April 20th, 2005


So, I've had my squid for 20 levels now. Was waiting to get the second costume and stuff before posting pics.

He actually has a backstory. He is based off of an original character that I played on a MUSH once called Lord Zero. He was a Dark Lord of this "Dark Council." However, they were not evil. They believed that just because one's power was inclined to darkness did not mean they had to use it for dark purposes. They protected people for ages. That was, until one day, a young dark knight known going only by the nom de guerre BOSS took it over. He destroyed the Lords, Zero being the last. Epic battle and all that crap. Somewhat like Vader, I suppose you could say, Zero's lungs and most of his torso were destroyed. In the RPG, he had to wear armor that allowed him to breath and not bleed to death, as such tissues would never heal. He became a senator for "The Terran Confededration" and fought against what BOSS turned the Dark Council into, an intergalactic crime syndicate called "The Cobalt Syndicate."

Well...we altered that story a bit for CoH. While he was dying, defeated by boss, a Peacebringer named M'reshk found him and bonded with him. This saved his life. The Cobalt Syndicate was absorbed by another villian group. Zero took to the streets under the name "Architeuthus Dux" the scientific name for the giant squid :P He and M'reshk now hunt to find what group asborbed Cobalt, and where he can find the murderous BOSS to make him pay for his crimes.

Here are some pics behind the cut.

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Jump! Jump!

Something I've been wondering about is whether jumping actually makes you go faster (laterally speaking). It certainly seems like it does, but I've always assumed that was just an illusion because when you add the up velocity and you maintain the same ground speed, you are going faster, but in a diagonal and the net result is the same as just walking...

So I just ran with a level 10 character between two points (specifically, knee-high walls on the side of Freedom Corps HQ in GC). It took 18 seconds to run between them with sprint on and approximately 14 seconds to run between them with sprint on and while jumping. I tried it with and without combat jumping, it didn't appear to make a difference. The character does, however, have the jump power from the fitness pool, and so I couldn't test it without that on.

None of the powers in question had any enhancements.
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Advice on a stone tanker?

I am looking for a little free advice?
I have never really played a tanker before and from reading the posts and comments in this community I am learning that there is a lot of strategy to consider when doing so. With that in mind, I would like to introduce you to my newest character (who, I confess, also happens to be my first "concept toon"- I based her on my favorite band. :-)

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Help wanted...

So my main toon on Pinnacle (Carla Caliente, security level 42) is about 320,000 in debt. I don't like this one bit. For some reason I do worse and worse when I have debt because I tend to think that I need to work it off as quickly as I can, which in turn ends me up at the hospital more and more. I'm thinking that I'd rather just exemplar it all off, and what I'm asking is if anyone is going to be chilling on Pinnacle around 7:00 p.m. Eastern time, I would gladly pay many bags with dollar signs of influence to you. I'd really love to get rid of it by the weekend, so that way I could jump into some quality SG missions.

Any help would be *greatly* appreciated!!