April 23rd, 2005

Prince of Tennis - Kouhei

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Hey everyone. ^.^ Introducing an ex-psycho-crazy-hardcore-WoWer. My subscription ends on Monday and with the latest addition of the "honor" system, I've decided to not renew it. It's sorta annoying when you spend most of two hours corpse running because two guilds from the opposite faction have pretty much taken over the game. ^^;

Anyways! Several of my friends dumped WoW a long time ago to join CoH and I've never heard anything but good about it since. So.. you'll have at least one more hero among your ranks soon enough. ^_^ ... Until August at least. >_> CoV.. Mmm...

So I had a question.. I don't have any sort of credit card, so I use gamecards. I was wondering if I need to first buy a gamecard and add that onto my subscription before I get my first free month or does my first free month start the moment install your game and register? I'm just wondering buy I'm a little short and I don't really like borrowing money to spend on games. ^^; Thanks ahead of time!
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