May 6th, 2005


Stone Armor/Super Strength Tank Build


Now that I ticked 50 with my main I'm going back and playing around with some character concepts I started long ago. One was a tiny robot named Flea. that is a Stone Armor/Super Strength Tank.

I'd be really interested in seeing any builds that other tanks with that combination or just Stone Armor have.

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I've played for a few hours since I4 went live and I have a few comments:

1. The lag is a lot worse than before and the game crashed on me five times the first day and three or four times last night. I've never had a problem with lag before unless I was near the blue pools in the Council cave missions.
2. Siphon Speed is pretty damn good now and recharges fast enough to stack for 10 or 20 s.
3. What changes did they make to exemplar? I was using my level 11 grav/kin to team with my gf's level 19 fire/fire tanker. Without SK or exemplar I got no experience fighting dudes my level or her level (she got XP for fighting her level). That's fine and makes sense. If I SK'ed to her I got XP. However, when she exemplared down to me, I got nothing and she got influence. I'm assuming that's a bug.
4. The body sliders are nice, but my hero is still pretty ripped. I'd like to make an out of shape guy (think Greatest American Hero).
5. The new costume additions are nice, but I don't understand why they didn't put in lab coats, trench coats, etc.

Anyone else...

Having the problem when you manage you powers and put your curser over a powering and in the right hand corner it tells you what the powers is and then under it it tells you what enhancements can be placed on it, but that list of enhancements is just an unreadable "smudge" or line? I don't think it's my grafics card as it's happening with my other half and her card is a completely different brand of card. I worry less if I know it's not just my, anyone else?

*REALLY* weird glitch last night

i can't even begin to try to explain this one...

on thursdays, we do "Uber Mini Alt Night" so i was running with my cute little valley girl kinetics defender. like oh mah gawd!

so we decide to do a skulls mish in KR (yay new badge!) we zone into the warehouse and take a sec to survey the baddies. there's like 20 or 25 of them in the first mob. okay, the difficulty is *ONLY* set to tenacious. (i've learned my lesson after that task force, thank you very much!)

as we start to make with the smacky smack... we start getting broadcasts and local chat messages! in the mish! and i'm thinking "what da hell!?!?"

BUT... it turns out these broadcasts are from another team who's stuck in the same mish! seems like they got stuck and when we zoned in, our mish combined with/added to their mish! we got our butts whooped pretty quickly by that first large mob and hosped it. not sure what ever happened to team #2... we decided to take on a different mish and when we went back to the first one later, it was just fine.
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Cute school uniform: check.
Baggy kneesocks: check.
Shoulder kitty: check.
Mowhawk: check.

Freakshow Chamelon suit: check!

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Since I changed her look post I4, its been so much fun to play as her, this 4ft tall school girl, with a shoulder kitty, and a broadsword as tall as her taking on enemies. Hahaha.
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The hazards of logging out in certain places

On broadcast, in Talos:

hero: can any1 tp me
hero: I need a tp plz
me: (thinks) ah, it is some poor lowbie who needs to get back to the station.
me: sure. where do you want to go?
hero: anywhere

me: (thinks) hmm. it is some total newbie who hasn't a clue what he's doing.

So I ignore his repeated requests...

hero: tp plz
hero: please tp me
hero: I need a tp
hero: any1 got port

and then he supplies the crucial missing information:

hero: Im stuck under the arena
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Global friends graphic problem

Ever since the update, when I try to open my Global friends tab, it "opens" as a teeny tiny-height, long horizontal bar. I have to fiddle with the margins to expand it out so I can see if any of my Global friends are on. The settings do not "hold" - if I close Global friends, and then re-open it, I have to do it all over again. This is happening on every character of mine on every server that I've tried so far. I never changed my margins or tabs or anything before or after the update. Is this a bug? Is it happening to anyone else?
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Second door not opening

Yesterday doing a 'lab' mission I couldn't open the second door of the double doors to the next section of the mission. I 'stuck' petitioned it and got a fix from the GM.

Jump and click at the same time.

Just thought I'd pass that along to anyone who might have the same issue.
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Hey everyone! About two weeks since my last post. I got the game and I play on Gaurdian. ^_^ Before my questions, here's my main! ^_^ The Last Acolyte, lv15 Scrapper Katana/Regen.

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So I had two questions.. both very newbish, I'm sure, but bear with me. ^_^

First, how do you change the camera so you can see your character from the front?

And second, can anyone explain Task Forces a bit? I really don't know much about them, but I think I can do Synapse's TF now and figured if I ever want to join a team for it, I better figure otu what it is first. ^_^

Thanks ahead of time!

City of Villains

Alright, so, plans have been made, and I'm going to be one of the people from my magazine who's going to be at the NCSoft booth, and they are going to be showing off City of Villains.

Now, since I'm going to be there, is there anything that anyone wants to know?
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Iced again by Frostfire

I was set on gaining another level or two for Original Cinder tonight, so against my better judgement I joined up with a team doing the Frostfire mission. Now my memory is refreshed as to why I hate the Hollows.

You know... it hardly seems fair that you can die in combat, the team defender offers to rez you, you accept, and before the fancy little animation has completed and deposited you back on your feet, the boss has frozen you again so his imps can kill you in two seconds. So now, for seemingly no fault of my own, I have double the debt I'd have if I'd just continued my up-close inspection of the concrete.

And does anyone ever listen the first time I try to tell the team "Everyone needs to gang on Frostfire. Don't fight the imps." No, apparently they do not. Everyone needs to die at least once to realize why I gave that advice.

At least I made level 13. And once I can get the debt worked off, I'll be halfway to level 14 and Super Jump. Oh yeah... Cinder also has been given the fortune teller mission. Is there anyone here with a character on Guardian who wants / needs that Spelunker badge?