May 7th, 2005

J'ohn loves his oreos.

Warning! Troll Sighting in Atlas!

Warning! Warning!!

There is a streaking Troll wearing no pants, repeat, NO PANTS in Atlas City on the Justice Server!

He seems to always talk in third person and refers to himself as "Doug The Troll".

Be cautioned! The troll is extremely silly and ridiculous. Approach with caution. This troll plans on partying most of the night inside City Hall for the Justice Radio dance party!!

Repeat: Doug The Troll has been spotted inside City Hall in Atlas on the Justice Server!!!

You have been warned!!
CoH CaptainTemerity

Free Comic Day (

Today, Saturday the 7th, is Free Comic Day.

What that means for you is, you go find your local comic shop, stop in, and you get comics for free. You also can look around at the not-as-free stuff, and maybe find something really cool you never knew existed, and take it home and have some general geek-style happiness ensue.

Or, if you're already a fan, you can bring in some non-fans you know and watch it happen for them. Sometimes that's even better.

There's some really neat freebies this year. Books I've never even heard of, and some great standards as well. I'm sure everyone can find something they'd like.

Go. Have fun. Read comics. Support your local shop.

Couple questions

I'm trying to get a screenshot of a costume I would like to make in the future, but I can't get it to take a screenie of the costume screen (though I've recreated the costume so many damned times I likely have it memorized by now but still). I tried /screenshotui 1 and hit printscreen and nothing happened, not even a screenie of the normal game screen let alone one of the costume. When I don't have the costume screen up it take screenies just fine with and without tht ui. So how do I get a screenie of the costume screen?

Second, out of curiosity, is the recharge time on unstoppable 1000 seconds like elude and MoG? If not, what's the up versus downtime on it?
Puck (silly)

I can Troll, too!

After reading this posting by thatnickguy, I decided I simply had to go to the No Pants Day party on the Justice server last night and meet Doug the Troll. My only problem was I had no characters on Justice. So I thought for a minute or two about how I could be immediately noticed in the crowd, then quickly created... Superadine Girl!

Katie Burnett had never eaten the cafeteria food until the fateful day that she left her lunchbox behind on the bus. Now her skin is green and her school has been shut down, but Katie really doesn't mind. Having no homework leaves a lot more time for running around and using her newfound powers to mess with the weather and zap things!

Yes... this is what happens when you create a character at midnight using as many of the goofy new costume options as possible. (She nearly had a shoulder kitten, too, but at the last moment I decided that was too much.) And nope, I wasn't the only schoolgirl at the dance party. There were at least three more, all from a schoolgirl themed supergroup. Although I was the only one that was also a troll. ;)

So... informal poll time. How many think I should leave her as she is, and how many think I should take her to Icon immediately for some new threads? She can definitely afford it, as popular as she was at the dance party last night. Yep... it sure is weird to be shaking your booty in City Hall as a Level 1 with zero XP and 650k influence. ;)

P.S. - Superadine Girl is now Level 3 (Go. Hunt. Zap Skuls.)

P.P.S. - We am love Doug the Troll with no pants!

Absolutely pissed...

So, in about an hour's worth of time this morning, my game crashed about 5 times. Now, to top it all off, I was in a mission in Dark Astoria against Malta Ops, when there were a couple of enemies waiting close to the door. So I take care of two, but the Sapper managed to get all of my end when two more ran at me. So I decide to duck outside for a bit and regroup. I click on the door to exit, and hey! My game crashes. No surprise there. I send an error report, something along the lines of "exiting building during mission", and then restart the game. Well, now it won't even LET me into the game. It crashed twice and I'm getting absolutely infuriated.
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Moonfire TF

I'll cut straight to the point on this one.
The minions were so easy to bust through, and I think I'm sick of Galaxy's at this point because aside from werewolves, that's all there are, that you're left wondering why they even have the type of archvillian they do in the end...

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Overall, I give this TF a real thumbs down, and lowest rating of all the TF's I've heard about and experienced so far.
I think the Frost Fire mission is way more interesting than this one.

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had a bit of fun last night playing with my Collapse )

Didn't stop construction, so there was no badge to be had, but it was still fun fighting him. He didn't last very long at all, really. Harkened back to the winter lord days, as far as community spirit goes, though. And I mean that in a good way.
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Hi hi. Long time lurker (and crimefighter), first time poster.

Instead of rattling off all the stats on my characters I would kindly direct your attention to my Gallery of Heroes.

It allows me to expand on their information and even provide what lamely passes for wit.
J'ohn loves his oreos.

All Dance! No Pants! Doug The Troll rings in No Pants Day with a celebrity!!

No Pants Day end! Doug am sad. Doug have wear pants again.

No Pants Day celebration am awesome! It good night to be troll! One troll though him am like Doug. Him am wear red undies and try to look like Doug. But him am suck and am wannabe Doug. Him come back as Scrapper Troll, so Doug am invite to Trolls. And then! patrickat come celebrate No Pants Day with Doug! So Doug get more trolls join Trolls!

Justice Radio am there, too! It awesome! Doug get lots of money for ALL DANCE! NO PANTS!! No Pants Dance line all get money! Them am love Doug. Us am had groupies!

But! Coolest thing happen last night!!! Us am get celebrity appearances!!! Yes!

Kevin fothermuckin' Smith was there!!! Justice Radio confirm it am here! Him am there as Blunt.Man and am was with Kronik-! They fight Kokknokker and BooBooKittyLuck or something in arena! Doug have pics!

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Kamen Rider

A Happy Coincidence

Or; How Things Work Out in the End.

I finally managed to check out Issue 4.  Mostly, it was the (minimal) changes I heard about to Regen, and to get some better outfits. 

But, I noticed the free respec, and decided to finally get my BS/Regen Stamina.  After 38 levels, I'd see what the whole hubbub was about, since I've found myself a bit facedown more often.  I'd also change my travel powers to Fly, since I think that there aren't enolugh flying Scrappers around.  And the views are nice. 

So, I planned on dropping Buildup (because, while good, I don't use it that often) and Slash (since it seemed weaker than Hack) for Hurdle and Stamina (already have Swift.)  Unfortunately, I forgot that Hack is the first one, and dropped that instead of Slash. 

At first, I was cursing myself, then I ran some of the numbers.  Slash actually has a better DPS than Hack.  Same End per second, too. 

So, now I'm a bit better off than before, though a little slower.  Not that I care; I wind up stopping to fight everything I see anyway, so...

Is it just me...

or does issue 4 feel like beta software to anyone else? Let's set aside the fact that it crashes my machine (usually about 10-20 minutes into playing a mission), who else has seen:

- villains that die standing up
- doors that won't open until clicked a dozen times
- description text for managing enhancements that is 1/8th inch high and unreadable
- villains which are invisible (prisoners, not super villians) that can still attack you
- chronic map server problems
- power effects (animations) that don't happen at all or happen out of sequence

I have been playing since the beta and even that didn't seem this sloppy. I expect a few bumps with any new release, but this one feels really rushed.

Right now it's unplayable.

I have run all the tests, turned off shadows, sacrificed a politician... the works.

Athalon 2700+ / 1 gig of Ram / Nividia GeForce FX5900XT

Is it just me?
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