April 26th, 2005

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Questions on 'kill X' badges

Volcanic Badge, Defeat 100 Igneous Bosses

So.. the Igneous can really only be found in the Hollows, and I've only seen the Bosses, like Magma, rarely and on piles that have flames. Is there a better place to find them, or a better way to make them spawn so I don't work for hours and hours and hours at this badge?

I've heard he spawns in Moth Cemetary; is he like the Kraken in Perez, or other giant monsters, and only spawns randomly? Are there signs I can watch out for in DA that would indicate him spawning? I just want to beat him up.

Whatever the badge for defeating 100 BP Spirits
I saw a bunch in Talos today, around the Argo Highway area; I haven't spent much time there, so I don't know if that is regular or not. Is there a better place to hunt them for that badge? I didn't see any in DA the other night, but I really only hung out in the cemetary.

Got the Volcanic badge today. Figured out why I was having so much trouble, too. I was looking for groups of Igneous laying down on top of a smoking/flaming patch of ground. When I figured out (IE, my friend clued me in) all I had to do was find a patch of smoking/flaming ground and pop my Dragon's Tail kick we were quickly rolling in Magma Lords. We collected the badge in short order.

Using the /camdist command, usually to about 200ft really helped me spot the smoking ground. Thanks for that trick!

Relative newbie with some questions.

Hi, I'm Gretchen and I play (primarily) on Virtue and Champion. Just found this comm and am glad to see it.

I've been playing for about...hmm. Four or five months now, with multiple alts. Finally settled on a main - that ill/kin controller just got up to 21, so I'm seeing something other than Steel Canyon and Kings Row at last!

I feel like an utter noob because it too me so long to settle into a character that I found fun. Started off with a scrapper - easy to play and I learned a lot, but I found it kind of boring. So I made a blaster. Got her up to 10, only to not really like her squishiness. Finally settled on the ill/kin controller (after trying an Ill/Storm) and dark/dark defender and discovered why I didn't like the others - I like playing 'support staff' and making the tasks easier for other folks. Since realizing this, I've leveled quite well, although solo efforts are a tad slower.

Which brings me to my question - how long did it take other people to settle into a character they liked? Am I alone in my AT surfing?
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Synapse TF

If anyone on Liberty would like to run through Synapse TF, I'll be trying for a small team this Saturday.
I'd like to do Positrons, but I leveled quicker than I thought I would and would have to be exemped to do it now :(

Last night, I tried for Positrons TF with a couple of people arranged via the boards at CoH website on Liberty forum, and not only was the lag bad, but we had a team way too large for our own good, and the toon exemping me quit after one death (???wtf???) so I was essentially booted from the TF and lost that chance at the badge :(
Why do people run and hide when they die? A little bit of debt doesn't harm anyone really, just makes things more fun. I was over 3000 in debt yesterday and pulled myself out of it solo, so I can't believe people really fear debt, it's silly.
Fursona face by Kitsumi

New here, Hi.

So, I just found this group, signed up, and am currently saying, "Hello."

I play on the Guardian server, I have a 21 Magic Scrapper, Morgana DuArc, and a 14 Magic Defender, The Healing Vision.

So... Hi, and all that fun.
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Getting all geeky...

Kintaro has hit level 50 last night!!! DING!!! I have no pictures of the event, but it was very cool.

I am honestly not sure what I am going to do with Kintaro now. He will be around to be sure, but after 50... what the heck is there to do? I guess I can work on badges and stuff, and of course help out friends who are also close to the end of the game. Yet other then that. What's there to do with that character? Hami raids? ugh...

He will most likely end up my cash making character so I can support my lower level characters. You know. The ones that are all mid 20s now... o.0; Uhm... I have one that is level 17? wow...

Yet the one thing I wanted to do was make a Kheldian (Peacebringer), and I have. She is an interesting character I have name the Zohar of Light. Why? Xenogears/Xenosaga fan, and I like the name. I was thinking of making a warshade called the Zohar of Darkness, but I don't have anymore slots left of virtue to make another character. That bumms. I guess darkness is going to have to go somewhere else. Least till they allow moving characters from one server to another. Then I can move off one of my characters to make a space.

So I got a level 1 wandering around outbreak. She will be there a little while as I am working up the isolator badge. Figured if I am going to go all out with this "Epic Archtype", then do everything. I am thinking of working on the shift forms build that I saw on the official site for kheldians. I like the shapeshifting aspect, and want to try to make it effective. It will be interesting. I guess I shall see how it goes. I can be pretty persistent at times. :)

I am also thinking of working up another cross server project, but this will take longer. Not so sure of the over all benefits either. I will find out in time I imagine. I will talk about it later when I am more sure about it.

So... if anyone else has a level 1 lowbie working on the isolator badge, then let me know! Working in teams to get it is a heck of alot easier than doing it by yourself. Goes much faster. Send me a tell at @JeremyM, or give me a holler on the LiveJournal global channel.

In any case, see ya all in the game!

x Jeremy M.
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The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good
Well, I got Onyx Faechilde's respec done and claimed last night. She now has six slotted smite, shadow maul, and midnight grasp (with one accuracy and 5 damage in each); Six slotted quick recovery, hasten, and integration. Two endurance recoveries and two heals in my Instant healing. I switched out teleport for fly again, since I was getting hover anyway and found I can't TP without hover. And I wasn't thrilled with Super Speed when I tried it on Test, I kept running into buildings and found turning difficult. I kept recall friend because, well, it's handy and saves arguing over where "here" is and I can just bring lord_keeper's Grumble Butt to me. I kept stealth because sometimes am upon the enemy before I realize it, inadvertently waking them up - which isn't so bad by myself, but it bothers my hubby when he's playing his defender Grumble Butt. And I kept Grant Invisibility because of one of our favorite tactics for getting around in a timed mission: make him invisible and have him scout around to find the mission objective, TP'ing me to him so that I can refresh his invisibility. Then, after the mission is considered completed we go and defeat the remaining bad guys in the place at our leisure.

Then after lord_keeper got home last night, we played with our fire tankers a bit. I think I can still salvage Passionata (she made level 11 last night, and unfortunately I started slotting her more like a scrapper to start... so I tried to rectify that by putting both in her Fire Shield. I just need to pick up Consume and Hasten to start. Don't have Taunt yet (Don't laugh!) but since I mostly solo that's not as much of an urgent urgency as Consume and Hasten are. He taught me how to herd and we ended the night with herding several groups in Perez Park to the gate and then defeating them. Pretty sad, level 11 and needing a respec already. :P I may still delete her and start over. I don't know.

The bad and the ugly (all rolled into one!)
Onyx and Grumble ran into an AV in my story arc! The Envoy of Shadow. We did our best and the beasty acted like it merely tickled and chafed and pelted us with massive fireball damage. Mopped the floor with us, and we didn't even make a dent in him. Too much for the two of us.

In the words of Bill the Caveman, "When will the hurting stop?"
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A reminder of the All Cat Party...

All Cat Dance Party!!!

This upcoming Saturday April 30th at 7:30pm Pacific standard time. Party will be on the Virtue server in the Paragon Dance Party zone. Teleports will be made available to any who wish to attend. Assistence by the Taxibots would be greatly appreciated to get people to the party from the various Paragon Dance Party doors. (but mostly Steel Canyon door)

The theme is kinda obvious. Cat people. Dress up in a one time cat suit, or come as you are if you have always been a cat themed character. Anyone and everyone is invited to come, but it is hoped that everyone will dress up to meet the cat theme of the event.

DJ's will be available at the party from The Cape for those who listen to web radio. (www.cohchat.com:8000, and best listened to thru WINAMP)

This is meant mostly as a meet and greet for all the Cat themed SGs on the virtue server so we can be familiar with each other, but more so this is just about having fun. Specific events aren't yet planned, but I imagine we can whip up a quick costume contest for influence. Something like that.

Advertisement of this is by word of mouth, and please tell a friend... or heck... just bring them along!
Thank you for your time, and hope to see ya there!!!

Your All Cat Party host,
x Kimura Hanasaki
Global Handle: @JeremyM
Temporary Global Chat Channel: CatParty
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(no subject)

Ok, i killed Requiem, saved the multiverse, and when i called Unai and finished the story arc, i hit 50. It felt so fitting.

And now i have a 50 spines/da scrapper, 30 energy/ice blaster, 20 earth/kinetics controller, 18 ice/mace tanker, 6 bubble/mind defender, 2 PB. All on Virtue. global handle's FinalPoint

Positron part II, completed!

Well, my group and I finished a lovely afternoon of working through the missions of Positron. We probably have one more session before we're completely through, but it's been an amazing teamup so far. Though we've all come close to dying, none of us have tasted floor tile yet.

(and boy, that CoT ambush in Skyway had us near seeing the gates of eternity...)

Six missions down, god knows how much more to go. Much love to my SG teammates, Rayna, Tiger, and Trevor Royal, from me, and can't wait for the next session of showing the knaves of the city that superherodom is very much a family affair.

Yin Royal, L 16 Dark/Dark defender
Supergroup: The Royal Family - Once Removed
Server: Champion