May 2nd, 2005

City of Heroes, Onyx, CoH

Too tough...

Onyx Faechilde and lord_keeper's Grumble Butt finally got a crew together to defeat The Envoy of Shadow's first appearance in my story arc. Then dinged 40 after spending a good deal of time Kraken hunting this weekend. Feeling accomplished, we took on The Eden Trial. One of our supergroup mates came along.

Needless to say, it was an abysmal failure. For one, I got lost and confused. Got separated from my team and too far away for Recall Friend to work. (they all move faster than I do, with my one slotted Power Slide: EDIT - I do have fly and it has 4 fly SO's currently, but I'm talking traveling on foot inside the mission map, and there was no map for this, so I was completely lost) Finally found the hole to go down, and still had trouble... Then there was the confusion of the rock wall. All I was able to target was the boulders and such. So I thought they were the rock wall. Then when I had it targeted, I still was wrong because somehow what was targeted and what I was hitting (I'm a scrapper) are two different things.And my supergroup mate yelled at me to go hit the rock wall.  So I typed back for someone to TP me to the wall. Finally hitting it, but we weren't making a dent. And lord_keeper died once too many times, so we both quit. I'm sure our supergroup mate wasn't too thrilled with us.

The whole experience left me feeling stupid. I don't get how everyone else does it, how they manage not to lose each other and keep up (within the mission, not getting to it, as far as getting to a mission, they can just wait on me if I'm not as fast as they are).I even have trouble with regular teams. Someone says "follow me" and then they are gone. Or I finally land, click on the door, read the flavor text as I enter, and they've moved on. I even have trouble on regular teams with this, and end up falling off of cliffs and stuff still and having trouble getting back up. (One reason I don't like sidekicking is because I end up getting separated from my sidekick that way)

Are there any tricks to playing with a team that would make it more enjoyable and doable, so I won't be a complete 'tard? (seriously, I solo so often or only team with my husband is because I don't want to inflict myself on a group... people get upset in this game very easily.) Seems a lot more of the upper level normal missions are against AVs or otherwise require a team to complete. And I will get this toon to level 50 if it kills me, I've been playing her since November.
Happy Cat!!

Shadow Shard TF's

So, Carla Caliente has hit 44, and for the past 2 levels she's been completely enamored with the missions in the Shadow Shard. I see that there are quite a few people to talk to out there to get a TF started, and my first actual foray out there was on a TF which never finished.

Anyhow, what I'm trying to get to is, are the TF's out there worth it? I mean, I love brawling with the Rularuu and the Reflections, so I feel like I'm ready to spend a whole weekend tackling these things. I've ventured completely around the Shard (thank God for TP), and the whole view of it is amazing. And if anyone is getting a TF started out there on Pinnacle, or would like to join one for this weekend, please send a tell to Carla Caliente!

Thanks for the info!
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PARAPPA (connieleeee)

DING! 50 !

Zia Frostfire hit 50 yesterday on Triumph, and the best thing was my twin brother "in game" did as well Argon Frostfire.

Our Kheldians are already made Zia Lightfire and Argon Darkfire , I'm sure by the names you can tell who picked what,.

I just want to say when we got this game in Sept we decided to use the wonder twins concept (only the twin thing not their powers) and we vowed not to out level each other. It was truly fun to do yet a little frustrating in the last few levels when real life took charge (bah he had to work way too much) and we couldnt play the toons as much. But that's what you got alts for is for the down time. We will be doing the same thing with the new Zia and Argon and we are already level 2 (heh!) feels weird being so low again.

Anyways, see you in Paragon City!

I'm in better shape in REAL LIFE!!!

My debt is officially out of control.

Themis Isidriel, L21 Fire/Axe Tanker, is a fun, brutal, flexible toon. I LOVE playing this guy! I can solo with him, he teams well. Not the world's greatest build, but one that makes him exactly right for the way I play. Ordinarily, I die every once in a while... no big deal. But since I hit L21, I have been getting killed left and flipping right. My debt now exceeds 11,000.


I'm in a panic. It'll take me FOREVER to pay it off at this rate. Grrrrrr. I've been changing my playstyle so I don't neccessarily aggro more than 3-4 at a time... I used to be able to handle spawns of up to 10 even-con mobs with little support. Now? I'm taking it slow and easy with these super-powered bad guys. I might be out of debt by the end of May if I'm lucky.

The good news: I got the Atlas Medallion and the Soul Binder badge! And here is where I give a shout-out to my homies - DEATHANY & AZDRA THOX on Guardian are the ALL-TIME BEST!!! I love playing w/ these two... If I could make them ALWAYS play with me, I would. I would NOT have gotten Atlas w/o Az and D. Thanks a trillion, guys.

Been playing a lot w/ my lovely GF... That's a truly wonderful kind of fun. :-)

Anyway, anybody got any advice or comfort regarding my debt situation? I feel like I've broken the bank, here. :-)
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Controller Pets

So I just got my Grav/Kin controller to level 32 and picked up Singularity. I haven't gotten to play since then so I don't have a good feel for how effective the pets are and how to use them. My question is, do I have to kind of run into the mobs to make the pets get close enough to attack. Sometimes they seem like they just hover there. Any tactics people could give me would be great. Also, how buffable are they. I have been putting speed boost on them, but can't really tell the difference. I am assuming that if they are close enough they get the buff from Siphon Power. I'll tell you one thing, they seem to hardly ever get damaged. Any help would be great.

Stormchaser on Protector

Positron TF :: Sis Psyche to come :: Arena

Yesterday, I finally got the chance to do Posi's Task Force.
I had to exemp to do it, so no xp, but plenty of Influence. Which is always good :)
Started off with just two other fellas from the SG (Forever Heroes) and stuck through it all the way to the end. I must say, it made me think that my SJ was nowhere near as cool as having SS as the other two did. We were one tanker and two scrappers, and kicked some major derrier plowing through the TF. Took us five hours, one longer than it took me to do Synapse, but it was worth the badge :)

My scrapper's now a lvl 23, one PEZ short of being 24, and I'm eager to do Sister Psyche this coming weekend. In the meantime, I've been doing lots of pick-ups and hunting parties in Talos and Striga, and I feel maybe I'm leveling too quickly because I've missed out on some other missions that are now way beneath me.
Hopefully, I'll figure a way to make up for that... My aim is not only to get my main to 50, but to earn every badge possible somehow.
Then I want to do the same for my Main Alt which will be a Kheldian, and then I'll also be having fun with my other alts of course...

Recently moved my Main to the test server to try out Arena. Anyone have any experience with Arena yet? What do you think?
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(no subject)

like a dumbbell i forgot my forum password for main boards, so i sent a password reminder thing and they sent a temp password. Is this password my new password? Why don't they send you your original pw? Or is it simply to get you in to change your pw?

I for the love of God cant remember by original password and do no see where you can change your password.

Props where they're due...

So there I was on Triumph,  running in a pick up group with my level 22 Defender,  Stormwarden.  I've had pretty awesome luck with pick up groups over the last few days,  but right now I wanted to take a moment to give props to someone who was in a group with me today-- Abellion. 

Abellion is one of the best healers I've seen in action in game, and he has a solid grasp of his power sets. If you get a chance to run with this character,  by all means,  take it up-- you'll be in good hands.

Now I'd also like to take a moment to say,  your healers keep you alive,  so it's in your best interest to keep them alive and properly inspired/enhanced.  If you have a spare cab you're not using,  give it to them.  If you have an enhancement they can use,  give it to them.  Don't ask for reimbursement,  they're reimbursing you every time they pop off that heal or rez because you got a little too ahead of the rest of the group.  More importantly,  don't bitch when they ask for an end rest,  and if you don't give it to them,  don't complain if they don't have enough end to heal you.... just a few thoughts.

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Hmmm / Got a plan

Defender dilemma

Having a scrapper as a primary has spoiled me in many ways. I also play a defender on Justice named Hyperion Tekk and have found many times their battle tactics are quite different.

Hype's battle cry right now is "Ah! Get it away from me!"

Don't get me wrong. I love playing my defender, even when he dies. And I don't expect him to do the damage nor have the defenses my scrapper does. But even so I feel he's weak. I want him to be a better offender. But I like having team powers. Speed Boost rules. I love having it and laying it on everyone in sight. Players love it; I don't blame them, I do too. I relish whenever someone can lay it on me. I like the idea of Hype being able to be a major asset to a team. The Leadership pool really looks like fun, and I can't wait to get the last two powers in the Kinetics set.

I guess the biggest deal is I've been trying to balance the offense and defense; Hype comes up short. I need to chose a direction, but I don't know which way to go. Solofender or Teamfender? The current build matters not; I want to completely change it.

I've found Kin/Electric guides on the coh boards which had some nice info regarding Kinetics, but doesn't help in my secondary, Energy. I realize it's probably weird to have taken Energy with Kinetics considering the whole knockback issue, but when I created Hyperion I chose Energy because it sounded like a really neat powerset (and I do actually enjoy the powers) and had no idea how much knockback would affect play style.

Collapse )
Hype's got 2 respecs to work with, so if I screw up I have another second chance before lvl 34 to fix him again. I've got the Hero Planner to help plan and get stats for my characters, but I feel I need input from experienced players too. If any of you guys have ideas/build suggestions/etc for my defender I'd greatly appreciate the assistance.

Hmm, you guys have given me some intesreting and helpful thoughts to follow through with on Hero Planner and Test server. I found some more info on Kin/Energy defenders on the boards too, not listed in the guide's post, which was nice. Thanks for the ideas/suggestions; looks like I have a lot of testing to do now.