May 1st, 2005


Here we go!

OMG, I had like the most amazing weekend. I was a little depressed at first, because I hit SL 29, but I couldn't find a contact that could give me any like missions. Which means I'd be stuck at 29 for a *long* freaking time! Ugh! No way. I felt a little depressed and was doing pickups some pickup missions for my other contacts, busting some Tsoo here, some Sky Raiders there, then I remembered! Eliza Thorpe! I hadn't talked to her in like a loooong time, and kinda forgot about her sitting all the way down south in Talos, by the entrance to Dark Astoria. The only time I ever talked to her, she was all like "oh, this mission is too tough, you should get a team together, you girly girl. You'll break a nail or something". I was like "Pshaw... me? socialize? I'm sorry, but the lone wolf rides alone, sister" or something like that. What I really said was "uhhh.. so like It's hard. Ok, never mind, I'll help someone else." Seeing as how I was like pretty much ass-out of options now, I took her up on her need for help. I got together a little team of like 3 people, and went to beat some Banished Earth thingies. It wasn't nearly as hard as she made it out to be, but I am glad I had a team together. It meant that I didn't break a nail LOL.

Anyway, I sorta uncovered this plot about kidnapping a bunch of mystics and getting them to create some wierd sorta bacteria called the Will of the Earth that I had to stop. By the time I knew it I was WELL over halfway to SL30, and after I stopped this unnatural order, I was able to do a few pickups and BAM! I was so totally in there!

I was so excited that I called my mom and told her. Of course, that didn't go to well, she thinks I'm like doing bad again. I told her I'm not, but you know mom. Anyway, I was so pissed off when I got done, that I went to Lauren at Icon in Independance Port and told her that I wanted to completely change my look! So yeah, she had me do a little... ummm... work for her and beat up some crey folks. I'm all like "omg, they'll like totally kill me, duh". But I wanted the damn makeover, so I did it. I so totally look hot, I tell ya. I ditched the buffy the vampire slayer screws pinky tuscadero look, dyed my hair, bought this really cool pair of shades, and I was set. After that, I talked to the city rep in Atlas Park, who said she could give me a cool look with my mutation. So I took out some freaks, some rikti monkeys, and a bunched of banished pantheon for the ingredients, and Kazaam! I was set! I'm all glowie! yay!

In other news, the UoF setup a nifty little communications thing. I just wear a little headset thing and poof! I can talk to anyone on the SG that I want just by pushing a button! Totally rule. (ed. note: that means that I, the big boss, set up teamspeak and bought a headset. Notes in my journal.) Although hearing "Language, young lady" every time some asshole thornie almost kills me (because, well, duh, I said "fucking shit bag" or something), is kinda annoying. Oh, and Blue and Zero sound so alike unless you're looking at them, it's hard to tell them apart! Blue has a little bit of a southern accent, though, so that helps. Zero's like a new yorker, but doesn't sound a BIT like one.

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That's all for now! See ya all laterz!
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I was on a team recently which had a few shall we say.. "experience challenged" people on it. It was a hollows mission (where the experience-challenged meet) and I was trying to keep people alive. We were planning our attack on a large cavern with several big groups of trolls, and one of our guys figured he would map the cave out for us. He whipped around the full diameter, aggroing everybody, and then tried to run away. This wiped the team, and nobody knew what caused it at first, because it happened so fast.

I was just looking through my screenshots today, and apparently, I hit PrintScreen *right* as that was happening (and I was scrambling to stop the trolls). This shot caught the perpetrator red-handed like no other shot could. You can see the blaster backpedaling as he realizes what he just did.

Just thought I'd share.
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Empaths and the Arena (Excuse the rant)

My character is a level 30 emp/rad defender. I built her solely as an empath with a supportive role and she's awesome with preventing her teammates from suffering debt and trips to the hospital.

But in the arena, she's useless. She cannot rez since people respawn automatically. Clear Mind and Fortitude work only so much when she is able to target her teammates before she gets slaughtered. Heals, again, if she can get to her teammates before getting ganged on, it's all good. And max end recovery means that her recovery aura is worthless in there.

She really has no offensive skills besides X ray beam, proton volley, and neutrino bolt, which are slotted poorly to allow her to be the best emp that she can be.

I have to say that I am disappointed because I waited for the longest time to get into the arena (it always being down when I tried on previous attempts) and my girl gets slaughtered 10 times within the first 5 minutes of the game. But, I suppose that's what an alt is for, isn't it?

Don't get me wrong, I love the arena and the system and wouldn't change a thing since I know that so much time and testing was put into it. I just now know to not go in there with an empath defender unless I am looking for a slaughter fest.

Are there any other defenders, empaths really, that experience this as well?
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I was inspired the other day and made a new costume for Pyrita, my fire blaster. Honestly, it doesn't really fit her concept well (orphan, few resources but immense power, "bad girl" attitude), but I think it looks really cool. I'll just say it was a gift from the guys at Icon for saving them...

(the rings are from the Haste effect from destroying lab equipment)
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Just got finished with the Hess Taskforce. Talk about eye candy. I'd post pics but I am sure you all have seen them. The big robots, the surprise awakening of the mechs in the storage room, the catwalk fights with turrets blazing around you.
Just an awesome TF. I wish the others were as amazing as this one was. Tomorrow night is the Moonfire TF and as much as I hope it's as well laid out as the Hess one somehow I doubt it will be.
Regardless of that we only had two deaths the entire time. My Warshade vs a Quantum and my brother's Peacebringer vs a Quantum.
Hate Quantums.

I did have fun using starless step ( summon foe tp power) to throw mechs in the lava. If they were far enough away from me when I summoned them they'd just sit there and melt. A few times I positioned myself on the lava edge and would summon a baddie just in the lava and hit em with gravity well so they would melt properly. Just fun stuff.