May 3rd, 2005

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What is the best scrapper epic set?

I have a friend who is a martial arts/regen now and has the epic thats has caltrops, net grenades and etc..and he is not digging it but is not sure what would be good for his type of scrapper

friends don't let friends do TFs...

so my friend elvalia, tells me yesterday that she had a blast doing the Numina TF... and me being the competitive little weasel that i am, i decide I'M going to do it too! so i put together a really nice pick-up team (what luck!) and right before we start, offer to hand off the star cos i've never led a TF before (and my travel power is fly which I KNOW is the slowest but i like it anyway nyah nyah). nobody else wants it. so i chat with Miz Nummy and off we go.

okay, all the baddies in ALL the mishes are purple as hell.

i figure it's cos i'm only 35 and the range is up to 38. (my math skills aren't so good.) ;)

halfway through... i realize i've left my difficulty set on UNYIELDING! *faints* i apologized about a million times to the team... they were nice and forgiving. :) and i think i managed to do the most dying. ;)

so... ahem... over SEVEN hours later... i had my badge and i finally dinged 36.


anybody on Infinity wanna run Numina again tonight? on HEROIC, of course. ;)
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Outrageous fortune

Looking forward to Issue 5 and speculation on the possible new power sets, if you were to make the Archery power set, how would you make it? What would it do? Assume the basic 9 power levels instead of some wacky 15 or so for Kheldians.

Someone else can start a Sonics thread if this proves interesting to anyone but me.

Here's my first random ideas...

1 - Quick Shot - smashing/lethal - moderate damage, fast recovery

2 - Aimed Shot - smashing/lethal - sniper attack, moderate recovery

3 - Gas Arrow - toxic damage +slow - moderate damage, fast recovery

4 - Trick Shot - cone attack - smashing/lethal - moderate damage, moderate recovery

5 - Boxing glove Arrow - same effect as bean bag (AR powerset)

6 - Electrical Arrow - energy damage +end drain - high damage, moderate recovery

7 - Explosive Arrow - AoE fire attack + knockdown/knockback - high damage, moderate recovery

8 - Web Arrow - AoE Hold - long recovery

9 - Perfect Shot - sniper attack, rediculous damage + chance to crit, very long recovery

Check THIS out.

With a year of game play under its belt, City of Heroes accumulated a number of statistics from the clash between heroes and villains. Here are but a few:

More than 10 million characters were created in City of Heroes, of those 10 million:
o 27 percent were of mutant origin
o 24 percent were of magic origin
o 18 percent were of natural origin
o 16 percent were of science origin
o 15 percent were of technology origins
The 10 million characters created in City of Heroes is equivalent to the combined populations of Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and Philadelphia.

More than 100,000 super groups were created in City of Heroes, which is more than twice the number of Boy Scout troops that exist in the United States.

Paragon City in the City of Heroes game is around the same size as Manhattan at 23 square miles.

More than 80 million hours of City of Heroes have been played, which is equal to more than 9,000 years if played by one person. Nine thousand years ago man made the first fermented drinks in history, according to a recent discovery in China.

More than 1.1 trillion influence, which is used as currency in City of Heroes, is in circulation in Paragon City. The United States’ Congressional Budget Office’s 2005 annual report on the budget outlook forecasts a cumulative deficit of $1.3 trillion from 2005 to 2014 for the U.S. federal budget.

1. U.S. Census Bureau
2. Approximately 44,000: Boy Scouts of America National Council
3. Associated Press
4. Los Angeles Times

Whaddaya think about THAT?!?!?!
head tilt, aeryniana

E.T. come home

I got my COH time card today. Thanks again, to those who shall remain nameless.
Anyone out there on Virtue who does damage want to team with a level 44 mind/kinetics controller? I think even someone around 30+ would suffice.
Edit: Never mind. I've actually found a decent one while selling.
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I4 Cometh!

On Wednesday, May 4, our scheduled daily server maintenance will be
extended from approximately 7:00AM CDT to 11:00AM CDT. We apologize for
the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Poop. Never made it to 30 for the I3 TF. Ah well. It'll be worth it to have so many new costumes to play with!

Up Up and Away

Could somebody explain to me how CoH handles knockback? Half the time, for melee powers (MA/SR Scrapper) that cause knockback, the villain is knocked upwards. Then the game decides it's bored of that effect so the power knocks villains away instead. It does this repeatedly and rarely combines two different effects in the same combat that I recall. This seems the case for multiple attack powers.

Also, does slotting knockback increase the chance of the effect happening, or just increase the range when it does happen?