May 4th, 2005

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Hey, I screwed up my illusion controller a bit (namely taking Spectral Wounds and Force Bolt, screwing me out of Blind and Insulation Shield). Here's the new build I'm considering. Striked powers are ones being dropped and italicized ones are being added.

Illusion Control

Spectral Wounds
Group Invisibility
Phantom Army

Force Field

Personal Force Field
Deflection Shield
Force Bolt
Insulation Shield





I'm also curious about Detention Field, and considering dropping Group Invisibility.

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Level 30

I dinged 30 with Lady Foxx yesterday, working my way through the latter half of Level 29 by joining a pick-up team where half the members were "invincible." I also received a gift of 100k from a teammate who said I was the best empathy defender he'd played with lately. It's amazing how happy people get when you're able to keep them alive despite their manic style of fighting.

One thing I have to say... if I had known how many vampires I'd end up seeing in the normal course of business, I'd never have bothered hunting them for the badge. There's a lesson learned for future alts, I guess. The warwolves don't pop up much inside missions, but if you run with a team on Striga for any length of time during your mid to upper 20s, you're going to see PLENTY of vampires.

So now the tough part... deciding what Lady Foxx's next power should be. If I'm lucky, I'll make up my mind by this evening, so I can level up and run the costume and aura missions with the other member of my SG who also made Level 30 yesterday.
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just great....

Damn you City of Heroes servers for being down. Now, instead of joyfully procrastinating the day away with your new costume options and Arena, I have no excuse for putting off these two papers that I have due on Friday any longer. Phooey.
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Moxie Mascot


I thought I DLed the update early to avoid this when they activated...

Or do I have another problem?
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Secret of NIMH Justin Jenner Sword Fight

Fifteen minutes.

That's how long it took for me to become disenchanted with the Arena. I signed in for a match. If you're going to just sit there in a Force Field, be an observer. If you're just going to run around, do track. If you're in the Arena, fight.

On another note, would anybody be interested in Level 1 matches? Just create a character, skip training, jump in, and actually fight?

Forgive my attitude. I'm freshly annoyed, here. I'm sure I'll calm down. But the second line is a serious suggestion.
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I'd love to play today, for it's my day off. I waited all morning long for the servers to come up and now I'm waiting for all of the updates to load. It's just not my day.
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I4 costume shenanigans

I updated Pyrita's new costume, changing to this new helmet. I'm not sure which I like better, but I think this fits the character concept a bit better... The other helmet makes her look like a robot.

And I made a new character, Anime Chick. Sazaki was a high school student on a popular Japanese anime, but a demented Otaku actually made her real!

I love the way she came out... I think it really captures the youthful look well.
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Radeon Problems

Is anyone else with an ATI Radeon 9600 XT having problems?

I recently updated drivers from 4.1 to 5.4 to try to get another game working better and it was a mixed bag as far as improvements. I then tried Catalyst 5.3, and then the Omega drivers based on Catalyst 5.2. The Omega drivers worked without any problems, just like 4.1 had, but I had a few video card crashes in COH. I ended up uninstalling all of them, running driver cleaner and reinstalling the 4.1 drivers I knew used to be stable. Except, they're not. I'm having major freezeups with ATI's little helper program telling me my card crashed hard and it had been reset. And I mean, I had it lockup during chargen, and after less than five minutes of play on one of my regular characters. I hope it's not my card.
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The arena can be... fun?

1. I officially hate blasters who hover up outta range and then just snipe. Sitting up there sniping isn't fighting and it certainly takes the fun out of it for everyone else.
2. Turn off your personal force field... we can't hit you with that damn thing on.
3. The last man standing battles ARE fun. I got 2nd place out of about 25, with lvls from 1 to 30 (and at lvl 13, I was amazed... I'm sure I got lucky though...)
4. Why must my team mates just run around and act stupid? Sure, the other team could just chase them all over, but when I'm standing my ground and fighting, who makes the easier target?


Another dis-enchanted Arena fan...

I figured, what the hell. I got a level 44 blaster and I'm thinking that this should be good. We did a team battle, and it was 5-on-5 until someone on our team quit. We had a bubbler who was doing nothing, which was great. We had a tank who had 1 kill in a 30 minute battle. And here I am, a blaster, going toe-to-toe with scrappers and tanks. And it seemed like everytime that I hit them, these GREEN numbers would rise above their heads. It was absolutely ri-donc-ulous. I understand that the AT's are skewed for different reasons, but from this one match, I learned that controllers are apparently UNSTOPPABLE. The problem with the blasters is that they have very little defensive powers, and with my powers (elec/fire), I only had one thing, but that was from my epic pool, which is Body Armor.

Regardless, I was frustrated to say the least, and what made it worse was I had a tanker taunt me in the chat box saying he was "coming for me". Which made me laugh because a tank coming for a blaster is like shooting a fly with a bazooka.

But I felt good for not sitting around sniping, and I was dishing out the damage, but I just couldn't hang. I think I'm going to make a blasters-only league or something if I can. And if I can't, well, screw the arena. I don't mind dying, but not when it's that far skewed.

Oh, yeah... I4 has also made my computer crash twice. Which it never did before in the 7 months I've been playing. Not too keen on that, either.
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So are you tired of seeing the school girl look already? I am!

Anyways, this might be a stupid question and if it is so be it flame away :P

I thought you were going to be able to observe matches in the arena. I know once you die you can observe but can you do it and not be on the fighting team? Or is that what they meant by observe?