April 27th, 2005

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I have run the respec mission with my perma team about 7 times since it came out, for ourselfs and friends. Never Failed it and never had much of a problem.
Until last night.

24 Grav/FF controller
26 dark/psychic defender
25 Peacebringer
25 Warshade

We were doing fine until the last two waves. The bosses just backed up on us. The PB was tanking and doing a great job of it. He was actually the last man standing. The defender was doing the fear thing, healing ( doing an awesome job I must say and this is coming from a 50 empath), and doing aoe psychic powers & sniping at bosses. The Grav / FF was keeping us bubbles and the reactor. Whenever a acc insp would drop she'd eat it and hit the baddies with crushing field, but since she was the lowest it was decided she'd use propel and bubble us. I was fire support as squid and I must say mire is the most useful power I have ever had. I would normally aoe hit for about 100 points for both the cone and the aoe power. After throwing down mire I was hitting for between 145-170 for both the cone and the aoe. Our dominoes fell apart on that wave. There were a total of 5 bosses and 2 skiffs that should up. My bubble went out and I was near the reactor, when the skiffs happened to open up with missles. The splash back got me and I went down. The dark def res'd me and I didn't last long without a bubble in human form. The next two I was res'd fine but when making the mad dash out of the aoe hell to get a safe bubble the grav/ff troller went down with me. One more rez attempt just as the 2nd to last wave came in right on top of us. This time the troller and I were to far apart for a single rez from the dark defender. we decided she'd stick with the PB tank and keep him healed since his bubble was gone. She was overwhelmed by aoe fire and direct sky raider fire and the tank dropped right before the skiffs managed to make the reactor go critical. Seeing that bright light was cool though.

We figured that if we had another blaster or a scrapper from our sg there we would of been fine. We were all bummed about failing it cause we just never have before. Debt doesn't matter to us and the 12k I got went away pretty fast. Were going to give it another go tomorrow night with the added person and should be fine.

Monster Channels?

I keep hearing references to monster channels. If they are what I assume they are (see a monster, broadcast it to the channel), can someone please tell me what the names of the channels are? My SO goes Ahabbing for her White Whale in King's Row so much, it would be nice to actually get the damn thing for her. Any and all servers would be grand. Thanks a million.
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Synapse TF (concluded)

Aaaagh! I'm stuck in the wall!...

ok, that's my lvl 8 defender in some trouble, but onto the real news...

I completed Synapse's TF last night in four hours.
Woah, awesome. Lemme tell you, what a team we had.
Three tankers, two blasters, one defender, one controller and one scrapper (me).
Halfway through the first mission our controller quit on us, and then after the second mission, one of our tankers had to leave because it was getting late...
The six of us left, we rampaged through those clockworks like the trash they are, and earned the gearsmasher and clockstopper badges, not to mention major XP and everyone leveled at least twice, I leveled three times as I was a 17 to start, now I'm a 20 Scrapper Claws/Invuln.
Without a healer, we still managed to complete the other missions by stealthing our way to the bosses and using invisible to get there, ambushed them. With two tankers, and myself having Unyielding and maxed out Temp Invuln and other buffs, we all used AoE attacks and smashed the gears to pieces, shredded cogs and dispensed with Princes and Tesla Coils like they were scrap.
When we finally came to the King, he was surprised, and overwhelmed, not even after his first words protesting our arrival and calling his minions forth to protect him, he lasted but seconds in the face of our furious onslaught attacks.

The Influence was sweet, my SO was an awaken accuracy which I put on my new attack power of Focus, and I bought all the DO's for my Invuln powers and Claw powers I could and they're all 20++ or higher now.

We had only two deaths, but they were squishies and it was right before the ambush.
Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that part, the ambush...
Babbage wasn't ready for us, we stealthed our way to him and ambushed him instead.
Clobbered the big oaf and went on our way towards victory.

The End :)

All this was done on Liberty, and I wish I could remember everyones name, but I'd like to thank:
S y n e r g y
Cosmic Power
Pilot Light
and if I'm not mentioning a name, it's because I forgot it... (sorry)

Great team players if you see them on Liberty. If you see me, I'm Nauga or Kharl, Global @Nauga.
Puck (silly)

Place your bets!

Original Cinder (magic fire/fire tanker) dinged Level 12 last night. That means she can use level 15 enhancements. And with that influence gift she received on her first day, she can afford DOs. So sometime tonight, I'm going to make the run through Steel Canyon to Pandora's Box. So if anyone wants to place bets on my chances of making it all the way without getting killed... now's your chance. ;)

I was mini-herding green and blue Hellions in PP last night (2 to 3 mobs following me at any one time, earned the Hellspawned badge, too). But I figure once I make a run for the DOs and slot up my defenses, I can start doing some more serious tanking.

Paladin hunting

For those hunting for the Knight Errant badge (see last post), this guide can help you locate Paladin spawn points. Location coordinates are provided to assist you. The Paladin has no set spawn period, so you might want to reconsider camping in one area for too long.
To access your current location, enter /loc in your chat window.
25¢ Gaara

(no subject)

Is there anyone who plays on Pinnacle after 11:00 PM Central time? Because of work, I can only play at odd hours and my defender is not having any luck finding a team late at night.
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Badges you wonder if you'll ever get.

I've been hunting for the Knight Errant badge ever since I've heard of it, and I've yet to get either the badge or see the Paladin. (I know destroying the Paladin doesn't get you the badge, but I still want to see it, eventually!)

Anyone else got a badge they're gunning for that they wonder if they'll ever get?
PARAPPA (connieleeee)

Triumph SG Fair Agenda

We have decided to combine this event into one location and that is Galaxy City, Freedom Crt in the rear near the Galaxy Girl statue. We want to stand united as one and have all levels present and celebrate what a great server we have together.


this Sat April 30th, 3 to 5 pm EST

Supergroup Leaders and representatives who are coming please come 30 to 40 mins early to get your spot and setup.

Collapse )

If you are already in a SG or even not interested in joining one feel free to please come out and mingle and get to know your fellow server mates.

We hope to see everyone there so help spread the word and come out this