April 22nd, 2005

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I did some digging on the official forums and learned that I was mistaken about confusion powers. If you do nothing other than confuse the bad guy, you will get no XP. That's fair enough. If you do damage, your XP is proportional to the fraction of all damage dealt done by you, counting the confused guys' damage as only 25%. That doesn't sound too bad. You don't get as much XP as you would not using confuse, but you'll defeat mobs faster and with less risk. Anyhow, I have a level 13 mind/FF and I would prefer not to reroll him, but I would like to drastically change his powers to pick up the confusion ones. Is there any chance of getting a free respec when I4 comes out? Did that happen after I3 and I2?

You know you play to much CoH when...

*You lose your wallet and the first thing you think is: "What's going to happen to my CoH payment when I cancel my Visa?"

*You call your boyfriend to tell him about your lost wallet and the first thing he thinks is: "What's going to happen to her CoH payment when she cancels her Visa?"

*You proceed to thinking what a great post this would make in the 'You know you play to much CoH when...'-topic on the CoH forums.