April 28th, 2005


TP Foe vs Confront

I current have TP Foe on my dark/dark scrapper and have been using it to pull. It allows me to pull a smaller group from a room so the team doesn't get totally overwhelmed. It works pretty good and I do take a bunch of aggro doing it but I'm sort tanking for the group anyways so that fine. My problem is, I was thinking of swapping it out for Confront. I was thinking that this would be a cleaner way to do it that is dependent on hitting. So the questions are; what is the range of Confront vs TP Foe? Will it aggro nearby foe or will I only be getting one at a time (I actually like getting a few of its buddies)? Does Confront seem like a better fit for what I am trying to do?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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This is me Not Giving a Shit.

Question for anyone who has -And Likes Playing- a Kheldian...

First of all: Free Lad hit 50!!!! ::happy dance::

...now then...

Any tips on how I should build my Peace Bringer?

I've seen sooooooooo many people who're like "Blah! Kheldians suck! I hate my Kheldian! Don't make a Kheldian! We hate Kheldians and if you Don't Hate Kheldians, you Suuuuuck!"

But frankly... I loves my PB... Yeah, so his human form is weak and his Bright Nova form has no Def... I still loves him...

I guess one thing about having an Emp/Rad Def is that you learn to go through missions slowly... stealthily... and tab through the bad guys to make sure there're no Quantum guns in anyone's hands or Void Seekers anywhere...

So yeah...

My question (to the people who have -and Like playing- a kheldian) is:

What is your build? Which powers seem to help the most?

Oh! And most importantly!

**How do you have your powers slotted???**

I mean Wow!

You unlock Bright Nova and suddenly you have 4 new powers to slot! I mean... how do you have enough slots between 1 and 50 to effectively slot all these powers?

Thanks for yer time, Fellow Heroes!
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Desk 3

Respec Question

My scrapper dinged 24 the other night, and I've been researching the respec mission. I have a couple of questions:

a.) How much time should I set aside for doing this? Is it no longer than a normal mission (or, given the hunt for sky raiders before you hit the reactor, 2 missions)? Or is it more like a task force?

b.) My secondary power in invulnerability. If I slot Unyielding as much as possible, do I need to slot R.P.D. and Temporary Invulnerability at all, or even keep them? Someone told me they became redundant, but I'm not so sure about that.

Thanks in advance for any advice


Celtic Rage -- Liberty -- 24 BS/Inv
(that's broadsword, though people who know me might say otherwise)
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Don't worry, be happy!

From CuppaJo:

In preparation for tomorrows Anniversary Respec being released on the live servers, we will be testing this feature today on the Test Server. We will be testing this feature in a few minutes. The Test Server will be brought down to enable this functionality.

NOTE: If you still have your free holiday respect, the anniversary respect WILL replace it. If you have respecs banked from running Task Forces or Trials, they will not be affected.

Thanks once again for a year of heroic testing!
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(no subject)

Holy crap! I love my ice/storm controller!

I made F'rosta a long time ago, got her up to level 9 legit, and stopped playing her for a while... Then I had someone in my SG PL her to 14, figuring she'd be more bearable once I got a travel power... But... I still didn't play her.

I decided to play her last night and it's so awesome! I actually feel like I'm in control! Ice Slick is the best power ever, and between snow storm and arctic air, I can keep people locked down pretty well.

The endurance usage isn't even that bad, now that I've learned when to use which toggles and don't use them all at the same time (I also have Steamy Mist... that's 3 toggles)
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Friday is my last day in COH

At least until I can get a job and start up my account again. I'm not entirely sure, as my account expires on the 29th. So I'm not clear as to if that's at the beginning or the end of that day.
I've been meaning to play more in the last week, but sometimes I just don't feel like it because it makes me remember I'll be without it for a time.

The worst part of it is, even if I lose my Internet connection I will have access on the weekends at my friend's house. It's just not the same without being able to play the game with them. Unless some sort of last minute miracle arises, you won't hear from me for awhile.
I'm going to miss you all as I'm taking this list off of my community filter, after tomorrow, so I need not be reminded what I'm missing every day.

Good bye, for now.

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(no subject)

It just occurred to me that my scrapper has far far less influence than my main, and main alt had at her level. I'm almost needing to do an inf transfer to her and she's 42.

Then I remembered, she didn't die much. So maybe dying makes you better in that you can afford more enhancements?
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So I'm not leaving?

Two kind and generous people, who shall remain anonymous, have taken pity on my pathetic self and have offered to extend my time.

Eryn Runs around arms flailing.
Gratuitous poinging around the room.

She falls over with a releaved sigh.

Ahem. Pardon.

ANNOUNCER: We now return you to your regularly scheduled Tzunny nonsense.
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(no subject)

Quick way to get cash on the test server:
Buy really expensive enhancements on live (even if they are useless to you) then sell them on test and you will have heavy pockets!

A Regen Question:
Once a regen scrapper gets Instant Healing, is Dull Pain pretty superfluous?

PvE/PvP Observance:
In PvE, my regen scrapper is immune to Hurricane when fighting Sorcerors. I had always thought Integration is why. In PvP, Hurricane effects me and I can't get close to the caster. What up widdat?

Just messing around

I got my CoH account before my girlfriend so she has a character in my account. For teaming, I made a character in her account. Anyhow, we both have access to each other's accounts and with the free respec showing up tomorrow I was joking about logging into her account and respeccing her into the most gimped build possible. Let's take her level 29 illusion/radiation controller. Here's one possible gimped build:

1. Blind
Radiant Aura
2. Radiation Infection
4. Deceive
6. Aid Other
8. Hurdle
10. Teleport foe
12. Challenge
14. Provoke
16. Intimidate
18. Stimulant
20. Invoke Panic
22. Aid Self
24. Flash
26. Swift
28. Choking Cloud

I would then six slot brawl, rest, sprint, hurdle, swift and then slot the attacks with endurance reduction (except for jump kick which gets knockbacks).

Is possible to gimp this build anymore?