May 9th, 2005


My weekend

Hi, everyone! Thought I'd chat a little about about my week. I made the mistake of flying through Brickstown like a million times and it totally gave me a chill every time. Sort of like going home, I guess, but I dunno. I mean, it's not like I wanted to be there or anything, ya know.

Anyways, I was talking to this chick, Jenny Firkins, in Founders Falls. She's some sort of environmental geek hippy chick but she's pretty cool anyway. She smells kinda like patchouli funk, and hasn't like washed her hair in like a YEAR. Ew. So me and Jenny are talking about how we missed that Bauhaus reunion a few years ago (and how I went to a dead show when I was like 5, but that's cuz I have messed up parents), and she brings up that she wants me to "do her a favor", which means "hey, your PO says I can tell you to kill people for me, and you can't say no" grrr...

K, I'm like running all the way around frigging PC beating up on the devouring earth. I suppose that's cool, I mean, but I feel kinda dorky shooting plasma at mushrooms and rocks. Like really wierd. Then I find out they're like trying to kidnap people so they can work on this disease that can turn people into trees and stuff. And they're putting it in the water supply! OMG! I totally want to help this time, I promise.

So I go and rescue the scientists, and go all over fighting the veggies wherever I can find them. Lynxie even joins me for a bit, cuz she's looking for some influence. As if she doesn't have enough LOL. So finally she and I get the cure, but I tell ya, when Jenny said to deliver it to Ms. Liberty in Atlas, I totally knew that I was playing super delivery-girl. Totally. I had to go to every zone in TOWN! OMG. Then again, I never actually met most of them, like bastion, and the few I did know, like sister psyche, I mostly just had a beer with LOL. Oh well, no time for love, Dr. Jones! I got the cure to everyone, but when I saw the look on Numina's face, I knew I was in for some bad news. Yup yup. I had more work to do, so I set off to destroy a counter agent that would like make all my work a waste and stuff. so hell yeah, I busted them up good, yo. I totally kick ass.

That's not all about this weekend. I was juggling some other assignments, too, from Tina Chung about the Freakshow doing some weapons deal with Nemesis staff (which of course means that I'm tearing the town up with my Nemesis staff BOOYA) and Pete Stemitz, who's SO hot. I mean, in a strictly "I respect you as a contact" way, of course. He's got snipers, though. Some bastard kept shooting me, I was like "OW! WTF?" Totally ruined my day, and he was all chatting me up too. How disappointing. He probably thinks I'm a total spaz.

Oh yeah... THIRTY ONE ... BONG! (used in a non-druggie way, Ms. PO, I promise)

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Oh yeah, and is it me, or have I lost weight? I think I'm skinnier. And my boobs are smaller. Wierd. (ed.'s note - Mel is not going crazy, Issue 4 has enhanced body sliders, and her "handler" thinks that big comic book boobs are misogynist. Mostly because her handler's boobs look like two acorns on a piece of plywood.)
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Just because you have a stethoscope....

This weekend, The Master of Magma located Dr. Vahzilok's lair on Guardian. With the help of an exceptional pick-up team covering every hero archetype, the doctor was arrested with only slight resistance. Paragon residents can rest easier now that this madman is securely locked away and will no longer spread terror across the city. Ever.


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I have alt-itis

Do you ever have a spell of a few days where you don't even play your main(s)? That was me this weekend. Collectively, I leveled-up eight times with my alts.

Lady Andrea (gravity / bubble controller) - mid Level 9 to nearly Level 11
Original Cinder (fire / fire tanker) - mid Level 13 to mid Level 15
Superadine Girl (storm / electric defender) - Level 1 to mid Level 6

I was happy to finally see some action for Andrea, since she's not worth much for solo play yet. She had been languishing at Level 9 for a good couple of months. Contrast to Cinder, who might be doing her cape mission by next weekend at the rate things are going. Tonight, I'm probably going to put out a broadcast and do her fortune teller mission, because I've already been carrying it around for two levels.

Lady Foxx and Jezebella did spend a little bit of time online. Foxx was trying on new outfits at Icon for about an hour on Friday night, and Jezebella made a ten-minute appearance last night to invite another claws scrapper into the SG. Now there are three gals with claws in the Wicked Women, so I'm looking forward to some interesting times ripping through missions.
Puck (silly)

Stupid Teammate Tricks

A sampling of the innane behavior I encountered while playing my lower level alts this weekend:

Door mission in Atlas Park, break up gang fight between Hellions and Skulls. Half the team (including me) are standing inside the mission door while the leader stands outside recruiting and teleporting in the few people who are leveling up. A blaster joins the team and is teleported to the mission. He enters, runs purposefully at top speed to the end of the hall into a giant mob of Skulls, fires off an electrical blast area effect, and is promptly stomped into oblivion. The rest of us nary have time to blink before he keels over. "Damn," he says as lies on the ground. Luckily, the rest of us are far enough back that the Skulls don't notice us and return to doing whatever it is that Skulls do. "BRB" says the blaster, and he goes to the hospital. "You must have been a tanker in a past life," says one of the scrappers. Not surprisingly, the guy goes on to be first one to agro every mob in the mission, and makes several more trips to the hospital before all it said and done.

Fast forward to a few hours later and another alt. I break my rule about random invites and accept one. I'm in AP, and I find myself on a team with four people all in the Hollows. There is no active mission selected, so I say "Hello, everyone. What are we doing?" No answer. No chatter on the team channel at all. After a minute, I try again. "Do you need me for a mission?" Still no answer, and I'm certainly not trekking to the Hollows without a good reason. "Hello? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?" Sigh, quit team, and add four more hero names to my handwritten idiot list. I mean... is saying hello too much to ask? I always try to acknowledge a new person joining the team right away, unless I'm in the middle of combat, in which case it might take me a moment or two.

Checksum problems?

I looked through the past couple weeks and didn't see any mention of this, so here I am asking:

I deleted CoH but I reinstalled out of curiosity of what's in issue 4. Most of the patches have come in fine, but for 4.200502142T, I keep getting the same error: "checksum failed on c:\program files\city of heroes\cityofheroes.exe"
Click ok to do a full checksum of the files.

You may be out of disk space or trying to install to a location where you have insufficient permissions.

I have plenty of disk space. And I'm the admin account. So those two are bunk. Any answers or ideas?

edit! Apparently if you go to your main CoH folder and leave a copy of checksum.coh somewhere else for safe keeping and delete it in the main location, it'll set everything right the next time it tries to apply the patch!

Good Bye and good luck

Just a heads up for people that I know, who read this community. I'm finally fed up with the bugs and problems that I4 has dumped in our laps. It all feels rushed, incomplete, and like a total botch up. As a result I am not planning on playing again anytime soon. I'll keep an eye on this communtiy for word of any improvements made to the stability of the game but unless things change measurably I won't be back.

Not canceling my account, not quitting per se. More of an extended hiatus. No I'm not crying doom or anything of the sort. I am simply frustrated and realize that I play CoH to have fun. It is no longer fun for me so I see no reason to keep playing at this time. Good luck to all of you out there. I wish you all the best.

Ethan Gilchrist
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