May 5th, 2005

Puck (silly)

First night of Issue 4

My only goal for last night was to get online with Lady Foxx, claim a new power for Level 30, and do the aura and costume missions. I finished the night standing in Icon, elbow to elbow with a sailor schoolgirls sporting shoulder kittens, so on that note I met my goal for the evening. Other than that, the highlights of the evening for me were running into elfwench in Icon and being recognized by thatnickguy at the train station in Talos.

So far, I'm not impressed with the arena. A new member of my SG talked a bunch of us into trying it out (i.e., she kept talking about it until we finally gave in), so we went to the location in Talos. I had NO clue at all what I was doing, and until the first match started, I didn't have any idea that my hover/fly keybinds were going to be all screwed up by being forcibly "exemplared" down to Level 11 for the match. So there I was, stuck in "hover" and unable to move, hammering on my keyboard trying to remember which key combination would unload the binds and restore me to the default movement settings... and before I knew it, I'd randomly hit something that landed me back in the arena lobby and knocked me off the team.

To top it all off, half the people I'd gone there with ended up on the opposite team anyway, which was totally NOT the way I wanted to play in the arena. I don't see what fun it could possibly be to beat up on (or get beat up by) friends and supergroup mates. After everyone else returned from the first match, we tried to start another and stay together as the "blue" team this time (one state, two states, red states, blue states?), but the other people who joined kept switching me to "red" and bitching about "balance the teams." So I spent about five minutes in the "negotiating" phase trying to stay on a team with my friends before our SG leader logged on and saved me from going insane by asking if anyone was ready to do their costume mission.

So I bailed on the arena and went to go hunt Crey. And I'm not sure if I'm going to go back any time soon, either. Judging from the chatter I saw on the broadcast channel last night, all PvP seems to be is a quick way to ruffle the feathers of other heroes or make adversaries out of your friends. IMO, broadcast comments like "Level 50 looking for more victims" create an atmosphere that runs contrary to the spirit of the game. And we needed something else for people to spam about - i.e., "Need X more hereos to join my match!" - like the Vahz needed more flies.

As for the costumes... Atlas Park looked like it'd been overrun by a Japanese girl's school last night when I passed through it to get my aura mission. In fact, I bet the population in Paragon City of teenage female heroes has quadrupled in the last 18 hours.

Grrrr. Stupid updater.

So I get home from work last night after fidgeting forever because, umm, I4!!! Costumes! Shoulder pandas! Siphon Speed giving me an increase on recharge time. I want to play!

Only to stare at the updater while it thought about connecting.

Then stare at the updater once it connected and watch the connection speed go from 11.4k down to >500b ... and watch it stall out.

First dozen or so times it stalled, I quit, restarted, and it kept going. Lucky #13 (at 3.5mb downloaded) decided it couldn’t figure out what the heck I was talking about, gave me a patchserver error: bad file request, and started the download all over again.


I sit and watch it. This happens a couple of times.

I give up at 10pm when it’s at 4.6mb downloaded, decide, screw it, I’ll just let it download over night and when I get up tomorrow morning, it’ll be there, and I’ll be less cranky. Only when I got up this morning, my housemate told me that it did the bad file request thing again and she’d restarted it. At 11-something pm. At 6:45 this morning, it was only at 1.something megs downloaded. I swore, rebooted my machine, and started it over again.

I am a cranky cranky cranky grrrl. Particularly because so many other people seem to not be having a problem downloading and applying at all.

[[ETA: Yay! I <3 my sysadmin. Now I just have to wait until I get home to play with my newly updated CoH. *happyhappybouncebounce* ]]
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SuperHero Puberty

In one month, i've managed to raise Nauga up to a level 25 scrapper.
Now, I've mostly done my missions solo, and for the first 16 levels I did it all on invincible, and now I'm regretting missing out on a bunch of story arcs and the ability to get certain badges...

How do I slow it down? I can't rack up debt nearly enough, because it just gets paid back quickly during missions and fights. Pick up teams are always fun, but how will I ever get my missed badges from exhausted contacts and lower level missions?

My other gripe is, Arena...
I know everyone else is complaining about it too, it seems like a great idea but then it turns out it's not for most people.
My problem with Arena was... it didn't work. I play on Liberty, and every time I went into Arena to start a match, nothing happened. It wouldn't let me create an event, or join an event, or even watch an event... Nauga is a scrapper! He must scrap!

That's all. I've posted this on the boards at CoH as well on Liberty. Just hoping for some input on how a toon can slow it down a bit so he can do the other story arcs and missions. I love debt, but it's just not helping my situation... and I've lowered myself to heroic, and that's still not helping.

Every day I log on, I ether level, or come very close to leveling. I play for maybe four hours at a time each time... but I don't play every day, just two or three days a week.
Maybe I'll just bust out some of my alts and start getting them into the action...

This Is Driving Me Nuts!

Could any of you long-timers help me out? I had downloaded a video from the City of Heroes End of Beta event and apparently deleted it by mistake. It featured the song, "Kryptonite" from 3 Doors Down and, for the life of me, I can't remember where I got it. Anyone with a better memory than mine?
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There are some reports that deaths in the arena can rarely cause debt. Not a lot of details yet. Some people think it might be linked to non-attack or post-attack deaths (death by pets, or by DoT attacks rather than front-loaded damage attacks). Like I said, unsubstantiated yet, but something to be aware of if you're playing with a non-50 character.

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First night in the arena.

Fight #1.
Me (scrapper) + Blaster + Controller v Scrapper + Tank + Controller

Lessons learned - I hate taunt. Stealth is handy for getting to the squishy. Tank+Scrapper beats Scrapper, but it took them a while. Toggle drops suck. Controllers go down quick if they don't notice you are there. Attack with smite before shadow maul so they don't have the full animation time of shadow maul to run away.

Fight #2.
Battle Royal Me v Regen Scrapper v Blaster v Controller

Lessons Learned - 10 minute fight, total of 3 deaths in the whole fight. I need taunt to keep people from running away. Dark/Dark scrapper v BS/Regen scrapper.. we just beat on ach other for 5 minutes straight, he missed a lot and he healed a lot. My only kill was when all three of us ganged up on the blaster after he got held. I never dropped. 3 way tie for 1st place.

Arena.. meh, it's kinda fun and something pretty cool for killing 20-30 minutes if I don't want to get stuck in a mission of doom.


Well, I'll be the first to say that I love it (since the general opinion seems to be against that idea). Yeah, I got my butt handed to me a few times. Yeah, I did some of the handing out. The game crashed on my first battle royale, and the second duo I had was a blaster who did nothing but hover and snipe from above (I'm a level 10 tank, fer chrissake), so I politely told them I'd just stand there and wait for the timer to run out if that's what they were after....but that was two out of a couple dozen battles or so. I had fun when I won. I had fun when I lost. Did I gain XP? Nope. Did my arena score even appear to change? Nope.
Yep, there are bugs and I hope they get worked out. Yep, there are some player created problems, as with everything. But so far, I really think this one will do quite nicely until CoV. (No, I wasn't on Test, so this really is my first time out in this thing.)


What exactly is the point of having a "Not looking for team" selection when people looking for group members can still find you in the search option? Shouldn't "Not looking for team" take you out of the thing that others use to look for teams? Wouldn't that, I don't know, make sense? The fact that you can search for a team with the criteria that you are looking for people not looking for teams is completely asinine. Anyone with me on this? Is this a bug? Throw me a bone here...
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arena thoughts and stuff

Arena views,
this is going to be a long one. We spent a lot of time last night in the arena and came up with some great tactics. By the way, don't believe the hami-O hype. We took them down as fast as people with out them.
Out of all the combat runs we did there were only two builds that pwnd all the fights. One died a few times and one didn't at all. The one who died was the spines/inv scrapper, when he went down it was due to just massed firepower or cause he went up against me. My controller didn't die once. Not a one. At one point I was holding off 6 other players on my lonesome. Illusion's Phantom Army and Phantasm combined with temp inv epic, power boost epic, and group invis just rock. Course we were all level 50 so that may not apply at the lower levels. If you are a Illusion type doing arena's don't waste the slot in sup invis cause it's a toggle that can be shut off. Get group invis and slotted 1 recharge 1 defense, it's not a toggle and it saved me a lot when I was held/stunned. Nothing cooler than being drunk while 5 other people try to shoot you and miss.

This is what I have seen so far and I'll break it down behind the cut. Keep in mind this is a lot of group tactics and don't always apply on free for alls.

Keep in mind one thing when you read this. People may want to reply with numbers and stats to this. That doesn't matter. The vasty majority of players aren't going to respec their character for pvp. They are going to outfit themselves to play the game and the PvE builds aren't always good for PVP and vice versa.

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Respec vs. restart

Okay, I created a bunch of alts pre-free respec, just for fun. Many of these have never gotten past "create, park, logout, create next alt" stage. And now that I4 is out, I can already see that I want them to have new looks/costumes/anything.

So my original thought was to just delete and recreate them, but my husband says "No, you'll lose the free respec!" Instead, he says, just go get them reskinned at Icon so I can save the respec for later. But most of these alts are level 1 or 2 at most. They don't have the money for Icon, and I'd have to get an escort to get them safely there. I'd rather have the good look from the beginning, but I do understand about not throwing away a free respec.

Now, I generally don't respec a whole lot anyway. I've done it once with any given character, and most of my alts still had their Christmas respec when the new respecs replaced them. So respeccing itself is not one of the things my alts live for, so to speak.

What does everyone else think? Since they're lowbies, should I just toss the free respec, delete/restart and get the look I want?

Tried the Area last night..

I tried the Arena last night, and suprisingly, it was very fun. I played one match, a 10 minute duo vs. dua team battle. It was me (illusion/empathy) and a tanker (fire/fire). We fought a blaster (guns/devices) and another tanker (fire/fire). It was very exciting to say the least. There was no name calling, cruelty, complaining or ganking.

Our team won, with 7 kills to zero (I scored 5 of the kills, which was a suprise). Tankers are hard to fight if your a squishy, holy heck.. and the host limited everyone to lvl 13 so we couldn't have travel powers.

I plan on doing more arena battles, since I want to get skilled enough to go head to head with real player villains when CoV comes out. I will probably experience my fair share of face planting, but it was nice to start on a successful note.

So far, arena = no complaints.
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Looking for role-players

Figured I'd introduce myself since I just joined up and all.

My main is GreasedLightnin, a lv 30 Mutant Scrapper with Martial Arts/Reflex powers. I have a few alts, but none nearly that high-level. The ones I use the most (even though I just created them last night after the patch--whoo!) are Razor LaRusso, lv 3 Tech Scrapper with Claws/Healing and Kid Shrike, a lv 2 Natural Scrapper with Broadsword/Reflex. Yes, I'm a scrapper-kinda-guy. ^_^ My other alts are Joseph Winter (lv 14 Science Blaster w/ Energy/Ice) and Juke Box Hiro (a lv 5 Tech Controller w/ Illusions/Storm). All of these characters are on the Triumph server.

If anyone knows of or participates in role-playing or a role-playing SG, please let me know. I've been trying to find a good one on Triumph since the Action Men disbanded. I'm willing to bring any of my alts into it with the exceptions of GreasedLightnin (who leads his own SG) and Razor LaRusso (who is already in one). I'm particularly looking for a place for Kid Shrike, as he's a pretty cool Robin-esque figure in need of a mentor.

Let me know if you have any ideas or know of anyone willing to role-play. I am perfectly willing to make new characters on other servers if nobody knows of anyone on Triumph I can game with.
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New here

Hola! I just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Luminia(That's my level 50 PB, use my friend's account for the Khelds), and I have a face full of alts.
In level order:
Luminia, Level 50 PB (Protector)
Imping, Level 33 Fire/FF Controller (Protector)
Alexice, Level 26 Ice/Ice Blaster (Pinnacle)
Alium, Level 21 AR/Dev Blaster (Pinnacle)
Brickcast, Level 21 Stone/Stone Tanker (Liberty)
And a bunch more, but I just did the top 5. Server name by the character name.

I laugh at you because...

You are a pathetic whiner..

When you start bitching at me for TPing away yet find your use of Super Speed ok in the arena. I laugh at you.

When you start calling me a loser when I TP around the arena, yet you zig zag around the arena like some crack ridden whore of a Tinkerbell , I laugh at you...

When you super speed away when I enrage myself to keep away from me because i can do mondo damage at that stage and call me a loser for Tping away to recover endurance....I laugh at you.

When you get out of the match and start broadcasting to everyone to not duel me because I " cheat by tping away". I laugh at you as does everyone else.
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Happy Cat!!

Issues with I4...

Aside from all the Arena hullabaloo, I know that I mentioned my system crashing twice yesterday, and probably within the span of three hours tonight, it crashed on me about five more times. It's getting frustrating.

Also, when I'm doing a door mission and I check my map, about 1/2 the time that I look at a map level for the first time, even when I'm halfway through a floor, it will only reveal my current position and then from that point on. It will not have revealed the part of the floor that I have already explored. Is anyone else coming up with this problem?

I also didn't see it on the update list (or maybe I just missed it, dunno), but did they weaken Voltaic Sentinel? I used to be able to drop it in a mob, and run away, and then the mob would chase after me with my Volty chasing the mob. Now it seems like everytime I do that, the Sentinel will attack once, and right when I get too far from it, it will stop attacking and fly back to me and just wait for the mob. It was perfect where I could put it down and run out of sight of a mob, and it would get about 4 or 5 hits in on something.
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Shop 'til you drop!

I was in Steel Canyon tonight doing a mission, and I caught this amusing bit of dialog on the broadcast channel:

Hero 1: Where is costume dude?
Hero 2: The "costume dude" is at Icon.
Hero 1: What is Icon?
Hero 2: Store in NW corner.
Hero 1: How do I find it?
Hero 2: There are two dummies standing out front.
Hero 3: And several dozen dummies standing inside.

Of course, I became one of those dummies a short while later. And as of tonight, I still haven't been able to decide on third costumes for Lady Foxx (Level 30 since Tuesday) or Jezebella (now Level 32). I supposed I had deluded myself into thinking it would be easy to come up with something cool once all the new costume options in Issue 4 went live. Unfortunately, of the umpteen dozen new costume options... maybe about a dozen are things I would actually consider using now that I can actually see what they look like on my characters.

I wonder why they assume that every female who wants a "shirt" wants to have her midriff showing. And why are there are no non-pleated, non-mini skirts to go with the suit jackets? And yowsers... have you seen what it costs just to play with the body sliders? I guess even in Paragon City, plastic surgery isn't cheap. So there will be no boob jobs for me, thanks. I can buy 5 or 6 SO enhancements with that kind of money... or maybe even hire a personal shopper. What are the best colors for a redheaded defender and purple-skinned scrapper, anyway?