April 24th, 2005

P Dog

Question about heal others badge

Ok. I wonder if I'm being dumb or not. :) I've got a dark/dark defender at level 26 and I don't see any movement on my heal others badge. Considering I've spent most of my levels between 18-26 SKed to people in their high 30s and low 40s I'd think I'd show some progress by now. Or is it set more to empathy defenders or something? Stupid empathy defenders. Take the easy way out! ;) Sure, it's easy to just heal. Try hitting things to get that heal off before the one you're SKed to dies and leaves you running for your life!

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.
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I'm so extremely frustrated with this game right now. I've been in the tutorial for three days now and all I do is lose connection with the server. I don't get it, I think my computer is more than adequate.

I have a Dell Pentium 4 with 2g processer

I have a gig of ram.

I have a cable internet connection.

I've updated my graphics' driver.

I've done all the troubleshooting on the CoH website to no avail.

Anyone have any pointers as to what might be my next solution?
Hob Auf!

Pickup Positron TFs (Good news?)

Even though I should have been working on my thesis proposal yesterday, I hit some writer's block and ended up logging into CoH. After dinging 50 with Aufheben, I've been piddling around with various alts, though I've technically decided that my new main is Chaianyi, an Earth/Storm Controller on Justice.

Why aren't I playing Kheldians, you ask? Because I want to wait for their full batch of missions released in I4.

Anyway, it's hard to level an Earth/Storm Controller. Getting him to 14 has taken a while, and most of the time, I find myself playing other alts. Once I dinged 14, the challenge was finding time to do the Positron TF, and a competent team to run it with - both equally difficult.

So Chaianyi popped up in Blyde Square, and the team actually came together pretty quickly. I lucked out and found two members of the Guardians of Asgard who were looking to do the Posi TF as well - being friends of my ol' buddy chaos_evolved, I knew they were going to work well. We also lucked out and found an incredibly capable MA/SR scrapper (and that made me nostalgic for my old 50, Aufheben).

We had a few other team members that weren't pulling their weight, but they quickly dropped the TF during or soon after the first mission. After trimming the fat, the four of us (two controllers, a blaster, and a scrapper) annihilated the TF. The blaster only died once after the disastrous first mission, and though I died a lot due to controllers being aggro whores, I still got two levels out of the TF.

Not bad at all.

Things I learned:

Hurdle adds a lot to your jump height. With it and CJ up all the time, I have to be careful not to overshoot when I try and maneuver around a fight.

It's freakin' hard to immobilize Vahzilok zombies. It's also impossible to immobilize the CoT ghosts, so far as I can tell.

The only really difficult mission in Posi is the first one. It gets easier from then on in.
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Happy Cat!!

You know what sucks?

The fact that you've had the SAME Carnies mission for three levels, and yet you can't pass it because the stupid "Maid of Mystery and Magic" boss illusionist keeps mopping the floor with your face. Is there ANY easy way for a 43 elec/fire blaster to take her down? I don't know if I'm not using the right combination, or if she's just fazing in and out at the right times. It's brutal!

Purple Fake Nemesis robots? No problem! Red Paragon Protectors? HAH! Orange Illusionists? I think I'll pass...
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Positron TF on Guardian?

Hey everyone,

I'm just about to log into City of Heroes for awhile on Guardian. I still have some debt to work off (who doesn't, right?) and I realized that out of all the TF badges that I have, there's one missing.

The Positron TF.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone would be up for doing the TF this afternoon? My character, Dr. Corona, is a level 34 fire/fire blaster but I'd like to be ex'd down to work off debt and finally do this TF in its entirety.

So let me know, I'll be on for awhile. If I don't get a team in about an hour or so, I might log off to sit back and watch the Star Wars trilogy.


New to the community

Since I joined yesterday, I figured I'd go ahead and introduce myself.

I'm James, and I play on Virtue. I started playing about 2 months ago, needing a break from EverQuest, which was becoming more and more like a job than a fun way to waste time. So, since my friend taocub was playing, I thought I'd try it out. Thus how my 5 new heores were born. The original theory was one of each origin and class, but I find I almost never play my scrapper or tanker, instead concentrating on my controller and defender, while lamenting my poor blaster, who I just can't bring myself to start over. (Vremis, the blaster in question, is energy/fire. His costume was created by me going ooooh shiny! during creation, and his powers don't work well together. But he's 14 and I just can't bring myself to delete him.)

So, at any rate, if you happen to be on Virtue and want to say hi, I'm usually on as Twinky McBottom (tech def, rad/electric) or Choir Boy (Natural Controller grav/kinetics), although I do have LavenderAvenger and Purple Freeze to play with if I get bored. (Former is broadsword/regen scrapper, latter is Ice Ice tanker).
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Bad day?

Is it just me, or is everything reeeeeeeeeeeeealy lagged today? Constant rubberbanding, problems connecting to the database, everything running slowly? I've tried a couple different servers and keep getting the same crappy performance, and I'm pretty sure it's not my computer.
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(no subject)

After obtaining Speed Boost with my Kinetics Defender, I quickly learned how overwhelming it can be to speed boost a team of eight with only the mouse to activate Speed Boost and select teammates. So I binded it to my keyboard's numpad for easy speed boosting of team members (see bind below). The bind works, but I have to press every number twice. To speed boost the person in slot 1, I have to press the number 1 once to select team member one and then press it a second time to activate Speed Boost. Is there anyway of binding it so I only need to press the number 1 once to both select and speed boost a teammate or am I stuck double-pressing all the numpad keys?

NUMPAD1 "team_select 1$$powexec_name Speed Boost"
NUMPAD2 "team_select 2$$powexec_name Speed Boost"
NUMPAD3 "team_select 3$$powexec_name Speed Boost"
NUMPAD4 "team_select 4$$powexec_name Speed Boost"
NUMPAD5 "team_select 5$$powexec_name Speed Boost"
NUMPAD6 "team_select 6$$powexec_name Speed Boost"
NUMPAD7 "team_select 7$$powexec_name Speed Boost"
NUMPAD8 "team_select 8$$powexec_name Speed Boost"
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A villianess scorned

Signed on and joined a Nova Task force team for 3 hour tour... a 3 hour tour....

It seemed we were assigned to kill every Council agent on (and under) Striga island. That was the EASY part. It was the bitch at the end, named Arakhn... that was the toughie. I'm lvl 26 and the low man on the totem (oh yeah, lots of them too!) being a Defender with dark/dark. the average baddie was a red or purple lvl 30... so I'm hitting around 50% and doing... not much. Well, FYI this Arakhn has a neat trick to her; She'll regenerate back to full by drawing from those in melee range. This was a problem for the 2 tankers on our team of six. After 30 minutes of attack she was fresh as a daisy.

SO HERE'S WHAT WE DID. We sent the tankers out to load up on damage inspirations. They come back and dispense them to all of us with range attacks and we wait... up above her. Tankers attack and get her to use her regenerate- something that takes her some time to recharge. Then we use the inspires, and unleash into her at range. It took nearly 4 minutes of onslaught but it worked! She takes the big DIRT NAP! We all win and I get back to under 2k debt. remember this cause it will be useful someday.

Lord Remo of the Single Bound Club,
Virtue server.
P Dog

About time

One of the main problems with SKing like I did is I missed out on a lot (I mean a LOT) of missions of my own. When I was gaining 2-3 levels a week I would no sooner do a single mission for a contact than they wouldn't want me anymore.

But, I've been slowly working my own missions as I can (usually solo during the day when everyone I play with works) and tonight for the first time ever I finished a story arc. Yay. Cheers. About time! Mystic managed to complete her very first arc at level 26 and even it was going stale as I never saw a level 26 baddie in the last two part mission. So, while Bug and the rest faught Rikti in the abandoned sewers without me I finally managed to do something I hadn't before.

A mere 25k xp to level 27 and from there to 30. Well, eventually. Then I shall switch back to my other main alt and run around screaming at bad guys, "Inf plz!!!" before politely shooting them.
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Puck (silly)

Nemesis Staff

Jezebella made it to Level 32 today. Tonight, she got hold of the Nemesis Staff. Good thing, too. I wasn't about to get in there up close and personal with those Level 37 and 38 Rikti that were in the second mish I went on with a pick-up team of total maniacs. Most of them were set on "Unyeilding," and there I was just plain old "Heroic." The XP was nice, but sheesh... being in constant fear of imminent death is not my idea of a rip-roaring fun time. I'm quite happy to work solo through story arcs where things are white, yellow, and occasionally orange. I only care to see purple in a mission when I know there's a really good tanker around to keep them distracted.

On a somewhat related note... today also marked the first time any of my alts have ever had more than one million influence in the bank. Of course, it only lasted for about an hour, because Jezebella couldn't very well let the SOs on her Stamina and Hasten stay yellow for long. Easy come, easy go.