April 30th, 2005

Just finished the Synapse TF

Awesome. Utterly awesome. It was like clockwork, pardon the pun. Finished in...oy. Five hours? Smooth from start to finish, with no deaths. We just steamrolled from one mission to the next. Picked up Gearsmasher and Clockstopper, and leveled once to 22.

Many hi-5s and mugs of coffee to the people that ran it with me. Justice Force, we are teh awesome. And a glass raised to the Kheldian pick-up that asked to join. Best choice we could have made!

Now, to bed for a few hours of sleep - before Sister Psyche tomorrow afternoon! *tud*

(Anyone got any hints for that one?)
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(no subject)

I respecced my mind control/force field dude, Hung Daddy, tonight. I dropped force bolt and maneuvers and picked up confuse and mass hypnosis. Confuse is frickin' awesome. I confused a red Mortificator and he was one shotting his friends, resurrecting them and then one shotting them again. Very useful for a Defeat 10 zombie mission.


I'm very new player, under 90 days. How does one get the respec, I've heard you have to do a mission first? Right now it a mood point, since my main character just made lvl 23(gets respec at lvl 24). Doc Cronic emp/rad defender on the Champion sever.