, say hi!
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You know...

... it's amazing how much your can customize your characters in this game. Really, it is. Sometimes I find myself bitching about certain limits, but then I realize that this game offers so many flexible builds and looks for every character. I feel unique.

Just thought I'd share.

~ Windlacer - 50 Energy/Energy/Force Blaster
~ 'Lacer - 36 Invulnerable/Energy Tanker

Fire/Storm Controller

A big thanks to Azarel the muse for the suggestion of a fire/storm controller.
Does anyone at NPC know how powerful this toon is? I've been able to solo this one with 1 death so far from 1-10 very easily. I'm looking forward to the latter levels since this will be a great toon to have as a support character for any teams and of course the sg I belong to :).