April 25th, 2005


Hello! & Question for the 50s

Hello everyone!

I just joined this LJ community and wanted to drop a quick note to say hello and introduce myself. I've been playing on Pinnacle since launch, and been playing CoH in general since about 3rd wave of beta. I currently play a 38 emp/dark defender and a 31 spines/invul scrapper on Pinnacle (with a plethora of lower level alts here and there that's really just collecting dust.)

Anywho, just dropping by to say hi! :)

Also, I have a question for those of you who have 50th levels:

First of all, I don't want you guys to think this is a rant post about lack of high level content in CoH. It's not that at all. Currently, that's not even an issue for me, but I am curious to hear from those of you who do have 50th lvls.

What do you do when you reach 50th? True, I know there's the Hammidon, but what else is there after Hammi? A friend of mine has a 50th lvl invul tanker and has essentially retired him. He's tried the warshades and peacebringers and said they're not all that great so it's not really a reward for him to reach 50th. I understand that CoV is currently in beta testing but there's no word on what's in it (obviously due to the NDA) and there's no eta on its release date other than before the end of the year. I don't care for PvP at all so that holds no interest to me.

What I'm getting at is, what am I striving for in CoH other than just the number 50 in terms of levels?

Again, I'm not complaining about lack of content a la CoH boards, and if you say, "there's nothing after 50" that's perfectly fine too. I know tons of 50th lvl people who just retire their 50s and play alts, and that's fine since I do have quite a few of them. I just want to know what to expect once I get there.
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A Badge Question?

So I was doing an alternate dimension mission where there were tons of Family. We were going around merrily pounding the baddies into the ground. The odd thing was, the progress on my Family badge went nowhere. We must have defeated at least 20 Consigliere and Underbosses if we "killed" one. Is this normal? I was SK'ed. I didn't think that mattered.
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Vitruvian Man

Hello fellow super heroes...

Hi, I'm sort of new to CoH, and found this just today on LJ.
Man the games addictive, but really fun and worth it.

So far, I have two toons:
Nauga L17 Scrapper Claws/Invulnerable
Kharl L8 Defender Storm/Radiation

I play on Liberty and I'm always up for teams and just roaming around having fun, and once life settles down a bit after I've moved into my new home I'll work harder on getting my toons up to 50, but in the mean time, if you see me, don't be shy.

Global chat @nauga

macros and binds

I need some advice on binds. I'm trying to bind a command to teleport 100yards forward with one key but I can't seem to figure out the structure any advice would be welcome. Second question can and how do I make a macro that auto does a power when it recharges. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Enchanted Light

Foot Race Fun!

On Sunday our SG scheduled a foot race from Ms. Liberty to the PI Portal Corps Sign. (We do an optional SG-wide event every other weekend--badge hunts, races, Task forces etc.) Six of us decided to hop onto Pinnacle and create level 1 toons.

One nut decided to make mini-Statesman so of course, we all had to create mini's of our own..mini-Psyche (with the red hair), mini-Aurora (Sister Psyche), mini-Brawler, mini-Infernal and mini-bionicman (a mini version of his main on Virtue).

Our rules?
Create level 1 toons, bypass the tutorial and wait for everyone to get to Ms. Liberty.
Take any path you wish and Request or Broadcast for TPs, speedboosts, etc but only limited to once helping hand per zone.
No pre-set up helpers! (ie, no taxi-bots called ahead of time or kinetics friends at stationed positions)
And that was that.

We created our characters and hopped onto TeamSpeak. That done, we broadcasted a request for someone to create an SG for us so that we could monitor locations without giving away chosen paths. It was incredibly silly and actually pretty close. Our winner made it to PI with no deaths and in less than 10 mins.

Part of the fun was the trash talking on TeamSpeak and the squeals or groans of agony when a toon was one shotted. I've got some great screenies and have asked my SG-mates to send me a few, but it's still a crazy-fun idea that only takes about 20 minutes. And remember, you can trash-type.

I don't remember who created the SG for us but if you are here, thank you!
And special thanks to Twink R. Bell who headed my plea and ported me to the PI Ferry. She even offered to port me to the sign but the SG decided that one port per toon was plenty.

The prize? A box of twinkies of course.
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(no subject)

My girlfriend and I rolled up scrappers on Pinnacle on Friday and got them up to level 10 over the weekend by setting the difficulty slider to rugged for most of the missions. We had to tone it down after three consecutive failures against a red-conning Lost boss. He held us each and every time. I rolled a dark/dark scrapper - Redeadening (Simpsons joke) and she rolled a katana/SR - Keinam. I've played a spines/regen scrapper and you know what you're getting with that - lots of healing. Our new scrappers are pretty inconsistent. Some fights, I redline after a few hits, but she'll be at full health. Others, it's switched. I read on the forums that DA is pretty gimpy, but it did alright for me. I like death shroud because it's a waste to use my super beatdown (shadow maul) on a baddie with just a few HP left.

I rolled a storm/elec defender - Mechanaught - and he's up to level 8 or so. Some people are down on storm summoning, but it's not too bad so far. You can't heal yourself, but that's ok. I like steamy mist and I'm looking forward to grabbing hurricane because it always pissed me off when the Tsoo used it.

I had a couple of ideas that I thought I would throw out. I think it would be cool to have a larger variety of inspirations. Maybe they could have some that mimic accelerate metabolism/speed boost/hasten? Maybe one called "Lighter than Air" which allows you to superjump for a bit or maybe hover. Along those lines, it would be cool to be able to purchase temporary powers. I gather that flight is necessary for the Shadow Shard (whatever that is). I'm getting SS for most of my characters, but don't want to miss out on higher level content. It would be cool if I could buy a jet pack that would allow me to fly for a day or an hour or whatever. Some other ones that might be cool: sniper rifle, force field generator, flame thrower, grenades of all sorts, cloaking device, teleporter, etc. A lot of these are available already as rewards for missions, but it would be nice to get them as needed and they could spice up the game. I think some tankers might appreciate being able to snipe every now and then and some blasters might like a phosphorus grenade to mimic burn.

I know that a lot of people who have gotten to level 50 would like to start their alts at level 14 or 20, but I don't mind the lower level content because it's different with every character. With my inv/ss tanker, I have no need for stealth. I completed one hostage rescue mission against the Council by running through and finding all of the hostages trailing just about every bad guy on the floor. It doesn't really matter and I never got below 2/3 HP even though I had 10-20 guys wailing on me. That would be suicide with any of my other characters except for maybe my regen scrapper.

It's too bad they don't have lab coats in the new costume generator.
Desk 3

Scrapper Accuracy?

Question for high level scrappers out there:

Have you noticed a need for accuracy enhancements for your attacks?

I have a lvl 23 Broadsword/Inv scrapper (Celtic Rage) on Liberty, and my other teammate (lvl 23 tanker) and I are coming up on the respec mission at 24. For the sake of planning ahead, I was wondering if I should consider adding a few accuracy enhancements into the mix (right now I have one recovery rate and end.cost reduction on Slash, hack, slice and whirling sword, and then one, three, four and two damage enhancements respectively).

I'm just not sure what the cost/benefit would be in regard to doing less damage more often (I've gotten hits in the range of 170+ damage with my hack against Vaz).

Just curious.


Celtic Rage -- League of Disgruntled Gentlemen, Liberty server
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Striga Isle TF

I was playing my tanker (fire/ice) last night on Pinnacle, not doing much of anything when there was a message on Broadcast in IP about a group looking for more people to do the Moonfire TF. I figure, why not, I'm not doing much right now, let's go see what it is like.

So I join this pickup group, for a TF I've never done before, thinking that at worst, I'll see some new maps and maybe some new mobs. And if it turns out badly, *shrug*, it's only debt. Man, was I ever wrong.

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New Powers for I5

When asked on the main boards what we might see in Issue 5, Statesman was heard to say:
Think noise.
Think Errol Flynn.

While most have taken this as a sign that the long-awaited Sonic and Archery sets are finally being added, someone on the Virtue board had another idea:

Mayhaps the "Laughing With Hands On Hips, Then Leaping Off Things" powerset?
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Enchanted Light

Ask Statesman i6

I was just wondering if there will be any free respecs released when Issue 4 goes live?

Extremely doubtful.


Non-combat missions – like saving people from fires – coming up!

Read more here!
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Puck (silly)

Rugged... ouch, it hurts

I set Jezebella to "Rugged" tonight and went to do a Freakshow mish in King's Row that I'd gotten from my contact in Founder's Falls. Ouch. I think the fact that the guy I was supposed to take out was named "Damaga" should have forewarned me. I was feeling really uber after hacking my way through all the yellow (six at a time in one room) and orange (four at once in another room) to find him. He was big and ugly and purple... and he laid me out flat in about ten seconds, while I barely scratched him.

So at that point not only was I down 13k from the upgrade fee, I had a big whopping load of debt, too. And that pissed me off enough to run all the way back to IP (damn the Hollows... I have no contacts in KR) for inspirations. I dumped my stash or unneeded awakens on some folks dancing on the train platform, then I loaded up on four reds, four purples, and two yellows. Then I went back to the mish in KR, went back to the room where the purple boss was, popped ALL of them, and repaid the favor. It took a good minute and a half of constant hacking, but he wasn't even able to land shots on me until the lucks wore off.

He dies... mission completed flashes... and then as the Freakshow tend to do, he rezzes. I look at my now empty ispiration tray... and click on "mission completed" and get the hell out of there faster than you can say "Brave Sir Robin". I may have be crazy enough to try anything once, but I'm not stupid.

I think I may change down a notch to Tenacious. I can handle bigger mobs. But I don't want to be inspecting the carpet every time I find the mission boss.
Puck (silly)

Tauntless Tank

Got the remainder of Jezebella's debt worked off. I joined a pick-up team and we ran some missions belonging to the middle range members of the group. It was four blasters levels 29 to 32, a sidekicked level 18 defender, a sidekicked level 26 tanker, and Jezebella as the scrapper. And with so many blasters, Jezebella really didn't get to do much besides play with her Nemesis staff and fend off the occasional Sky Raider porter who came near.

The tanker, though, entertained me greatly in that staring at a train wreck kind of way. Through two mission, he kept griping that he wanted to herd, but all of us were ruining it. "ur 2 close" was the exact thing he kept saying. His actual problem, though, as far as I could tell, was that he wasn't using taunt. He was just racing through mobs with fiery aura turned on and expecting them to all follow. So every room turned into mass hysteria with agro'ed Sky Raiders everywhere.

At one point, I tried to tell him why his "herding" technique wasn't working, but he didn't want to hear it. "I have taunt," he said. News to me, because I hadn't seen him use it once. Maybe he thought it was an automatic power. Nope, the reason he couldn't hold the agro was because we were all standing in the doorway watching, and thus we were too close. Oh yeah... did I mention that Jezebella was the one who had him sidekicked? It's a good thing I wasn't feeling particulary evil tonight... or I might have been tempted to step back about 205 feet and see if he still thought I was "2 close."

Some people just can't be helped, I guess.

(no subject)

hey everyone im new to the community ^_^
i play on the freedom server as the character Appolion.
i was just wondering if anyone had a good super group i could join in freedom
im a level 8 ice/ice blaster =D

gible, friend code, pokemon

(no subject)

I just got bored so I sponsored a costume and bio contest on Justice. Gave out 4.3 million influence in prizes (2 million grand prize, 1 million to two runners up, and 100k to three honorable mentions).

God damn it takes a long time to transfer mass amounts of influence. :/
PARAPPA (connieleeee)

(no subject)

On topic:
Zia Frostfire is Level 49.5 yes it's so close I can taste it! But then again it is so so far away ....just 5 more pez to go!!

Off topic:
Anyone ever play Guild Wars and if so what did you think? And is similiar to COH or not so much?

Back on topic:
Triumph SG Fair this Sat the 30th 3 to 5pm EST
2 Locations
Level 1to 20 Galaxy City Freedom Crt near Gaxlay girl statue in back
Level 20 to 50 Dance Party

Come on out and show your Triumph Spirit, tell your sg to come out and be represented, their will be contests, games, prizes ,trivia and recruting going on.

A day of fun to see all the different sg's triumph has to offer.